Monday, April 30, 2012

Gossip Girl: Raiders of the Lost Art

Double crossing, secret day planner, codes and twists(!) are abound in this week's Gossip Girl. My thoughts:
  • I'm very surprised Dorota hasn't yet discovered Serena is Gossip Girl. Why isn't she nosey?
  • The intel Nate stole was....a day planner? Boo. I thought it was the lost ark.
  • Nate changed his mind so quickly to believing that Serena is Gossip Girl...I'm annoyed - then he offers Lola pancakes. I'm in love again. AND HE MADE THEM FOR HER! Double swoon [swoon swoon]
  • OGB- Original Gangsta Blair. 
  • Alessandra is still one of  my least favorite characters. Blech. She was only semi interesting when she slept with Chuck. I guess that's why they always out her in brown.
  • Blair decides to help Chuck decipher a code. I like this episode so far. Intrigue. Ooooh.
  • I love how on GG the characters always seem to explain everything for us watchers - I think mostly for Nate's sake (but he's so pretty).
  • So far there is a secret day planner written in code, a key, Serena's double crossing and Jack's tan.
  • Blair has to get into character and says words in a British accent that do not include: crumpet, the queen, or 'a spot of tea'.
  • Blair owns a cypher slide. AMAZING.
  •  Dan gets offered a summer in Rome. At a villa. Writing and being creative. Only he's hesitant to leave Blair. That is sweet. Stupid, but sweet.
  • I liked Serena's dress until I saw her standing up in it. Why are the ruffles bunched around her crotch like that....oh that's right, she likes to draw attention to it. AND not only is she a terrible bad guy, she's a terrible thief.
  • "Gym, gym, bangs trimmed, gym."
  • Did anyone else hear the grumble/road that came from Dan as he pondered if Blair loved him? WHAT WAS THAT?
  • Even Dorota gets to get into the scheme! Yay!
  • Diana was in's not Thailand...but I bet they do sex changes there. (Seriously crossing my fingers at this point.)
  • I love how Blair keeps putting down Nate. She used to love him. 
  • I LOVE Serena's scarf.
  • I don't understand - and probably never will - understand how there are so many parties in these people's lives that include people in lingerie.
  • Who on earth would assume that India is the madam and then say yes that they are their girls. Whores, that's who. Ok and whore-lites.
  • All of a sudden this episode became a mash up of Sliver and Eyes Wide Shut.
  • Blair opens a door and says: No, no, it can't be! If it's Bart then well, Diana isn't actually Bart. This makes me sad.
  • Jack looks good. He's dealing with his HEPATITIS! pretty well.
  • Chuck asks Jack: Are you my father? I think of this:
  • Serena is the worst. I could not be happier that Lola and Nate threw her crap in her face. "Neither is tricking me!" Lamest come back ever.
  • Dan decides to go to Rome. to stay in NY instead of going to Rome. Idiot. But I do love Dair.
  • Dan tells Blair he loves her. She does not say it back. Awwww. Lonely boy.
  • AND BART IS ALIVE! My genius friends are geniuses. I got a text that said: "Boo-yah. Jack McKay style! Aaron Spelling taught me well!" Yes he did. Too bad Diana wasn't Bart. I would've like that so much better.

  • And...we still don't know why there is a brothel and who Chuck's parent's really are.
  • Finally -This week's Hart of Dixie DID NOT start with, "Harvey Wilkes is your father." It only took 20 weeks for them to think we'd remember.
So what do you think? Is Dair gonna end? Is Serena gonna get her groove back? Can you wait (I can't) til Rufus realizes his marriage is invalid and has to win Lily back with a bouquet of waffles?

AND I got another text later from my fellow GG addict Lil: "If Bart faked his death so Chuck could make something of himself I am goimg to throw a shoe at the tv." I think we'll get a picture of that shoe embedded in the TV soon...cause you know that's the excuse he'll have.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gossip Girl: Despicable B

I'm off to a late start cause of a fun happy hour with a friend, so here goes:

Gossip Girl starts out this week reminding people that magazines exist. Dan and Blair are adorable coming down from what was probably a lovely night of debates over Russian poets and lovely, non boring and non perverted, sexy times.

