Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday Night Shocker

So much drama, but
the biggest gasp came from Parks
and Recreation.

Person of Interest, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and The Vampire Diaries are all on Thursday nights, but I would assume the biggest shocker on TV last night did not come from any of those dramas, but instead came from Parks and Recreation:

I really thought that when he drank his family's mash liquor, he'd put down the bottle and his moustache would be miraculously grown back. It wasn't, but that would've been great.

It's a really good think Parks and Rec has already established that he grows hair incredibly fast because another week of Ron Swanson sans moustache would be too traumatic.

Project Runway: Sew 70's

70's are back
Bert is a dirty old man
I hate the judges.

I think I may be the only person who missed Olivier. I've been sad all week that we won't have any more mumbling and anger over plus sized people who are bigger than the mannequins. We're also guaranteed to have less beige in this episode and for some reason that makes me sad.

The remaining 7 designers discuss the last challenge and the men come to a consensus that even though the challenges this season have sucked, they are all created with the purpose of challenging someone. Bronze Josh is the most vocal about how despite the challenge, you have to adjust. I have a feeling whatever this challenge will be, he'll be greatly challenged and won't be able to adjust.

They meet with Heidi - this has no point really. They no longer have the model swap and she never tells them what the challenge is. But at least this time, Bert makes some funny jokes. He's either become more well liked OR has threatened everyone enough that they are now scared of him:

This week's challenge is the challenge! The designers need to create a look inspired by the sophisticated 70's - no vintage, no retro, and no tacky. Tim brings in Heather Archibald from Piperlime to help explain what they need to do:

Any relation to Nate?

This should be a breeze for Bert, who, in case you already forgot, is old. The winner's look will be mass produced and sold on The budget for this challenge is only $100.

The designers take some time to sketch then Tim comes in to escort everyone to Mood. Everyone is looking for a print or a plaid. Anya, who decided her bra was the best place to keep her money, loses the envelope that holds her $100.

Don't shake your money makers or your money will fall out.
When time is up, she still has not found her money. She can: 1) ask other designers for their change and/or 2) use muslin for her outfits. I am not the biggest Anya fan, but this sucks. She cries. I'm not 100% sure some of the tears aren't because she realized her hair will look crazy as it grows out.

Find out if Anya can overcome this challenge - after the JUMP!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gossip Girl: Yes, Then Zero

Chuck preaches, "Say yes!"
Prince Louis is still real bland
Someone(s) is pregnant!

Oh Gossip Girl! I didn't realize how much I missed the Chuck Bass pout and Serena van der Woodsen mumbles until today when I remembered that GG was back!

Serena spent her summer working for David O. Russell getting crapped on by Marshall, who I had figured would be her love interest. She gets excited (wait - wasn't she angry last season) when she gets the save the date (11/26/11) for Blair's and Prince Blah's wedding. Dan gets his while at a kid's softball game. Why is his shirt BRAND NEW!? Am I supposed to believe that he's been doing this all summer and that shirt is still that pristine? Ha. [Even though I do believe that sometimes Dan doesn't wash his clothes or his hair.]

Before the first commercial break there are several moments that I think either "ESCANDALO!" or just let out a little giggle. They are:

  • Chuck wears white pants and an ascot while riding a motorcycle

He probably thinks this blog is about him.

  • Nate opens Chuck's mail (or is it addressed to him?) and keeps quiet about the two save the date cards inside.
  • Dan's writing gets dissed but in turn finds out his book has gotten out. Vanessa [shakes fist in the air]!
  • Blair is told she can't carry peonies at her wedding and Prince Lackadaisical sides with his mom. The way she reacted to peonies was as if you told Madonna you wanted to carry hydrangeas.
  • Dorota reads a reminder (to us) that someone is pregnant - cut to both Serena and Blair turning down alcohol.
  • BLAIR HAS TO WEAR A HAND ME DOWN WEDDING GOWN! Shocking  - but Blair would  never let that happen.

