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Project Runway: Can't We Just All Get Along?

HP and Intel
Five designers on each team
Josh has a meltdown

It's team challenge time [again] on Project Runway! This means that this episode should be more exciting and drama filled than last week's "be inspired by kid's art" challenge.

Anthony Ryan is excited about having immunity but wants to win again. Anya says she wants to win since she's been in the top, but can't sew her own things hasn't won. Bronze Josh (BroJo) is really upset that he did not win the avant garde challenge and that he is running low on pomade.

They go meet with Heidi to get the details on this week's challenge but all she tells them is that they will be in two teams of 5, but there will be no leaders. Since Anthony Ryan won last week's challenge, he gets to be the first member of one team. Kimberly is super annoyed with BroJo when he gets picked to be the first member of the second team and he quickly says: Does that mean I get to be the leader? Heidi JUST said there would be NO leaders. Estupido. Kimberly is not amused:

eye roll.
The two teams break down to Team Harmony (later named Team Chaos) which consists of Anthony Ryan, Anya, Oliver, Bryce, and Viktor. Team Disaster Waiting to Happen (later named Nuts and Bolts) is Bronze Josh , Laura, Bert, Becky, and Kimberly. Of course Bert is chosen last (poor guy) and I'm surprised BroJo didn't yell at him for taking his seat:

"Get off my sewing machine chair!"
In the workroom, Tim announces that week's challenge is the HP and Intel challenge where the designers each get to create a print which will be turned into a fabric to be used in their design. This time, they have to have a cohesive theme through the five team members' pieces. The collection will be presented in a runway show in which they will also record and edit a background video and select the music that will be playing.

They have special guest Betsy Johnson come in to give them some inspiration. She shows them some clips of her runway shows and acts as one would expect Betsy Johnson to act.

A muppet + Britney's weave x Suzanne Somers

 Then she leaves. Her visit was a little pointless.

Find out what crazy antics happen when the teams have to work together after the JUMP!

When the teams meet, Antony Ryan suggests using ink blots (like the Rorschach test) which Oliver says he has never heard of. This surprises me because I feel like at some point Oliver's parents HAD to have sent him to a psychiatrist to get tested for something.

Team Nuts and Bolts throws out suggestions. BroJo for some reason decides that he wants to make female versions of the Village People (WHY?!) He tries to recall all the members and can't do it (he loses some gay points). He snaps at Laura because she's convinced one was a firefighter. Someone's gwumpy.

The designers take time to create their individual fabrics then have to decide whose they will use. Bert's HP printer is not working (booo HP; although it could be an old person malfunction) ad the team makes their decision before he gets to show off his old timey (what else?) clock design. He turns around and mumbles, "so much for my frigging clocks." Because of this one mumble BroJo loses it. He apparently does not stand for bad language (or the word frigging) as, in his opinion, "People who have dirty mouths - they are not intelligent."

Get your potty mouth away from me!
I have a few choice, unintelligent words for BroJo which I will keep to myself. He flips out on Bert and everyone on the team is over it - especially Kimberly. Also, they scared Oliver who is all the way across the room. Don't frighten him - he's fragile!

Yikes! (notice the beige shirt)
Laura intervenes and takes BroJo away from the group. She decides to stay back withhim to work  on the video and music while Bert, Kimberly, and Becky go off to Mood. They decide to film images of Laura's feet in nice shoes exiting cabs and random shots of clocks. Seems lame.

The other team is working amazingly well together - so much so that Becky looks over with sad eyes and the producers of the show decide to do a slow motion sequence of the wonderful time they are having. It's great.


Anthony Ryan, Anya and Oliver go to Mood while Bryce and Viktor leave to film images for their video. Their approach is more fitting for  a fashion show - they film things like LED screens and traffic. Anya suggests putting the video together in a way that resembles the ink blots. It's a really good idea.

