Friday, September 16, 2011

Project Runway: What Women Want

Quick thoughts on the ep
How stupid was this challenge?
Olivier is safe!

I'm off doing family stuff so was only able to quickly watch the episode last night. Here are some quick thoughts (and sorry no screen shots!):
  • Why were the editors trying to make me think Olivier was going to go home? I was actually nervous. His bouts of anger (or whatever you want to call his lack of emoting) were really cute as well as his confustion about boobs. I clapped when he ended up being safe. I still don't know why I love him so much
  • Wasn't this challenge dumb? We're supposed to believe that the men were the only ones to give input, but the women had just as much - and in some cases more - say in the finished product.
  • I was upset they seemed to judge BroJo based on the fact that he edited his style so much and not based purely on the garment. I think Viktor was robbed. His outfit was adorable and perfect for his model.
  • Can someone explain how the hell Anya's outfit was at the top? That was an ugly mess.
  • I'm not at all sad that Bryce and his awful lip piercing are gone. Each time he was on screen I wanted him to wipe his lip. Also, he said at the end he was going to go listen to Gaga and crate a kick ass collection. I saw his fashion week collection (the top nine all got to present) and I was not that impressed. Those looks are way too tame for Gaga. Maybe Bryce needs some other form of inspiration.
What do you think? Did the right designer go home? Are you as tired of Anya's designs as I am? Were you a little scare that they might sent Anthony Ryan home just to be shocking?


  1. I was super unimpressed with Olivier today. What an ass. He may be shy and beige, but also super arrogant. I want to slap his face and make him cry. Is that why people think I'm mean?

  2. I would LOVE it if you slapped Oliver. I can just imagine his reaction - super angry but somehow without emotion.