Find out what else these crazy kids get themselves into after the JUMP!

Breaking Bad: Crawl Space

Jesse and Gus flee
Skylar's secret is unveiled
Walt is super screwed

It's been a long week for me waiting for this week's episode of Breaking Bad. We left off with Jesse trying to save a bleeding Mike and a poisoned Gus while in the Middle-of-Freaking-Nowhere, Mexico. Walt had a moment of reality setting in, and Skylar was off being stupid and possibly putting Ted in peril (does that bother anyone?).

This week opens up in a hospital with people prepping for surgery. Scratch that - they aren't in a hospital - they are in the middle of nowhere with a pre-arranged set up. Unfortunately, they were only prepared for Gus being sick - not Mike. Jesse walks Mike in - who is gushing blood - and yells that he needs help. No one cares cause Gus is the important one. Also, cause Mike lives through everything.

Walt is in the lab being watched closely by Tyrus. So closely that Tyrus notices a slight error in Walt's weighing skills. Walt says if Jesse is gone then he's done. I guess his talk with Junior knocked some sense into him, or Jesse knocked some sense into him when he beat his ass. Walt mentions that Hank is bugging him about going to the factory and he thinks he should be the one to take him but isn't sure. Tyrus is no help at all.

This is the one face I make. Good thing it's awesome.
I guess he either got his answer or didn't wait cause the next thing we see if that Walt and Hank are spying on the factory. In their small talk, Hank mentions there was a big play in Mexico - lots of bodies. He then asks about Walt's black and blue face: "If you are in over your head on something don't you think I might be the guy to come talk to?" But stubborn Walt doesn't want to talk about it, "I'm done explaining myself." The rest of the spying trip had to be awkward after that.

Read about what happened next - after the JUMP!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Project Runway: Image is Everything

Design for a band
That no one's ever heard of
While we are all bored.

As always, this week's episode begins in the apartments with the designers discussing what's coming up and what has already happened. This time however, there's a twist - Olivier is wearing red - a color that has been dangerous to him in the past:

Never forget.

Sooo.....I wrote a long detailed about this episode then quickly erased it because it was boring - just like this episode. A lot of people have complained about these 90 minute episodes and they haven't really bothered me until tonight. I don't need a reminder every 5 minutes of what the challenge is and about how hard menswear is. Who do they think I am? Bert?

The challenge was to design for an up and coming band - The Sheepdogs. They will be on the cover of Rolling Stone at some point (I am assuming around the time this episode airs). It was kind of a team challenge - in the sense that each person on each team had to design for one member of the band. Since this was menswear, Olivier was excited but struggled. Kimberly and Anya both made awful, awful outfits. Also, they chose American Idol runner up, yeller, and master make-up layerer: Adam Lambert as the guest judge.

I think what bothered me so much about this episode was not that it was men's wear, but that it was UGLY menswear for a disheveled band that had too much hair.

Some of the episode highlights:
-Bert called Olivier delicate. Yes, he is.
-We got a close up of Bronze Josh's hairy ass.
-Anya's lack of sewing finally hurt her.
-Garnier proved they are good at putting make up on men in a non noticeable way (take note Adam
-There was a lot of hugging going on.
-I am pretty sure Adam Lambert fell in love with Bronze Josh.

The judges' top three looks:  Bronze Josh, Bert and Viktor
My favorite looks: Laura's pants, Bert's pants, Viktor's jacket and pants

The judges' bottom three looks: Olivier, Anya, Kimberly
My least favorite looks: Anya and Kimberly

Viktor FINALLY wins! He really is amazing at making jackets! Anya got a pass - HER PANTS WERE SPLIT ON THE ASS! Sadly, Olivier gets sent home. The red shirt cursed him. I actually yelled, "NOOOOOOO." Appreciate the bland, man.

I tiny high point is that I have always liked Viktor and I now love him even more because he did the Joy Behar "So what? Who cares?!"

