Friday, September 23, 2011

Project Runway: Image is Everything

Design for a band
That no one's ever heard of
While we are all bored.

As always, this week's episode begins in the apartments with the designers discussing what's coming up and what has already happened. This time however, there's a twist - Olivier is wearing red - a color that has been dangerous to him in the past:

Never forget.

Sooo.....I wrote a long detailed about this episode then quickly erased it because it was boring - just like this episode. A lot of people have complained about these 90 minute episodes and they haven't really bothered me until tonight. I don't need a reminder every 5 minutes of what the challenge is and about how hard menswear is. Who do they think I am? Bert?

The challenge was to design for an up and coming band - The Sheepdogs. They will be on the cover of Rolling Stone at some point (I am assuming around the time this episode airs). It was kind of a team challenge - in the sense that each person on each team had to design for one member of the band. Since this was menswear, Olivier was excited but struggled. Kimberly and Anya both made awful, awful outfits. Also, they chose American Idol runner up, yeller, and master make-up layerer: Adam Lambert as the guest judge.

I think what bothered me so much about this episode was not that it was men's wear, but that it was UGLY menswear for a disheveled band that had too much hair.

Some of the episode highlights:
-Bert called Olivier delicate. Yes, he is.
-We got a close up of Bronze Josh's hairy ass.
-Anya's lack of sewing finally hurt her.
-Garnier proved they are good at putting make up on men in a non noticeable way (take note Adam
-There was a lot of hugging going on.
-I am pretty sure Adam Lambert fell in love with Bronze Josh.

The judges' top three looks:  Bronze Josh, Bert and Viktor
My favorite looks: Laura's pants, Bert's pants, Viktor's jacket and pants

The judges' bottom three looks: Olivier, Anya, Kimberly
My least favorite looks: Anya and Kimberly

Viktor FINALLY wins! He really is amazing at making jackets! Anya got a pass - HER PANTS WERE SPLIT ON THE ASS! Sadly, Olivier gets sent home. The red shirt cursed him. I actually yelled, "NOOOOOOO." Appreciate the bland, man.

I tiny high point is that I have always liked Viktor and I now love him even more because he did the Joy Behar "So what? Who cares?!"

Will you miss Olivier as much as I will? Do you think the right person went home? Were you also bored during this episode?


  1. I am so excited that he is gone. His attitude sucks. "That man is plus sized and bigger than the mannequin." Um, almost all people are bigger than mannequins. Shut up you stupid beige baby.

  2. I agree with BW. I liked making fun of Olivier's beige, but that's about it.
    I *do* think that there was a love connection between Lambert and BroJo. It made me giggle.

  3. I will defend Olivier. I love weirdos. Also, in every 64 pack of crayons there is always a white and a beige.