After some reflection, BroJo decides to make a work room wide announcement that he is sorry for his behavior in the morning. It's little OTT and dramatic for my tastes, but like Bert says - it's just important that he did it. Bert is also extremely gracious during it. Others (Kimberly and Laura) don't even bother to turn around to look at him.

The next morning their textiles are waiting for them. I don't remember everything having to be black and white but it all is and of course Oliver loves it. Kimberly decides not to use the textile because she thinks her team's choices suck. This could be a good strategy.

Tim checks in and loves Team Chaos's (the non-chaotic team) collection. He then meets with Team Nuts and Bolts and it's obvious they are struggling. Tim also critiques Becky's skirt and she decides to change up the fabric. BroJo struggles and argues with Tim (who argues with Tim?!). Kimberly is once again over it. Tim straight up tells BroJo that he needs to put his ego aside. Tim makes them all join hands (seriously) and vow that they be honest with each other and work together.

At this point Bronze Josh has a moment. He gets really sad and homesick. It was recently his deceased mom's birthday which has reminded him of her and the sadness of her passing. He calls home to talk to his dad for some encouraging words. He explains to the camera that he was unable to make it out to see him mom one last time before she died and basically he has some guilt issues. I ain't gonna lie - I teared up.


The designers then get to fit their models. Team Nuts and Blots are finally beginning to work well together because of Tim's kumbaya intervention. The next day, to help lift his sour/sad mood, BroJo wears the most ridiculous shirt ever:


Oliver is behind on making his pants everyone worries. There hasn't been near enough Oliver this challenge. This makes me sad. Time is up and everyone the designers and models head to the runway.
Today's guest judges are Rose Byrne and Rachel Roy. Where's Betsy Johnson? The shows begin.

Team Nuts and Bolts
Team Chaos

Immediately Team Chaos is announced the winning team. Heidi loves it. Michael Kors adores Oliver's jacket and calls it one of the best tailored pieces in PR history. The downfall of their line is Bryce's look - not so much because of poor quality, but because it isn't as fancy as the other outfits. No one wants to say who they think should win since they worked so well together as a team, but Oliver is put on the spot. He mumbles (but no subtitles this time) that he should win, then says it proudly. It's adorable. Everyone gets asked down the line and they each say themselves - except Bryce who says Anya should win. The decision will have to wait until the judges belittle the losing team.

N&B's video gets torn apart by the judges who say it looks like hookers who are headed home from a hooker convention. Do those exist? Becky's skirt gets ripped apart (not literally, but I think they wanted to) by the judges by saying that no one wants "cancelled" or "delayed" on their ass/crotch. The judges praise Kimberly for staying away from using any of the team's prints since they were all awful. They then go down the line and ask who the weakest link of the team is: Becky and Bert say Josh, Josh and Kimberly say Becky and Laura says Bert.

The judges confer and decide that the winner is Anya. UGH. Her dress was nothing compared to Viktor's. In fact, it reminded me a lot of one of the dresses from Betsy's collection which was shown to the designers before the challenge:
Too similar!
I call it a pity win. But she is growing on me because she does seem like a nice person. Sadly, Becky gets sent home. She gives a little speech about how everyone is so talented and BroJo uses all his magical eyebrow powers to keep him from saying something snotty.

My favorite look of the night was by far Viktor's dress. If I were model thin and taller, I'd be wearing that now and running up and down hallways just because of how great that dress flowed. I cannot wait until next week to see how Oliver reacts to learning about the birds and the DDs. I assume this will happen again:

It will be amazing and sadly I will probably miss it and not recap (or will have to do a really short recap) because of family time.

Final thoughts: do you think the right person won/ got sent home? Did anyone else forget that Rose Byrne is not American? How cute was Father Tim? Why does Bronze Josh have his name tattooed on his wrist? Is it in case he forgets? Why am I obsessed with Oliver?! Also why couldn't I get my text in Blogger back to non-bolded italics?

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  1. You covered so many of my thoughts.
    I am excited for next week because of Oliver. He doesn't know what DDs are. Priceless.
    The best part of Viktor's dress was the back. Loved it.