  • Blair's robe = gorgeous. I still can't figure out why they haven't embraced Leighton Meester's bangs.
  • We didn't get to watch the trial of the the century that invalidated CeCe's will. "How does it feel going from high class to high trash?" Does that guy work for tmz? Extra?
  • Diana walks very manly at the opening of the episode which makes me cross my fingers that my (dream) suspicion that Diana IS Bart Bass might come true. Plus why is Nate agreeing to talk to him her? Don't sleep with your best friend's parent. That should just be a general life rule.
  • Blake Lively looks really old for her age, right? 
  • Blair's second, lounging around the house, outfit is also pretty. I can't tell what season it is though: Blair is wearing bright spring colors with a cut out back and Serena is wearing boots, tights, a scarf and a coat?
  • I DO NOT like turmoil between Lily and Rufus....but I guess if Bart ends up being alive, their marriage is invalid and they'll have to get married/engaged in the season finale.
  • I think Gossip Girl is pretty good at casting parents and children. I believe Lola could be William's daughter.
  • I like that the writers acknowledge that BOTH Rufus and Lily are wrong in their argument. Cause like I said last week, Rufus is an idiot for putting up Ivy but then Lily cutting Rufus off? That was a low blow. How can he buy eggs and stuff for waffles?
  • I like the face Nate makes when he figures stuff out. The eyebrows get extra acting action.
  • Ha! Blair gets called out for being married less time than Kim Kardashian. Even Kris Humphries (who I actually like) is more interesting than Prince Louis.
More after the JUMP!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gossip Girl: Salon of the Dead

Dair hosts a salon!
(But Dan needs to visit one)
Chuck's mom is revealed

Gossip Girl in in it's final act of the season and we're at a cross-Rhodes! Ha! See what I did there? Lame, yeah I know. But really Lily and Rufus are living separately and it's affecting them each differently: Lily is lonely, rubbing her temples while eating pancake (no waffles. sigh.) with a glass of OJ and wine, and Rufus is stuck in Brooklyn staring off into the distance while strumming his guitar and hopefully writing the new it song of summer 2012. Watch out Goyte.

Quickly we're reminded that Serena is a sad and pathetic person by deleting all the requests on Gossip Girl for more info on Lola. She sighs. We know that's serious sadness.

What else happens in the episode? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Lola's getting used to the fame. Her confidence has grown so much that she wears a terrible brown and white plaid jacket in public.
  • Blair is prepping for her and Dan's "coming out" party. She tells him in lieu of showering he can just thrown on deodorant like Brooklynites. She must love him.
  • Serena is not good at being Gossip Girl and she's not good at being an evil villainess. Could her comments be any more obvious? Even Lola  - the person whose identity was stolen and plastered all over NY tabloids and never noticed - figures it out. But, as usual, Nate doesn't.
  • Rufus lost himself when he married Lily and became a "+1." He is not talking about Google +1s or Vulture recap +points. He's actually sad.
  • Nate is sad because he misses all his friends. The eyebrows point slightly downward.
  • Lars von Trier values the words of Gossip Girl.
  • Lily's peace treaty food: Salad. Even I know waffles are the way to Rufus's heart. But he decides he'll eat her roughage. They decide to sell the apartment. Salad = magic.
  • "Just because a tree grows in Brooklyn, doesn't mean I have to plant it." I love Blair. 
  • Dair meets the Brangelina of the five boroughs who look JUST LIKE THEM. I think they are real people - but I don't care enough to google their names. 
  • Dan gets WAY too giddy about hosting a salon. I did care enough to google "salon." It's a gathering.
  • There was a lot of eavesdropping in this episode.
  • The desk guy at the SoHo Grand should be fired. How dumb are you to announce to someone's wife that their husband is paying for a woman to stay at the hotel? FIRED.
  • You know that the crowd is mostly intellectuals because many are wearing glasses.
  • In the fight between Rufus and Lily- I take Lily's side. Why the hell are you helping Ivy, Rufus? Dumb ass.
  • Diana's cleavage is insane. 
  • Poor Chuck. I actually feel really bad for him. Very dramatic and un-British - EVEN THOUGH DIANA IS BRITISH!
  • I geeky squeeed at Dan wanting a sleepover. Adorable. Even more adorable? Their bedtime banter.
  • The things people on this show feel guilty about are ridiculous. Why does Lola feel guilty for "ruining Chuck's life," and then basically defend Serena's treatment of her? 
  • Rufus goes to what appears to be a Couples Only diner. Then he find out he got cut off.
  • We finally get the obvious reveal that Diana is Chuck's mother. She wanted to see Chuck "desperately," so, as Chuck thankfully pointed out, she did it from Nate's bed. It's tough finding out who your real mom is, and tougher to find out she's a whore, but finding out she banged your best friend - that's gotta be the worst.
  • Then - there's a FINAL TWIST: That wasn't the secret Diana was trying to protect. There's something more - this might actually surprise me. But I have two genius friends who have said all along that they think Bart Bass is alive. This could be the twist!
So, what did you think of this week's Gossip Girl? I think this is the first time I'm sad that Serena doesn't have a temporary love interest because I think this storyline is even more terrible than any of her awful boyfriends.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mad Men: Poor Pete

Best 60's fight ever.
Oh yeah and Pete might kill himself, or someone else this season. Poor Pete. You are still my favorite character.

