Monday, July 16, 2012

Breaking Bad: Live Free or Die

This won’t be a full recap because I was busy eating Breaking Bad themed food (Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken, Heisenburgers, ABBQ potato chips, Jesse Pink Lemonade etc) and drinking lots of wine to help ease my nerves – this show is intense – so here are just some of my thoughts about last night’s episode of Breaking Bad, “Live Free or Die.”

  • Did Walt’s fake ID have his real birthday on it? Cause that’s weird.
  •  Holy shit WHY does Walt need a machine gun?
  • I really liked Walt's new glasses.
  • On Walt’s 52nd birthday he’s alone, eating breakfast (seriously, no Walt Jr?!) and not wearing his wedding ring which he has never take off, not even when Skylar was screwing Ted. If Skyler were to die, I don’t think he’d take it off. I’m guessing she’s plotting her escape. This is very Katie Holmes-esque. (I guess if he's pretending to be a single guy, Mr. Lambert, he can't wear his ring?)
  • Speaking of Ted, how scary was that scene when Skylar walked in and all we could see was her reaction. Why didn’t Saul ever tell her that he hadn’t died?
  •  Mike really does love Jesse. In the dessert, when Jesse jumped in front of the gun and Mike went “oh, Jesse” it was very apparent. I only worry that Mike will be the one that puts together that Walt poisoned Brock and have to break it to Jesse. While I think Mike would enjoy that, I think he’d know it would break Jesse’s already wounded heart.
  • How did Walt/Jesse end up meeting up with Mike in the desert? I felt like the episode skipped a lot to get to that point.
  •  Magnets ARE awesome and kudos to Jesse for being the smartest guy in the room.
  • That entire scene was so cool – stuff flying, the truck tipping over. Why is Breaking Bad so cool?
Walt's inspiration.
  • Every so often I’m reminded that Jesse really is just a simple sweet guy. He wasn’t angry that Walt didn’t stop upping the magnet’s power, or that because Walt didn’t listen to him they almost got caught, he was just happy that it worked and that they were on their way out of there.
  •  How on earth are they not going to trace the truck and the magnet back to Mr. Heckles’s junk yard?
  • Poor Walt, he comes up with a brilliant plan and ends up uncovering more evidence for the cops. How can the Cayman Islands accounts tie back to Walt? Not sure right now, but I’m thinking Madrigal industries will show up soon.
  •  “I forgive you.”AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

What did you think??


  1. Didn't Walt have his 50th birthday in season one or two? I think he did. So not alot of time has not gone by for him to be enjoying that Denny's meal. Also, in the bathroom with that man he passed cash to, he coughed and took pills, he's not doing chemo anymore. So a lot has happened, I didn't notice the ring gone, good catch detective Renee. The gun reminded me of the Sopranos' final season when Tony has a huge gun to protect himself from those coming for him. Mike The Fixer is a funny loving man. Whenever there is a 'Miller Time' reference, yeah, you're cool. Also, nice mention of the Dave Clark Five band on his phone call. Ted in the hospital, ugh, so many problems to add-on. Does Walt kill him?? I think so. I really liked this one for an opener. We had pollo ala thai for dinner ourselves :)

  2. An interesting ep not mind blowing, at least not for me. Things that made laugh: Hank in the MOPP gear all limpy to look at the lab and then since he is the worlds greatest cops says "think that might have been a camera" HES A GENIUS!! My other thoughts: I just stayed frozen when he said "I forgive you" awesome moment! Walt is kind of a mess right now hes taking big risks which is gonna lead up to something crazy if he needs that kind of gun. And for Jesse..magnets rule!!!

  3. @Ray - he turned 50 in the pilot with his veggie bacon in the shape of a "50" on his plate. Agree Patty- not mind blowing but i always think the sum is greater than it's parts on this show. It's all gonna lead to something. the scene where they went into the meth lab in their gear reminded me of something that couldve been in any outer space movie. The magnet scenes were the best. Yay science!

  4. @Patty, yes, he is a genius...yet I want him to fail and not figure it out. I think they will let though (the writers). Walt will end Ted, he thinks Skyler is naive. Magnets!

    @Renee, yes! I knew I remembered something with regards to his birthday. Again....bacon can be used in many ways.

  5. TRE, what was in your viewing kit? That whole "I forgive you" thing was creeptastic. It instantly raised the question: what if you DIDN'T forgive her, Walt? What then? Would you kill your own wife? No, really. I mean, do it. Please kill your own wife. Bitch drives me crazy. Forgiveness is overrated.

    I like that they started at some point in the future. It's kind of like a tease that even though he might get out of this pickle, there's a much bigger pickle coming that requires a freakin' trip to New Hampshire of all places. That's some serious shit.

    I'm thinking Gus (who, btw, plays a gay ex-husband in Waiting to Exhale) sent backup dvds of the camera footage to his Cayman account.