Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Handsome Men of Fall TV

Is it bad that I
Choose my shows based on the men
who have starring roles?

Of course it isn't! I don't actually choose shows based on hot guys, but I can't complain about a lack of handsome men who happen to star in shows I will be watching this fall. The first new show I'll be watching is New Girl. Zooey Deschanel is really adorable and I love that her character is a big old geek. The pilot was on Hulu and is funny, entertaining and has heart. Plus, the hot cop from Veronica Mars is on it (by the end of the episode I was in love with the other roommate Nick) and the character has some weird obsession with taking his shirt off. I am ok with that.
The second new show I'll be picking up is Grimm. All because of David Guintoli. He is beautiful. Plus, as far as fantasy/fairy tale type shows, this one sounds better to me than Once Upon A Time on ABC.
The other plus to this is it comes on after Chuck - one of my favorite shows and starring another handsome man, Zachary Levi. I really hope he gets more TV/movie work once Chuck ends its run. Cause I'll miss him.
I'll give Up All Night a shot mostly because of the its three stars: Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett. Is there anything more attractive than a funny, funny man like the original Hot Cop, Will Arnett? Maybe a funny man who can also cook? He probably can.
And of course, I cannot wait for Parks and Recreation starring possibly my favorite handsome man Ron F&*#%@ing Swanson (Nick Offerman):

I know this is only a handful of the hot guys on tv, so who is your favorite handsome man? Have you ever watched a tv show just because of one attractive cast member (I watched All My Children for awhile for Josh Duhamel)? What new shows are you planning to watch this fall?


  1. Person of Interest for Michael Emerson.

  2. Michael Emerson AND Jim Cavizel!