Monday, December 17, 2012

Gossip Girl: New York, I Love You XOXOX

The final Gossip Girl was on tonight. I have so many emotions: sadness, grief, relief, happiness...I'm almost as confused as Nate usually is. But really, what a fun (albeit frustrating) ride this has been. Gossip Girl I love(/hate) you, xoxox.

The most Gossip Girliest moments from the finale:

  • Nate refuses to let Sage speak with the police because she's a minor. Her minor status does not stop him from sleeping with her. 
  • What is up with the stilted way Hep C Jack is holding his tea tray? Best line: "I have terrible news: Bart's dead." I laughed way too hard at that.
  • Dan's great face when Serena walks in. You know he's wondering where she gets all her clothes that highlight her boobs in the same way each week.
  • I can't imagine this is the proposal/wedding scenario that Chair fans wanted but I think they're probably happy with the fact their beloved Chuck and Blair are going to be together. But really? A proposal in front of the guy you were basically sold to? Blair, I am ashamed.
  • Of course Lily would stop in plain sight of the paparazzi while hugging/touching William. 
  • So far no Rufus. But we've heard Jenny's and Eric's names. 
  • Blair's dress IS perfection. As is her hair and her head piece. SO much better than when she married Prince Louis (remember that awful hair - ugh).
  • This whole thing about Dan's orgins as gossip girl is kind of hilarious. Flashback Chuck is purrrrfection.
  • "Is Dan here as your date?" No, Blair. People didn't have time to get a date for your wedding. 
  • When Nate figures out that Dan must be gossip girl while eavesdropping on the two young girls, my heart fluttered a second. Carrie Matthison would be proud.
  • Blair's way too quick wedding was sweet. Nice call back with the "One word. Three letters. Yes."
  • Side note: Rosie Larson is alive - on the Carrie Diaries.
  • Vanessa sighting! Making a freaking peanut butter sandwich.
  • Kristen Bell!!!! AND Rachel Bilson. Too much adorable. 
  • All the flashbacks make me feel so old. They were all babies.
  • Dan IS Gossip Girl. He is the only one who owns a hoodie. Jenny knew it was Dan and basically created her leaving NYC, which is actually a good way to explain her leaving. 
  • Rufus sighting! Followed by a semi-nice father son talk but no waffles.
  • Nate never sent in a tip. Nate's an angel. His eyebrows are his wings.
  • This in conversation about who they all thought gossip girl was is making me very very happy. Dorota, Rufus, Nate....all people I too wished it would have been.
  • So now they are all grown up. Nate is about to be a mayoral candidate (HAHAHAHA but makes sense based on all the adults on this show), Henry Bass is super duper adorable, Blair and Chuck are living happily together, Rufus got new glasses and married Lisa Loeb, Jenny still wears crappy eyeliner and has terrible hair, Olivia and Lola are starting in an award winning movie based on Ivy's life, Lily is back with William [I'm a little shocked but happy that she and Rufus didn't end up together], Georgina is with Jack (I'd watch that spin off), AND Serena picked the most god-awful wedding dress I've ever seen. Just as expected.  
Oh, Gossip Girl. I think this was a pretty great finale for the show that it was. I will miss the clothes and the cheese [that I ate during the show]. My only disappointment is that it didn't end on a close up of Dan's face with him going "You know you love me, XOXO" fade to black.  I hope for great careers for Leighton Meester and Penn Badgely (ok and the rest of them). I guess now I need to go back to writing about other shows. 


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  1. Your ending close up would have been hilarious! Also, did you catch William say it's a Lifetime movie called Nobody Gives a Damn: The Ivy Dickens Story. Amazing writing. Amazing.