Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breaking Bad: Salud

Walt has a moment
Jesse's sold to Mexico
Gustavo is king!

I guess if there was an episode to not miss live and to actually write a long recap for this would be it. But sadly I watched it late and gonna have to write a quick recap. This episode was: A-mazing! Bryan Cranston put in his bid for a fourth Emmy for his breakdown and Gus has quickly jumped in rank of bad ass mother f-ers on tv shows (I'd say Sayid Jarrah - he killed someone WITH HIS FEET! - is up there too).

Here's my quick recap (mostly pictures):

The three amigos travel to Mexico so Jesse can teach the cartel how to make Walt's magical meth. Gus takes along a gift that is neither 1) Gwyneth Paltrow's head or 2) a bomb.

When they arrive at the Mexican lab, Jesse gets dissed for not being a real chemist. As the Mexican (although his English sounded like it had a tinge of a British accent) head chemist says: Any sophomore chemistry student can do it [synthesize phenylacetic acid] and I realize this guy has never been to my high school. But what he forgot is even though Jesse can't do that, he can still make the best meth around. Jesse gets pissed and talks about how dirty their lab is. Gus is loving it and gives the biggest smile he's ever given outside of the Chicken Shack  Los Pollos Hermanos:

This is my happy face.
Mike loves it too:

This is mine!
Jesse makes the meth as everyone watches (and someone films - will this be on youtube?) and he scores an A by creating meth that's 96.2% pure. At this point, Mexican Eric Bana fill Jesse in: you belong to the cartel now. Jesse is not happy:
An Original Lifetime Movie: Sold to Mexico - The Jesse Pinkman Story
Walt Jr. gets a PT Cruiser for his birthday, which he is less than thrilled about. He then cruises it over to Walt's place (since he missed the birthday pancakes, which is what I too would've asked for) and gets his real birthday present:

He invites Junior in and has to explain/lie about what happened to his face. He blames a fight from gambling, but has an honest moment where he breaks down, cries and admits he made a mistake. It's actually really, really sad. 
He has the best face wrinkles.
After his breakdown in front of Junior, Junior helps him into bed and Walt calls him, "Jesse" while half conscious. Awkward.

The next morning Walt wakes up and Junior is still there. Walk gives a very long monologue about his own father and how he wants to make sure that the memories Junior has of him [is this a hint that Walt is still sick?] are not based on the night before. Junior then throws it back and calls him out on his behavior over the last year and says at least last night he was "real." When Junior leaves Mr. Bitch Please is back and reminds him he needs to be back in the lab. Sigh. I'd be pissed if my boss sent someone to my house every morning, "shouldn't you be leaving now?"

Back in Mexico, The Three Amigos are at Don Eladio's house. Gus takes some mysterious pills as he stands by the pool where his old chemist got killed by. Don Eladio comes out and he and Gus then they awkwardly hug it out. 
It's like hugging Voldemort.
Don Eladio meets Jesse and praises his cooking skills. He then sees the gift and opens it. It's a bottle of fancy tequila! Yay tequila! Everyone gets a shot, minus the body guards - I guess they need to be on their game at all times - and Gus quickly takes Jesse's away. He explains to Don Eladio that Jesse is an addict and needs to be sober to cook. Don Eladio smartly watched Gus take his drink first, and then everyone there partakes. The mood changes and it's pachanga time. They get some "chicas" to come over and I realize that I never knew that word either meant "whores" or "ladies with bad taste in bathing suits." 

This has to be uncomfortable.

Gus sits pensively near the pool where his old friend [lover?] died. He then excuses himself to go to the restroom and very meticulously removes his glasses, turns on the water, opens the toilet seat, and forces himself to vomit out the poisoned tequila. 

2011: Year of the Vomit
By the time he comes back, everyone is pretty much dead. IT IS AMAZING. Since Mexican Eric Bana didn't drink, Mike piano wires him.

Weekend at Bernies.
As they escape, one strangler shoots at them and gets Mike. Jesse turns around and kill the straggler. Gus is starting to feel the effects of the poison he did ingest. Neither Mke nor Gus is in good shape as Jesse drives them on their way to escape.

Oh, this also happened: Skylar decided to get Saul to give Ted over $600,000 from a fake old aunt. Idiot 2, Ted, immediately spends the money on a fancy car (not a PT Cruiser) and when Idiot 1, Sklyar, finds out she rushed over and criticizes him until it comes out that the money came from her. Why do I get the feeling that Ted's done for?

Also, Saul's kinda the best - for wearing this:

Special award for who ever it was that realized a sheet would do this on a bloody forehead:

Give the make-up person an Emmy too.
Salud means "to health" and in this case - drink to someone's health, but today must've been opposite day! Since it's been at least a year since the show began, I wonder what Walt did for his last birthday. Did it happen last season and I just don't remember? RJ Mitte was exceptional in this episode - playing a concerned son. His teary eyes were contagious.

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  1. In regards to the... "whores" or "ladies with bad taste in bathing suits." comment:
    If looking smokin hot is considered in bad taste ...count me in.
    Gotta love that highschool mentality of the hot chick automatically being a whore.
    Im sure that hasn't contributed to a girls insecurity issues.