Will you miss Olivier as much as I will? Do you think the right person went home? Were you also bored during this episode?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Playboy Club

New: The Playboy Club.
NBC tries out Mad Men
With a bunny twist

I really wasn't all that interested in watching NBC's new Monday night show, The Playboy Club, but it was on Hulu today so I decided to find out what it was all about. First off, the cast is gorgeous and the sets are beautiful. But, this show has so much more to offer than just pretty things to look at. This episode has:
  • Playboy bunnies (that's a given)
  • Fake Tina Turner AND Fake Hugh Hefner
  • An element of Showgirls (old bitter bunny in the house)
  • The mob
  • A girl from Fort Wayne with dreams
  • Magical hair that goes from sopping wet to beautifully styled instantly
  • Revolution-starting gays
  • Political aspirations
  • Phones with extremely long cords
  • Murrrrrder
and finally...

It reads a little bit like one of Stefon's descriptions of New York's hottest clubs.

I am pretty sure that NBC tried a different marketing approach by possibly encouraging the Parent Television Council to be all up in arms about the concept, but I think the PTC never saw this episode. Nothing really racy in it other than a couple having sex in a bathroom - but I've seen more skin on Breaking Bad this season: 

I think NBC should've contacted Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce for a better way to market the show. Peggy and Pete would've at least had two women fight over a ham bunny costume around Christmas Halloween to stir up publicity.

The Playboy Club is not my cup of tea, but it wasn't awful. Did anyone else watch the pilot? Thoughts? Was it too racy for you? Will you keep watching?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breaking Bad: Salud

Walt has a moment
Jesse's sold to Mexico
Gustavo is king!

I guess if there was an episode to not miss live and to actually write a long recap for this would be it. But sadly I watched it late and gonna have to write a quick recap. This episode was: A-mazing! Bryan Cranston put in his bid for a fourth Emmy for his breakdown and Gus has quickly jumped in rank of bad ass mother f-ers on tv shows (I'd say Sayid Jarrah - he killed someone WITH HIS FEET! - is up there too).

Here's my quick recap (mostly pictures):

The three amigos travel to Mexico so Jesse can teach the cartel how to make Walt's magical meth. Gus takes along a gift that is neither 1) Gwyneth Paltrow's head or 2) a bomb.

When they arrive at the Mexican lab, Jesse gets dissed for not being a real chemist. As the Mexican (although his English sounded like it had a tinge of a British accent) head chemist says: Any sophomore chemistry student can do it [synthesize phenylacetic acid] and I realize this guy has never been to my high school. But what he forgot is even though Jesse can't do that, he can still make the best meth around. Jesse gets pissed and talks about how dirty their lab is. Gus is loving it and gives the biggest smile he's ever given outside of the Chicken Shack  Los Pollos Hermanos:

This is my happy face.
Mike loves it too:

This is mine!
Jesse makes the meth as everyone watches (and someone films - will this be on youtube?) and he scores an A by creating meth that's 96.2% pure. At this point, Mexican Eric Bana fill Jesse in: you belong to the cartel now. Jesse is not happy:
An Original Lifetime Movie: Sold to Mexico - The Jesse Pinkman Story
Walt Jr. gets a PT Cruiser for his birthday, which he is less than thrilled about. He then cruises it over to Walt's place (since he missed the birthday pancakes, which is what I too would've asked for) and gets his real birthday present:

He invites Junior in and has to explain/lie about what happened to his face. He blames a fight from gambling, but has an honest moment where he breaks down, cries and admits he made a mistake. It's actually really, really sad. 
He has the best face wrinkles.
After his breakdown in front of Junior, Junior helps him into bed and Walt calls him, "Jesse" while half conscious. Awkward.

The next morning Walt wakes up and Junior is still there. Walk gives a very long monologue about his own father and how he wants to make sure that the memories Junior has of him [is this a hint that Walt is still sick?] are not based on the night before. Junior then throws it back and calls him out on his behavior over the last year and says at least last night he was "real." When Junior leaves Mr. Bitch Please is back and reminds him he needs to be back in the lab. Sigh. I'd be pissed if my boss sent someone to my house every morning, "shouldn't you be leaving now?"

