Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week of 11/20

Thanksgiving week off
Catching up on what I missed
I sure missed TV.

I took a week off for Thanksgiving, family timw, college football, eating and daily naps. Now I'm trying to catch up on all I missed.Here are some quick observations:

-The Walking Dead: I really didn't need to see that crotch grab. I also am now a little confused on what CDC guy whispered into Rick's ear at the end of last season. I thought it was that Lori was pregnant but he seemed too surprised this week. He didn't however seem at all surprised about her and Shane's sexy times. So maybe he did know, I just didn't like the rushed speed it played out. Let's spend 7 episodes looking for Sophia, but only spend 2 minutes on a underlying plot line that's been building for one and a half seasons. I still like Glenn but the old man is getting more annoying with each episode.
-Dexter: Gellar is totally an imaginary friend. Right?  Lame. Saw that coming pretty early on. Travis is annoying.
-How I Met Your Mother: I thought the episode was a little lame, but the ending revelation that Robin is pregnant made me gasp. I would assume it's Barney's baby and not Kevin's but when I think about the lack of  any 1 of the many forms of birth control available condoms I get a little grossed out. Barney is a man whore.
- Gossip Girl: Do women really walk around in mini skirts and opaque pastel tights? Did anyone else notice Nate talks on the phone with his hand covering the receiver? I hate Nate's storyline, but he's so nice to look at that I am grateful for it. Serena's shower dress was awful  - it looked like there was a door frame right at her crotch. Still no Dair. Booooooo.
- The Good Wife: Diane + Eli = Gold. I don't like the whole Cary/New Girl/Kalinda storyline. I don't buy Kalinda as someone everyone wants. I find her a little more annoying and still hate her hairstyle. I also don't buy Cary as someone stupid enough to get involved in this weak triangle. He's too career driven. This tangent IMO is disappointing.
-Saturday Night Live: How great were the Muppet cameos and the Andre the Giant sketch?

What was your favorite show this past week?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gossip Girl: The Big Sleep No More

Diana played games
Chuck hosted a benefit
Dan is MIA

This week's episode of Gossip Girl had so many twists and turns: Chuck tried to be good, Blair came on to  Chuck with the worst pick up lines and they ended up kissing, Serena meets someone from Ivy/Charlie's past, Diana and Nate play the games that lovers play (ha!), Dan goes AWOL and the group attends a benefit/Eyes Wide Shut play where everyone wears masks and some of the actors bathe in blood (really). With all those great ideas, this episode fell ridiculously flat.

Instead of an actual recap I present to you this, my conversation with my lovely friend who also watches Gossip Girl [please excuse our lack of punctuation, capitalization and any spelling errors!]:

me:  did you watch gossip girl
 Y:  yes. i groaned throughout all of it.
WHY do we still watch this show?
now i just sit and shout at the characters about how stupid they are
 me:  i had given it up but came back to it
 Y:  and tell dan to comb his hair already
 me: poor sad dan
 Y:  this season is the worst
 me:  that party was awful
 Y:  omg - yes
 me:  Blair was acting like an idiot? Is that what it's like when you are pregnant? 
Every time Diana says "blog" it sounds like she's coughing up phlegm
 Y:  diana's character is the most ridiculous thing ever
me:  she's a loser, "let me fuck with these kids and make it not at all interesting"
 Y:  i can' t believe she went to the apt of a guy who has a roommate - she's like 50
 me:  and chuck
what was up with that
"i'm good"
 Y:  are we suddenly supposed to think he's good?
 me:  right?!
 Y:  that was so bizarre this show has never been good at letting something develop
 me:  it was so instant
i did like blair'a hat and animal print dress - the hat was an upgrade from last week's dead parakeet
 Y:  i only liked her fantasy dress
and you couldn't even see all of it
and every time she said louis i wanted to vomit
 me:  oooh i liked that they acknowledged her real life bangs in that scene
Y: everyone's clothes sucked
 me:  now that i noticed charlie's voice - i can't stop thinking about how awful it is
and she cant seem to find a dress that holds her boobs in - and she has NO boobs
two positives: serena's hair looked much better and no louis
thats all i can come up with...
serena's mask party dress was AWFUL i think it had fringe AND beads AND sequins
Y:  OMG i remember saying "WTF are you wearing woman!" at her
why is she wearing these terrible skirts???
i feel like this is one of those "stop trying to make fetch happen!!" moments
stop trying to make ugly too short skirts happen!
 Y:  for realz. i fully support the "uncombed hair" as a movement in my personal life
but not on tv - i need my tv characters groomed