Games on TV

Games on TV shows
seem to be so much more fun
and I want to play!

New Girl introduced it's viewing audience to True American! The first preview of the game was Winston being belted with tennis balls while "Lava! Lava! Lava!" was being chanted. I was intrigued. Next, Jess expressed disappointment when she found out her roommates played without her. Not even halfway through the episode, we got to experience what exactly True American is - and it is awesome. Sadly, I can't find a clip, but you should watch the whole episode on hulu or on fox's website if you aren't already watching live or via dvr.

It got me thinking about other games on tv shows and how most of time when casts of characters play a game, real or made up, it's pretty fun for the viewers. I assume because it HAS to be amazingly fun for the writers to come up with crazy rules or fitting character reactions.

Here are some of my favorite real and made up games on tv.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Chardee McDennis

Oh, The Gang, you all are crazy.

Friends: [They played a lot of fun games]: Bamboozled Embedding was disabled but here's the link:

Community: Dungeons and Dragons

Cougartown: Movie Mashup

But then again, their lives are 98% a drinking game.

30 Rock: Marry, Boff, Kill [not a great clip- but all I could find]:

Lutz has lost some serious weight!

There are so many more instances of real or made up games on tv that just make me giggle. What's been your favorite game playing scene on a tv show?

Justified: Season 1

Thanks to a co-worker, I just watched all of season 1 of Justified. It's a good show. I'd heard a lot about it, just never got around to watching. He's a hot US Marshall that wears a hat, and because of his quick to act trigger finger, ends up in his backwoods hometown full of meth addicts, reformed racists, criminals, current racists, and thousands of guns (seriously, everyone in this town owns about 4).

The best part of this show is Timothy Olyphant's face. That man is hot. He looks best without that hat (and really really good after getting his ass kicked) because he has amazing hair. Kudos to men with good, manly, hair. Cheers to you Raylan Givens. I'll be watching season 2 soon.

Do you watch? Do you love it? Are you glad Timothy Olyphant has aged so well?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gossip Girl: It Girl, Interrupted

There will be Bass Blood - 
Chuck wears a sweatsuit onesie.
Farewell Prince Louis.

Welcome, welcome to this year's Hunger Games! What? It's not the Hunger Games? It's the Upper East Side you say? But why are people killing one another's It Girl status? In NYC that's the same as actual murder. And Serena is a Career Tribute. And Career Tributes can be a bitch. Here's a few of my thoughts: 
  • Chuck in the red sweatsuit! Best. Dressed. Of. The. Season. The. End.
  • Did anyone else notice Dan randomly yet adorably winking when Diana walked in the room when he was talking to Nate? I did. I also rewound it 5 times. 
  • Chuck paid the dowry. Very sweet. Very dangerous for Dair.
  • Blair's watercolor dress is gorgeous. Her tights not so much.
  • Serena is an idiot. If she really wanted the real Charlie Rhodes to get noticed she should've put her in an outfit that showed more skin that Serena's own summer wear.
  • I actually like Serena as Gossip Girl. Makes her more interesting.
  • Dan - don't call your current love and tell her about the amazing thing her ex-love did. Bad news. But, your hair looks a little better.
  • The GG voice over, "word is're gonna see a lot more of her" re: Lola. In other words she's gonna dress like a ho.
  • Serena: "You will surpass me as New York's IT girl in no time." Lola: "Oh no, Serena - no one can surpass you...especially not me." Uhhh, Blair did. A long time ago. Wasn't that a storyline? No? Maybe you're just not the viewer's IT girl anymore. I laughed when it turned out that Lola was "acting" that whole time.
  • Nate was doing so good then had to remind me how dumb he was.
  • I am soooo proud of Blair for calling Chuck out on his shit. Even if he was being genuine, I like that she assumed the worst of him. HE SOLD HER. Never forget.
  • Ha! Stupid Serena got played. Then Nate got caught on a really bad technicality. But I forgive him cause he's pretty.
  • We can't have Serena being the face of the Lola. Oh Gossip Girl Writers - you all are awesome.
  • Serena is a bitch: "these things come and go...i wouldn't get used to it." Girl, you created your own worst enemy. 
  • Elizabeth Hurley is really pretty. 
  • Wait - is Lily in JEANS?! And NO Rufus? Who is gonna make her waffles?
  • Dair. Awww, Dan is sweet. 
  • Serena = pathetic. 
In addition, I like that they've just gotten rid of the Prince. Who is gonna lisp "Blaaaihhr" anymore? So, what did you think? Is Serena headed for a sad existence? Is she already there? Is Chuck gonna come between Dan and Blair soon or will they have a little bit of happy time? And finally, where is Lily gonna get her waffles?