Back in Mexico, The Three Amigos are at Don Eladio's house. Gus takes some mysterious pills as he stands by the pool where his old chemist got killed by. Don Eladio comes out and he and Gus then they awkwardly hug it out. 
It's like hugging Voldemort.
Don Eladio meets Jesse and praises his cooking skills. He then sees the gift and opens it. It's a bottle of fancy tequila! Yay tequila! Everyone gets a shot, minus the body guards - I guess they need to be on their game at all times - and Gus quickly takes Jesse's away. He explains to Don Eladio that Jesse is an addict and needs to be sober to cook. Don Eladio smartly watched Gus take his drink first, and then everyone there partakes. The mood changes and it's pachanga time. They get some "chicas" to come over and I realize that I never knew that word either meant "whores" or "ladies with bad taste in bathing suits." 

This has to be uncomfortable.

Gus sits pensively near the pool where his old friend [lover?] died. He then excuses himself to go to the restroom and very meticulously removes his glasses, turns on the water, opens the toilet seat, and forces himself to vomit out the poisoned tequila. 

2011: Year of the Vomit
By the time he comes back, everyone is pretty much dead. IT IS AMAZING. Since Mexican Eric Bana didn't drink, Mike piano wires him.

Weekend at Bernies.
As they escape, one strangler shoots at them and gets Mike. Jesse turns around and kill the straggler. Gus is starting to feel the effects of the poison he did ingest. Neither Mke nor Gus is in good shape as Jesse drives them on their way to escape.

Oh, this also happened: Skylar decided to get Saul to give Ted over $600,000 from a fake old aunt. Idiot 2, Ted, immediately spends the money on a fancy car (not a PT Cruiser) and when Idiot 1, Sklyar, finds out she rushed over and criticizes him until it comes out that the money came from her. Why do I get the feeling that Ted's done for?

Also, Saul's kinda the best - for wearing this:

Special award for who ever it was that realized a sheet would do this on a bloody forehead:

Give the make-up person an Emmy too.
Salud means "to health" and in this case - drink to someone's health, but today must've been opposite day! Since it's been at least a year since the show began, I wonder what Walt did for his last birthday. Did it happen last season and I just don't remember? RJ Mitte was exceptional in this episode - playing a concerned son. His teary eyes were contagious.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Project Runway: What Women Want

Quick thoughts on the ep
How stupid was this challenge?
Olivier is safe!

I'm off doing family stuff so was only able to quickly watch the episode last night. Here are some quick thoughts (and sorry no screen shots!):
  • Why were the editors trying to make me think Olivier was going to go home? I was actually nervous. His bouts of anger (or whatever you want to call his lack of emoting) were really cute as well as his confustion about boobs. I clapped when he ended up being safe. I still don't know why I love him so much
  • Wasn't this challenge dumb? We're supposed to believe that the men were the only ones to give input, but the women had just as much - and in some cases more - say in the finished product.
  • I was upset they seemed to judge BroJo based on the fact that he edited his style so much and not based purely on the garment. I think Viktor was robbed. His outfit was adorable and perfect for his model.
  • Can someone explain how the hell Anya's outfit was at the top? That was an ugly mess.
  • I'm not at all sad that Bryce and his awful lip piercing are gone. Each time he was on screen I wanted him to wipe his lip. Also, he said at the end he was going to go listen to Gaga and crate a kick ass collection. I saw his fashion week collection (the top nine all got to present) and I was not that impressed. Those looks are way too tame for Gaga. Maybe Bryce needs some other form of inspiration.
What do you think? Did the right designer go home? Are you as tired of Anya's designs as I am? Were you a little scare that they might sent Anthony Ryan home just to be shocking?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Handsome Men of Fall TV

Is it bad that I
Choose my shows based on the men
who have starring roles?

