Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Season Finales: Dexter and Homeland

Sunday night Showtime
Had two season finales
"Oh God," but no Boom

Oh Dexer. It hurts me to write that I give this season a mighty thumbs down. I feel bad blaming Colin Hanks, so instead I'll blame the person who cast him in the role of DDK [Dooms Day Killer not Daniel Dae Kim]. His mad face just wasn't mad enough in my opinion.

This baby did it better.

The finale was a mesh of odd things. Dexter is saved by a boat of people immigrating illegally. He kills a guy trying to rob everyone on the boat. He exits the water and immediately asks someone to borrow their phone? Wouldn't they be calling the cops on the group of people who just emerged from the water? The cops find the house of the couple who Travis/DDK killed, but didn't go in because they were waiting for....the blood splatter analyst? What? Oh yeah - there's a giant painting of Dexter on the wall so of course they couldn't stumble upon that. Sigh.

Well isn't that convenient. 

I did love that Dexter's killing clothes also happened to be his Papa Lion outfit. "I guess I'll wear a brown henley."  Why isn't that what Travis changed into when he ransacked Dexter's closet? I'd think that's all Dexter has in there. Harrison was so adorable until they put on the scary lion masks. His wave to Jamie made me really happy. I think I waved back.

Deb tells Dexter she loves him. He tells her, "I love you" back. He's not wearing a shirt (second best moment of the night). She excitedly tells her therapist/incestuous feelings coach that she told him she loved him, he returned the sentiment, but that he didnt realize she meant in love with him. Tiny victories!

Bautista tells Quinn he's having him transferred cause he's a bum. Quinn finds out from the union that as long as he seeks help, he can't be transferred. Homicide is his life, yo. I hope this lame storyline and Quinn finding him love of detective work again ties into next season, cause if not I'll be even more annoyed. What a waste. On the roof, there was a long close up of Quinn and I thought, "I hope DDK kills him!" But alas, that didn't happen.

Speaking of people who did nothing: What was the point of Anderson this season? Poor guy. He was supposed to be this amazing detective and he really didn't do much. Another waste.

So at the climax of the episode, Dexter is talking way too much ("I'm a father. A son. A serial killer!" bwahaha - dumb) as he has Travis saran wrapped down on the altar of the church. In walks Deb. She watches as Dexter takes that final stab to the heart he loves so much. "Oops."  "Oh God." Dexter says as he sees her. Fade to black and now we have to wait.

I am very much so looking forward to next season. Usually they leave things with a good solid end but this time we're left with three hanging chads: 1) Deb loves Dexter in a dirty way, 2) Deb gets to deal with the realization that her new love/non-biological brother, Dexter, is a perfect blend of all her exes: A serial killer who works with the police, and 3) There's a hand just hanging out on Dexter's fridge waiting to be discovered.

I also think little baby Harrison is adorable. I hope he's dressed as the lion all next season.

I think it will be a good season.

Homeland on the other hand was a show I did not want to get invested in. I know this is a terrible reason for wanting to avoid it, but I think both Claire Danes and Damian Lewis have weird mouths. Yes, my mouth is probably weirder than both of theirs but still, I try to find ridiculous reasons to not add new shows (and hang on to dumb things like Gossip Girl [I love you Gossip Girl xoxo]). I ended up catching up on Homeland via Showtime's amazing on demand (they have EVERYTHING on there!). I instantly got hooked on the drama of the show. I freaked out with Carrie intentionally bumped into Brody. Freaked out more when she busted herself by inadvertently revealing she'd been watching him by announcing she didn't have his specific tea after their night at her cabin. I freaked out when she went full on non-medicated and started looking like an extra from The Walking Dead. I was very excited for last night's finale. When I saw the preview that led viewers to believe that Brody was gonna go ka-blooey, I knew there had to be more.

Hey! I looked like a zombie too!

What happened was a super intense hour with Carrie off her rocker and Brody coming to the point of trying to kill everyone (and in his mind it was revenge for the killing of 83 innocent children). Things didn't work out for Brody - faulty electronics, and a heart wrenching call from his daughter, Dana - but his plan has become larger in scope now that he's running for office. "Why kill a man when you can kill an idea?" he asked Nazir. My response was cause that would have been the non-safe route for the tv show to take. I did like that they had Carrie undergo shock treatment. I thought that was ballsy. It will be interesting to see how they continue her story. Will she wake up as Temple Grandin? Probably not. I thought Claire Danes did an excellent job in her scene when she explained that this was her option now. She knew she needed this, and was defeated in that knowledge. It was sad.

So, what did you think of Showtime's night of finales?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Breaking Bad got Snubbed.

What an awful day
Aaron Paul got left out and
Breaking Bad got snubbed.

What the hell?! The Hollywood Foreign Press is surely drinking too much if they left Breaking Bad out of television's Best Drama nominees.

Here's what Jesse Pinkman has to say to the decision makers:

Tyrus threw his trademark, "Bitch, please" look:

And Bryan Cranston was sad that his costars, Giancarlo Esposito and Aaron Paul, were dissed too:

Oh well. Good luck to Bryan Cranston. 

For a complete list of nominations click here.

UPDATE: My favorite recapper from bestweekever.tv, Dan Hopper, was equally sad about the snub: http://www.bestweekever.tv/2011-12-15/breaking-bad-didnt-get-nominated-for-a-golden-globe-but-kelsey-grammers-boss-did-so-bye-everybody/  [My friends that watch Boss say it's good though.]

