Monday, August 1, 2011

Keeping up with the Kardashians: The Have and the Have Nots

Only Kris Jenner
Would turn a leaky bladder
Into a new job

This week's two storylines on Keeping up with the Kardashians involved: 1) Kris's incontinence and 2)Kylie and Kendall being brats.

So the second storyline first. Kendall and Kylie are rude to their parents and Bruce does feel like it's a little bit his fault. We get to see Bruce fly his (model) helicopters and while out enjoying his hobby when he gets a phone call asking about some unusual activity on his credit card. He knows it has to be Kylie and Kendall who took his credit card without asking. Bruce says his kids don't understand the value of money and decides that they should do some volunteer work at a local mission. Kourtney comes along and it really does seem to be a learning moment for the girls.

For info on Kris's bladder issues read more after the jump -

Kris on the other hand goes out shopping with Kourtney and Khloe and the girls continue to poke fun at her. I suppose their intention is good - they really want her to go to the doctor to make sure everything is ok - but I can see how Kris is bothered by they comments. Everybody pees, but sometimes it's not really appropriate to talk about (especially when you can't hold it in). The crew goes to dinner and Kris starts drinking. She mentions a sex tape her and Bruce made years ago and says it's destroyed (I believe it - if they could sell it to make money, Kris would've already done it). Kris needs to go to the restroom and Khloe refuses to let her leave. The parents get upset and leave and this is the point where Khloe and Kourtney realize, "Hey, let's stop being mean and try to be supportive." A different approach can work wonders. Kourtney accompanies Kris to the doctor and she stresses about getting old. He recommends kegel's and we get to be in the room while Kris basically gets a pap smear. Soon enough, Kris is the newest spokesperson for incontinence pads. I just hope her commercials aren't as awkward as Whoopi's:
Oh yeah, they also showed about a minute of Kim and her boyfriend/now fiance Kris Humphries just so we can remember they exist and try to buy into the progress of their relationship. Meh. He talks like a giant - they love each other.

So far this season we have learned about adult bladder leakage and psoriasis. The Kardashian's are the new webmd.


  1. He totally talks like a giant.

  2. I'm from Kalamazoo, and I Keep up with the Kardashians. I can't believe you do, though. The other shows you watch are good.