Of course it isn't! I don't actually choose shows based on hot guys, but I can't complain about a lack of handsome men who happen to star in shows I will be watching this fall. The first new show I'll be watching is New Girl. Zooey Deschanel is really adorable and I love that her character is a big old geek. The pilot was on Hulu and is funny, entertaining and has heart. Plus, the hot cop from Veronica Mars is on it (by the end of the episode I was in love with the other roommate Nick) and the character has some weird obsession with taking his shirt off. I am ok with that.
The second new show I'll be picking up is Grimm. All because of David Guintoli. He is beautiful. Plus, as far as fantasy/fairy tale type shows, this one sounds better to me than Once Upon A Time on ABC.
The other plus to this is it comes on after Chuck - one of my favorite shows and starring another handsome man, Zachary Levi. I really hope he gets more TV/movie work once Chuck ends its run. Cause I'll miss him.
I'll give Up All Night a shot mostly because of the its three stars: Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett. Is there anything more attractive than a funny, funny man like the original Hot Cop, Will Arnett? Maybe a funny man who can also cook? He probably can.
And of course, I cannot wait for Parks and Recreation starring possibly my favorite handsome man Ron F&*#%@ing Swanson (Nick Offerman):

I know this is only a handful of the hot guys on tv, so who is your favorite handsome man? Have you ever watched a tv show just because of one attractive cast member (I watched All My Children for awhile for Josh Duhamel)? What new shows are you planning to watch this fall?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Breaking Bad: Bug

Gus says he'll do it
Ted returns to Skylar's life
Walt and Jesse fight.

When I saw this week's title of Breaking Bad - Bug, I was instantly excited. Last season's Fly was an amazing episode that took place mostly within the confines of the lab and the acting was stellar. If Bug is like Fly, this was going to be a great episode.

I don't think a Tide pen will help.
Oh crap, the episode opens up with blood. Dripping, dripping, dripping onto Walt's shoe and glasses which lay on the floor. This makes me speculate it's because Walt has a nosebleed from either 1) being punched in the face or 2) because last week he was lying about his diagnosis and he's not actually in remission.

Walt picks up Hank but Walt's uneasy because they are being followed by Tyrus. He doesn't mention it, but Hank can see the discomfort in Walt. He says: "this isn't a spy's more like Rocky" then proceeds to sing his version of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger. Walt picks up the tracking device from under Gus's car but this time doesn't go inside to pretend to buy some chicken (sad). They speed off.

My exact daily drive.
When Hank looks up Gus's driving history via cool computer stalking technology, he sees that his life is really boring. Gus goes to work and returns home.  Easy explanation is that Gus watches a lot of TV. We know that he's on to Hank's plan and it's really faked evidence. Walt asks, "Is it possible he isn't your guy?" Hank responds, "A guy this clean has got to be dirty." That's not what Dial soap commercials tell me.

When leaving Hank's house Walt stops by Tyrus's car which is parked down the street. He rolls down his window down and calls the cops on him acting as a concerned neighbor. It's a pretty ballsy move - but one that can't be good. Also, Tyrus gives THE best "bitch, please" face.

Jesse's waiting at the lab and Walt drives up. "I guess we better get started, "Walt says. "I already did," Jesse responds. Touche. Walt asks for a cigarette as his not so sly way of asking if he's poisoned Gus yet. Nope, not yet. As Walt pretends to smoke his cigarette, Jesse asks: Don't you have enough cancer already? That's exactly what I thought. Hmmm, interesting.

Walt nosily asks Jesse what he does outside of work, you know, a day in the life. It's very Oprah-ish. Jesse basically blows the question off and Jesse says: "look man, i'll do it....i'll do it."  Walt's frustrated and snaps, "Why does it matter? We're both dead men anyways."

Find out what crazy stuff Skylar does and how Rocky plays into all of this after the JUMP!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Project Runway: Oliver/Olivier

All this time I've been
spelling "Oliver's" name wrong
There's an extra I!