...and my favorite scene from There Will be Blood (minus "i've abandoned my child!" but plus a laugh):

Oscar-ed. Remember when Serena was on the phone with Daniel Day Lewis's people at the beginning of the season? Oh how the It Girl has fallen.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Dancing With the Stars/Harry Potter

Annie Barrett at Entertainment Weekly ( does a weekly "Hidden Gems" on Dancing with the Stars. I got on this week and am so nerdily excited:

Gossip Girl: Con-Heir

I fast forwarded
all but Dair, and the Jack Bass:
Hepatitis TWIST!

Man I missed Gossip Girl. I deleted the episode from my DVR so no pictures. I'm very behind on life (still) so this will be short and focus on the few things that stuck in my head:

  • I missed Nate's eyebrows. I think his powerbrows are what have helped him created a "reputable" news source.
  • Dan and Nate have a "be more like Don Draper" pact. LOVE THIS. Now all I want to do is play the game of "Who on GG would be each character on Mad Men?" Suggestions welcome in the comment section (like people actually leave comments). First suggestion: Don = Fake Ivy? Stolen identities! Too bad she sucks so much. Ugh. Ignore that.
  • Dan is not following the pact that well - if he were, his hair would be better.
  • Blair showing up in sexy lingerie to Dan's place at the beginning of the episode was one of the funniest things I've seen on GG. Unfortunately, her bad hair ruined it. Later in the episode, her hair made a comeback - two low buns somehow managed to look amazing. 
  • Rufus made WAFFLES again!
  • There's some storyline about Ivy-William-Charlie-Will (as in CeeCee's last will and testament) that I don't care about.
  • Cocktail parties cost upwards of $36,000?! My personal cocktail parties usually cost the same as 2 bottles of cheap grocery store wine.
  • Lily's coat at the party was HUGE. But I liked it.
  • Serena is still an idiot.
  • Jack Bass came to town. How great is he? Chuck wanted to repay him for saving his life (at least that's what Chuck thought) when Lily called him about Chuck being in the hospital needing blood. Now here's where quite possibly my FAVORITE Gossip Girl plot device starts. Chuck starts to suspect Jack is not being truthful so he goes to the hospital and speaks with a nurse (?). She falls for the whole "hey look - brad pitt!" line, dashes off to grope him, and Chuck gets to view Jack's medical records. This is when Chuck finds out that Jack. Has. Hepatitis. C. 

  • As we've all suspected, Diana has got to be Chuck's real mom [this has yet to be officially confirmed]. The accents and pouting lips gave it away. Not as exciting of a twist as HEPATITIS.
  • The Dair story was super cute and cheesy. They'd been trying to consummate their relationship for awhile but kept getting steered off course. They FINALLY get to do it (which involved Blair's portable champagne glasses?) and it's terrible. They both lie, leave then get wasted. They then drunkenly and very hotly get it on in an elevator. As my friend texted, "aren't there cameras in elevators?" Yes. But I'll let this one pass. Besides, I'm still dealing with the fact that Jack has HEPATITIS.
  • Dair have great chemistry. I guess I might still care about "Chair" but Chuck has just become such a sad character. Ed Westwick has said in interviews that he's disappointed with the way his character has  changes and I suggest killing him off. The last and final season can be everyone dealing with his death and wearing too short skirts and sequins.
  • Dan wore lots of plaid this week. I guess he always does (Brooklyn, yo!) but it was more noticeable next to Blair's lovely clothing.
So, what did you think of this week's episode? Are you now a Dair shipper? Has any other show made hepatitis c a major plot point before? 

[Side note - Hepatitis C is not funny, nor did I think the storyline was funny. It was just so absurd for GG.]