Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Playboy Club

New: The Playboy Club.
NBC tries out Mad Men
With a bunny twist

I really wasn't all that interested in watching NBC's new Monday night show, The Playboy Club, but it was on Hulu today so I decided to find out what it was all about. First off, the cast is gorgeous and the sets are beautiful. But, this show has so much more to offer than just pretty things to look at. This episode has:
  • Playboy bunnies (that's a given)
  • Fake Tina Turner AND Fake Hugh Hefner
  • An element of Showgirls (old bitter bunny in the house)
  • The mob
  • A girl from Fort Wayne with dreams
  • Magical hair that goes from sopping wet to beautifully styled instantly
  • Revolution-starting gays
  • Political aspirations
  • Phones with extremely long cords
  • Murrrrrder
and finally...

It reads a little bit like one of Stefon's descriptions of New York's hottest clubs.

I am pretty sure that NBC tried a different marketing approach by possibly encouraging the Parent Television Council to be all up in arms about the concept, but I think the PTC never saw this episode. Nothing really racy in it other than a couple having sex in a bathroom - but I've seen more skin on Breaking Bad this season: 

I think NBC should've contacted Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce for a better way to market the show. Peggy and Pete would've at least had two women fight over a ham bunny costume around Christmas Halloween to stir up publicity.

The Playboy Club is not my cup of tea, but it wasn't awful. Did anyone else watch the pilot? Thoughts? Was it too racy for you? Will you keep watching?

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