Excuse me, you left off an i.

Oliver is actually Olivier. What?! 

Project Runway: Can't We Just All Get Along?

HP and Intel
Five designers on each team
Josh has a meltdown

It's team challenge time [again] on Project Runway! This means that this episode should be more exciting and drama filled than last week's "be inspired by kid's art" challenge.

Anthony Ryan is excited about having immunity but wants to win again. Anya says she wants to win since she's been in the top, but can't sew her own things hasn't won. Bronze Josh (BroJo) is really upset that he did not win the avant garde challenge and that he is running low on pomade.

They go meet with Heidi to get the details on this week's challenge but all she tells them is that they will be in two teams of 5, but there will be no leaders. Since Anthony Ryan won last week's challenge, he gets to be the first member of one team. Kimberly is super annoyed with BroJo when he gets picked to be the first member of the second team and he quickly says: Does that mean I get to be the leader? Heidi JUST said there would be NO leaders. Estupido. Kimberly is not amused:

eye roll.
The two teams break down to Team Harmony (later named Team Chaos) which consists of Anthony Ryan, Anya, Oliver, Bryce, and Viktor. Team Disaster Waiting to Happen (later named Nuts and Bolts) is Bronze Josh , Laura, Bert, Becky, and Kimberly. Of course Bert is chosen last (poor guy) and I'm surprised BroJo didn't yell at him for taking his seat:

"Get off my sewing machine chair!"
In the workroom, Tim announces that week's challenge is the HP and Intel challenge where the designers each get to create a print which will be turned into a fabric to be used in their design. This time, they have to have a cohesive theme through the five team members' pieces. The collection will be presented in a runway show in which they will also record and edit a background video and select the music that will be playing.

They have special guest Betsy Johnson come in to give them some inspiration. She shows them some clips of her runway shows and acts as one would expect Betsy Johnson to act.

A muppet + Britney's weave x Suzanne Somers

 Then she leaves. Her visit was a little pointless.

Find out what crazy antics happen when the teams have to work together after the JUMP!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Breaking Bad: Hermanos

Walt gets a check up
Hank presses on with his case
Flashback in Spanish!

The episode begins with a brief recap of what happened with the cousins and Hank last season. We get to see what Gus told Hector [lies], the bell ringing uncle, about the events that led to his nephews's deaths. In what I suspect is Gus's way of confessing, he tells Hector: "This is what comes from blood for blood, Hector; sangre por sangre." Cut to blood in a swimming pool. This can't be good.

In charge.
After the title shot, we find out Walt is in for check up. I think this season has had the most Walter White skin and I ain't complaining. He's in to get a Pet-CT scan and he explains to a new, nervous, patient all the nerdy things that make the machine work and how it's not a noisy machine. While the poor new guy is expressing his feelings, Walt answers his phone (rude!) and returns to tell the sad sack that he needs to live life on his own terms. He says it's been nearly a year since he was diagnosed [I'm glad they threw that in because I was wondering what the time frame had been] and that every life comes with a death sentence - he doesn't know what will happen, but like Charles, he's in charge.

Walt's back in the lab and we see that it IS Gus keeping tabs on Walt and Jesse's work. He leaves to give direction to some of his other employees at the chicken place, and he gets a phone call to get to the DEA. Hank, Steve, APD and DEA agents are there to interview Gus. He is notified that his fingerprints were found at Gale's place. He knows. He tells a tale about a chemistry scholarship he created years ago- one which Gale won. Gale showed up at Los Pollos Hermanos (I wouldn't think a vegan would step inside a fried chicken joint), invited him to dinner, and basically asked him for money (ah, that's why). He had no idea that he was involved in drugs or that his death was drug related. It's all very shocking. Everyone seems to be ok with this explination, except Hank.

"Is Gustovo Fring your real name?" he asks. Gus gives a WHAT THE FUCK face as Steve seems to get a little hot around the collar. He gives another acceptable answer about paperwork and shoddy record keeping. He's dismissed but he is pissssssed.