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dexter: Talk to the Hand

Wormwood is foiled
Dexter once again escapes
Deb has a nightmare.

I don't normally do a Dexter recap - and this isn't a complete one, but I had a few thoughts on last night's Dexter and really this whole season.

One thing that's always bugged me about Dexter (minus the first season- but I may not have been paying enough attention) is that he's so stupid sometimes. I can't watch Weeds anymore because Nancy Botwin continues to do stupid things and Dexter is getting to that point. He does things that are as blatant as Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of bread crumbs behind. This season alone he's: let Travis see his face, hung out with Travis multiple times, and rented a motel room for Travis. In the last two episodes he's: called 911 without disguising his voice, searched for Doomsday Adam on his work computer then failed to close the browser window when thwarting Wormood then lied about how he knew she was a threat ["Why you lie?!"], sent Travis a video of himself on his cell phone. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

DDK/Travis/The Ghost of Dr. Ross Gellar is so lame. Collin Hanks was poorly cast (he's a good actor, just doesn't fit the role). The writing for the killer is neat - body parts sewn on mannequins, a Carrie-esque blood bath, the angel wings and locus  - but something has still managed to fall flat about DDK.  This week he killed two more innocent people (but let the cat and Bautisa live) and managed to keep his paint set with him. I think he has a Batman utility belt.  I find it especially interesting that he managed to have enough paint to cover that giant wall and happened to have the right colors to make it dark and scary. I liked that he originally painted a random dude's face and then went back and changed it to Dexter. Much more time must have passed than I realized.

Deb's also going nuts. She's possibly in love with her [not biological] brother. It's gross. Even for a dream. Today I had thai and they asked if I wanted chop sticks and I passed for fear I'd dream I made out with my non existing brother tonight. She need someone to shake her. I will pretend that her therapist Incepted her and made that dream happen. Kudos to Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter for being divorced and still doing a great job with this storyline.

The previews for next week's season finale look great. Travis gets poor baby Harrison. Jamie will probably might die which could lead to more hate between Bautisa and Quinn (had Quinn been not wasted Travis may not have gotten away). I am hoping that the final shot of this season will be Dexter receiving the now written on hand from Louis (Lewis?). If Louis is the big bad next season, Dexter is surely going to get found out. They've said that there will only be two more seasons of Dexter and that the end game is in play now - so it's got to tie back to all the Ice Truck Killer mentions this season. I'll be very excited for that since season 1 has by far been my favorite season. I'd love it if Dexter came full circle. Maybe it will end with Dexter's body found, drained of blood, in a motel swimming pool?

What do you think is going to happen on the finale? What's Louis's game? Is Jamie in for? How sad are the lives of Miami PD - they've seriously had to deal with so many deaths over the last few years?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gossip Girl: Riding in Town Cars with Boys

An engagement ends?
Lonely boy is still lonely
A scary car crash!

I never got around to posting on last week's disco extravaganza but I will include some quick thoughts (really texts) that I shared with my friends and that they shared with me:

I cannot wait for you to see Rufus's necklace.
Serena's first dress = unflattering as hell.
They made a Farrah Fawcett's dead joke?!?!
Why is Blair dressed as Zooey Deschanel?
Where did Max bake the cake?
OMG The Dancing!!!
Oh Serena's hair.

Chaka Khan't.

Poor Dan. He gets a story line worse than a studio 54 party for a grandma.
And Nate as a hard hitting journalist? Just no.

That was that. This week the saga continued. Lily decided to host a coming out party [I know that's not what it's called] for Charlie and planned it over a breakfast that poor Dan had to sit through.

"Kill me now."
Serena said, "Waffles, a new job and a party!" I too would be excited about that. Especially the waffles.

Dan is sad, even though his book has taken off again, and ponders the, "appeal of heroin or womanizing." If he continues to look like he is on heroin (as he has this season), he won't be able to womanize anything. I am also holding out for a Dan/Nate love story. Just cause.

Down the road, Chuck and Nate are enjoying a light breakfast while chatting about their newfound fancy and legit lives. Nate discusses something I find boring but Chuck really likes. He likes it so much he tells Nate: "It's a bold move, Nathaniel - I'm almost aroused." There are pills to help you be fully aroused, Chuck, but I'm sure you know that.

Half boner.

I'm ceramic.
They notice that the latest printed news on Blair is that she hasn't been seen with Prince Louis for weeks! Chuck blows this off since it must be, "lies made up to sell newspapers to women who collect ceramic cats." Lucky Cat throws the side eye:

Some stuff happened in the middle of the episode with Nate, the Congressman, and Nate's dad. I don't know if it's that I can't follow along or that I just don't care about this storyline. Max shows up and says: "Charlie is Ivy!" Nate responds, "I don't believe you!" and Max gives up and walks away. He is awful at exposing lies. Later he approaches the Congressman to make some sort of deal that once again I don't care about. Why do they keep casting non-extremely attractive men as guest stars? Cause I guess he's ok looking. He's just not CW standard.

Since Blair is being watched like a hawk by the paparazzi, she's decided to become a shut-in. Luckily for us, Dorota is around to put her in her place and say things like, "Need to marry Louis to be a princess." Touche.

One pap finds a way to get into her house so she decides she needs to escape the UES. It just so happens that with Rufus's nudging, Dan has decided to tell Blair how he feels. He calls and she invites herself over. Awww. Could it be? Could Dair FINALLY be happening?

Find out if it is after the JUMP!