Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Runway: The Art of the Matter

Boring episode:
To create avant-garde from
a "child's" painting

Welcome back, PR fans! For some reason - maybe the lack of summer tv shows, maybe Oliver - I get super excited for Project Runway on Thursday mornings. This week's episode began (once again) with the designers talking about what we saw last week and the repercussions of that. Bert and Anthony Ryan have come to an understanding. Bert decided he doesn't want to be an asshole anymore. But his being an asshole was fun. Since Becky was the only woman left in her suite, she moved into the other apartment which is a little awkward for Laura who hasn't been all that warm towards her throughout the competition.

Heidi announces this week's challenge - the designers are going back to school - the Harlem School of the Arts that is. The designers have to work with - GASP! - children [side note- these kids were 11-17 - I don't consider that children]. The students will create a work of art  to be used as inspiration for the designers to create an avant-garde [i.e. weird] look. Anthony Ryan gets the most serious child ever:

I'm serious.

Viktor's match, Skyy, has a lot of unsubstantiated opinions which, by Viktor's body language, is unwelcome:

I don't care.
 Bert gets the other side of the spectrum with a seemingly mute child. Mormon Josh's partner paints a wolf (Team Jacob!)

Artist's rendering: Taylor Lautner

Oliver tells his student (while painting with yellow - similar to beige) that he listens to depressing music. Duh. We spend a lot of time watching the designers paint, until Tim comes in and tell the designers they will have 30 minutes to sketch then go to Mood where Tim adorably chases around the Mood mascot Swatch.

Viktor didn't get the message about not being an asshole and in his camera interviews rips almost everyone apart. Love it. Bert explains that avant-garde doesn't have to be out there - Lady GaGa-esqe - just forward thinking. Oliver says his look is more quiet than everyone else's. Duh, again. It's so quiet it needs subtitles.

Read about what happens on the runway after the JUMP!

Bronze Josh is very interested in what Becky is doing - whether it will be dowdy or not - mostly because he wishes she does well so he can take credit for her improvement - after all he did lead [yell at] her last week.

Two touching moments so far in this episode: 1) Bronze Josh reveals he lost his mom to ovarian cancer two years ago, 2) Bert tells everyone he is widowed and states that his partner of 18 years died of AIDS. No one hugs him. He then gets a touching (?) moment with his family via the HP video chat:

This must mean something different in New York.
Mormon Josh (MoJo) is a little too invested in what his student says about the design. You are the designer - not the 16 year old! She's probably going to recommend that you make the model sparkle on the runway:
L'oreal can recreate this look.

Oliver's current design.
Tim is concerned about many of the looks including Kimberly's feather wing, Becky's denim box adorned dress, and MoJo's wolf costume. Oliver says he doesn't like color and Tim responds "I KNOW!" As do we all. Before Tim leaves he announces that the kids will be joining them at judging.

MoJo gets overwhelmed and has a moment of crying to the camera but not in the workroom. That would've been more fun. The designers must have gotten all their anger out on the previous challenge - this is very non-exciting. The next morning the designers are all worried about the runway and the lack of time they have left.

Because of how far behind our Warrior Turtle Oliver is, he glues part of his outfit on the model. Tim rushes in to explain that gluing is against the rules. Poor Oliver. I just want to hug him, but I am afraid the beige is contagious.

Today there is- GASP!- no Nina. But they got stand in Zanna Robert Rossi and guest judge Kenneth Cole.

Now- on to the runway:
Forward thinking/Streets ahead.
  • Viktor's dress is white and teal and flowed nicely. I didn't find it exciting, but the way the material appeared did seem that he put a lot of work into it. 
  • Laura Kathleen's dress is a peach ruffled prom-ish dress meant to look like a "dusted fairy." It reminded me of this dress:

Chloe's dress/Laura's dress
  • Bryce put his model in a straight jacket. Terrible.
  • MoJo really toned down his wolf's outfit and presented a leather skirt and white shirt. Not that exciting. She looked like Victoria from Twilight (I know too much about Twilight. Ugh). 

  • Anthony Ryan's outfit is gorgeous compared to the others with what looks like paint strokes but is really strips of material. The high neck is similar to his birdseed dress and the hem is unfinished. 
  • Anya created a poofy curtain skirt with a feather top that looks similar to all the other tops she's made so far.
The judges' top three looks: Bronze Josh, Laura
My favorite looks: Anthony Ryan and Kimberly

The judges' bottom three looks: MoJo, Bert, Oliver
My least favorite looks: Bert, Bryce and Bronze Josh

The winner is Anthony Ryan! The bottom three are Bert, MoJo and Oliver. Heidi quickly tells Bert, "you're lucky I liked your look - you're in," leaving Oliver and MoJo in the bottom. Oliver gets ripped for being boring and sad, but luckily he's in and poor MoJo is out [not of the closet].

Line of the night: Viktor's: "It looks like Carmen Miranda and a vampire." That's a movie I'd watch.

Did they realize this episode was pretty boring and decide to have Viktor comment on everything to try to liven it up? Did you love when he clarified "warrior" vs "worrier" so they wouldn't have to use subtitles? Why did Kimberly start out soooo hilarious and kind of fade into the background personality wise? Was anyone else happy that Anthony Ryan finally won? And do you think MoJo is a closeted......Twilight fan?

Next week: another group challenge. Boo.


  1. This episode was boring. I nearly fell asleep like Heidi did when talking about Oliver's bland clothes. She was right about the colors that he did add being "sad". They were the same blue and yellow that are on the comforter I had when I lived the dorms.

    If MoJo is a Twilight fan he's probably not closeted. He should take solace in knowing that while he will never have two wives, he'll at least have lost Project Runway twice in one season.

    Why _do_ you know so much about Twilight?

    - Warrior Jimbo

  2. 1) Tim running after the dog was way cute. It made me giggle.
    2) You missed the FUNNIEST moment of the show. When they have to sketch their designs before going to Mood, Oliver is looking super usual. Then he says something like, "I'm so confused" and they pan down to him holding colored pencils. Not a single one of them beige. Baaahahahaha!
    3) I like "MoJo" as a nickname. Does that make Bronze Josh's name "BroJo?"
    4) Becky's dress turned out much better than what it was when she talked to Tim. Maybe BroJo really did help her out last week. ;-)
    5) Victoria from Twilight has GREAT hair. If only it was brown.
    6) I think Kimberly will come back out of her shell. It's just not her time yet.
    7) Next week's episode looked drama-filled.

  3. Sorry I wasn't happy about AR's win...and Bronze Josh needs a throat punch and some dry shampoo. Also I LOVED Tim chasing Swatch!

  4. yeah i need to figure out who i want to win at this point. i want bert to go far to reignite his career. i want oliver around because he's so odd.
    not quite sure who is my favorite.

    @jacq - i need to go back and see that part with oliver! i totally missed it!