The DEA/APD crew discusses if they believe his story. They all says it's a good story (so was The Wizard of Oz but that doesn't make it true!) - but why are they hearing it now, Hank asks. Why didn't it come up earlier? Why didn't he ask questions when he read Gale was murdered, since he is such a good friend of the DEA?

Saul is off visiting Jesse's girlfriend. She moved into a new house and Saul hands her an envelope of cash. He makes creepy small talk with her son. She asks how Jesse's doing, "he's good - he's busy" when really he's out in the car. Turns out Jesse's been sending her cash every week and Saul's been dropping it off.  When did he decide to care about this chick so much?

Skylar is on a frenzy trying to hide the cash Walt is bring in by using those cool storage saver bags that really do save space. It's hard. If only there was an infomercial like that: "Don't have anywhere to hide all that illegal cash? Use our storage savers!" Marie and Hank come over for dinner. Junior asks how Walt's scans came back: he's still in remissions. High five! Too bad I don't believe him for some reason. He turns the tables and asks Hank how he's doing. Marie spills that he had a pow-wow with the DEA. He then asks Walt to take him to a mineral show (the minerals are back!) which is just a cover so that he can go spy on Gus at Los Pollos Hermanos.

In the parking lot, Walt internally freaks out as Hank explains that he thinks Gus is a meth dealer. Hank says he brought Gus in to be interviewed. Walt freaks out more. Hank says the DEA and the APD say he's innocent - however, he isn't so sure. He asks Walt to put a GPS tracking device on Gus's car. As Hank is explaining how to put the device on his car Mike drives up. Pure comedy gold! Poor Walt is forced to do it and walks in and is greeted by a pleasant Gus. "I didn't do it," Walt says and shows Gus the tracking device. "Do it," Gus says. At this point I think Gus might be nominated for a supporting Emmy too. Talk about service with a smile. You just have to shake your head and think: fucking Gus.

Find out what Walt does next and who Jesse will be for Halloween, after the JUMP!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Runway: The Art of the Matter

Boring episode:
To create avant-garde from
a "child's" painting

Welcome back, PR fans! For some reason - maybe the lack of summer tv shows, maybe Oliver - I get super excited for Project Runway on Thursday mornings. This week's episode began (once again) with the designers talking about what we saw last week and the repercussions of that. Bert and Anthony Ryan have come to an understanding. Bert decided he doesn't want to be an asshole anymore. But his being an asshole was fun. Since Becky was the only woman left in her suite, she moved into the other apartment which is a little awkward for Laura who hasn't been all that warm towards her throughout the competition.

Heidi announces this week's challenge - the designers are going back to school - the Harlem School of the Arts that is. The designers have to work with - GASP! - children [side note- these kids were 11-17 - I don't consider that children]. The students will create a work of art  to be used as inspiration for the designers to create an avant-garde [i.e. weird] look. Anthony Ryan gets the most serious child ever:

I'm serious.

Viktor's match, Skyy, has a lot of unsubstantiated opinions which, by Viktor's body language, is unwelcome:

I don't care.
 Bert gets the other side of the spectrum with a seemingly mute child. Mormon Josh's partner paints a wolf (Team Jacob!)

Artist's rendering: Taylor Lautner

Oliver tells his student (while painting with yellow - similar to beige) that he listens to depressing music. Duh. We spend a lot of time watching the designers paint, until Tim comes in and tell the designers they will have 30 minutes to sketch then go to Mood where Tim adorably chases around the Mood mascot Swatch.

Viktor didn't get the message about not being an asshole and in his camera interviews rips almost everyone apart. Love it. Bert explains that avant-garde doesn't have to be out there - Lady GaGa-esqe - just forward thinking. Oliver says his look is more quiet than everyone else's. Duh, again. It's so quiet it needs subtitles.

Read about what happens on the runway after the JUMP!