The End!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gossip Girl: I Am Number Nine

The movie gets scrapped
Nate makes Diana jealous
Chuck says he's sorry

Another week with the rich on the Upper East Side. Here's what happened: Nate found out Diana is dating someone else and gets jealous, but makes Diana jealous enough that she finally brings their relationship out in the open. Serena convinces Dan to not be the screenwriter on his own book even though that was his one caveat, ends up having the project axed and her and Dan exchange words. She then decides to blog. Blair had bridesmaids try-outs [TV show coming soon to TLC; title: Bridesmaids Boot Camp] with the hardest challenge being getting a kiss from.....Nate?! Chuck continues his therapy then realized Louis is up to no good and exposes him. Chuck FINALLY apologizes for so many things to Blair and walks away like a man - then does the most ridiculous thing ever and leaves her engagement ring at the doorstep of Harry Winston. No, it really happened:
Remind me where to start hanging out.
Other thoughts on the episode after the JUMP!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose

There are still zombies.
And the children in peril.
Fastest. Test. Ever.

Halfway through the first season of The Walking Dead, I began to lose interest. The people [Andrea and Carol] aren't that likable . I've continued to watch and do like this season's stories much more than the whole find a guy in a hatch who is pushing numbers into a computer before it explodes. I liked that story line once before - but when this was the guy in the hatch:

I've been halfway interested in this season. None of the shocking endings have really shocked me. I saw that the son was going to end up being in danger. I saw that Shane totally killed Otis. This week though, I really enjoyed the episode Cherokee Red. It was a very Glenn-centric episode and he's probably my favorite character other than shirtless Rick (and only when he's shirtless):

Find out what happened to Glenn everyone- after the JUMP!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Glee Post: Pot O' Gold

Rory comes to town
The Troubletones get Brittany
Bert enters the race

So, I watch Glee. I enjoy Glee. I do get very easily frustrated with Glee. I guess as with high school students, character personality can quickly shift gears, issues can be taken the point of melodrama and adult figures can seem ridiculous. That seems to be the way the writers of Glee are trying to write the show. To me, season 3 has so far been a downer. Mercedes is all of a sudden extra diva-ish, Mr. Shue is extra ridiculous, they don't seem to know what to do with Sue, and they introduced that new terrible singer girl who is awful [I like that actress, the character is a mess].

I did however really enjoy last night's episode mostly due to the story line involving The Glee Project co-winner Damian McGinty' character Rory and Brittany. He was a foreign exchange student living with her and she thought he was a real leprechaun. He tried to grant her wishes including her fat cat pooping candy bars and a box of marshmallow only Lucky Charms.

Seriously adorable:
Santana and Brittany have defected to join Shelby's new girl group The Troubletones and did a really fun rendition of Candyman. I was a little surprised at them singing a song about panties dropping, but I guess Blaine just did sing a song that includes talk of a menage a trois with Mr. Shue cheering along.

I was too in shock about the contents of this song.

Menage a trois?! Yeah!
Sue's storyline is ridiculous. I'm going to run for senator on the platform of removing the arts. What? Not only is it ridiculous - not to mention Principal Figgins' support of cutting the school musical - but it's been pretty boring. I hope that bringing Bert in as her competition and her shift of focus to the effects of financial distribution on special education makes this story line a little more interesting. I did LOVE when Sue said there was better ways to spend the money than sending the glee club to nationals with no set play list ready. For reals. At least the writers acknowledge their faults and plot holes.

Last but not least this Shelby/Quinn/Puck thing is awful. Quinn really thinks getting CPS to take away the baby from Shelby will instantly put the baby back in her arms? Does she even what a baby? Shelby doesn't seem to remember her kid's name as there was a whole long scene of her saying "Oh baby - stop crying." "The baby won't stop crying." "This is a bad time because the baby is trying to go to bed." The baby has a name! Mind you I don't remember it right now [it's Beth], but you would think it's mother would. Shelby and Puck with his terrible crooked mohawk kissing = awkward. Mary-Kay-LeTourneau-WHAT?!

Why isn't his mohawk centered?!
What did you think of the episode? Do you enjoy the addition of Rory Flannigan? Do you miss the days when Tina was goth and didn't wear dresses that looked like this:

Hi Mrs. Brady!