Monday, September 26, 2011

Breaking Bad: Crawl Space

Jesse and Gus flee
Skylar's secret is unveiled
Walt is super screwed

It's been a long week for me waiting for this week's episode of Breaking Bad. We left off with Jesse trying to save a bleeding Mike and a poisoned Gus while in the Middle-of-Freaking-Nowhere, Mexico. Walt had a moment of reality setting in, and Skylar was off being stupid and possibly putting Ted in peril (does that bother anyone?).

This week opens up in a hospital with people prepping for surgery. Scratch that - they aren't in a hospital - they are in the middle of nowhere with a pre-arranged set up. Unfortunately, they were only prepared for Gus being sick - not Mike. Jesse walks Mike in - who is gushing blood - and yells that he needs help. No one cares cause Gus is the important one. Also, cause Mike lives through everything.

Walt is in the lab being watched closely by Tyrus. So closely that Tyrus notices a slight error in Walt's weighing skills. Walt says if Jesse is gone then he's done. I guess his talk with Junior knocked some sense into him, or Jesse knocked some sense into him when he beat his ass. Walt mentions that Hank is bugging him about going to the factory and he thinks he should be the one to take him but isn't sure. Tyrus is no help at all.

This is the one face I make. Good thing it's awesome.
I guess he either got his answer or didn't wait cause the next thing we see if that Walt and Hank are spying on the factory. In their small talk, Hank mentions there was a big play in Mexico - lots of bodies. He then asks about Walt's black and blue face: "If you are in over your head on something don't you think I might be the guy to come talk to?" But stubborn Walt doesn't want to talk about it, "I'm done explaining myself." The rest of the spying trip had to be awkward after that.

Read about what happened next - after the JUMP!

At the fake hospital, Jesse notices that Mike needs more blood. He gets directed to a fridge where he sees that they were prepared with enough blood for Mike, Gus and Jesse himself. Dr. Man gives Jesse a run down on his medical history - things Jesse didn't even know about himself. Side note, Jesse is A-, like me, which is relatively rare. I feel special. Meticulous Gus thought of everything. Gus is up and walking and ready to go. Mike is stuck in Mexico for at least another week. Jesse really doesn't want to leave Mike behind. The pimento sandwich dates helped Mike earn a soft spot in Jesse's heart.
Longing: A new fragrance by Jesse Pinkman.
Ted's been calling Skylar and finally leaves a message saying he can't "do it". He's decided to give the money back to Skylar - with a check written directly to her. He doesn't want to use dirty money to pay off his debts (but he didn't mind keeping a chunk of it for his flashy car). Ted is stupid. Skylar explains that if they look into her and find out that the car wash was bought with "gambling money" she and Walt will end up in jail - where Ted will already be. He refuses to pay the IRS. The slogan "Better call Saul" pops directly into her head - so she does. Ted =  as good as dead.

Gus and Jesse are stuck walking - 6 miles to Texas. Gus says that he thinks Jesse can run the lab by himself now. Jesse, despite Walt's paranoia and their knock down drag out fight, is nice enough to ask Gus to spare Walt's life: "Let Mr. White go. Pay him off or fire him. Don't kill him." "You know that won't work." "Then you've got a problem." Now Jesse is left with an awkward trip back to ABQ. So much sexual tension in this episode.
Gus and Jesse get back to ABQ really quickly and Gus goes to visit our favorite bell ringing Tio, Hector. He uses Don Eladio's CBS logo chain to hypnotize Hector medallion chain (protector?) to rub everyone's death in his face. He then explains that Jesse is the one who killed his nephew Joaquin. Hector still refuses to look at Gus in the face.

You WILL watch The Mentalist.
Walt take Hank out again - mostly to try and pry about what happened in Mexico. Hank surprises Walt by asking Walt to drive by the laundry place that is above the lab. Walt does his best "oh, what, why that's a terrible idea!" to try and dissuade Hank from driving by. Hank then tells Walt everything: the air filter, Madrigal Industries, Gale Boetticher signing for the filtration system. Walt freaks. He passes the entrance and then hits a truck. Cause that doesn't at all seem suspicious. Poor Hank is now back in bed.

Marie! Where are my minerals?
Marie does something that I'm sure Walt wants to hug her for. She says no more Adventures of Walt and Hank: Stakeout Kings. Hank though, has ordered a Tahoe with hand controls, which will help him get around on his own by next week.

So much for Ted being dead. He's not - yet. Saul sends over his A- Team: a man who looks JUST LIKE GRIMACE (probably the Face of this A-Team) and Dr. Owen Hunt a redhead (I'm sure the Mr. T character).
The A-Team!
They tell him he needs to write a check to the IRS. Ted tries to escape and freaking trips on a rug, hits his head and DIES. Soooooo, not really the death I expected, but nonetheless dead.


Walt is now being brought into the lab via dirty clothes basket - how very Lucille Ball of him. Once in the lab he realizes that someone cooked in the lab without him. Jesse's back! Walt tracks him down at his house and tells Jesse what he already knows: Gus is using him as a replacement. Walt asks for help and Jesse reminds him what happened the last time the tables were turned:

Walt turns around and is immediately tasered by Tyrus. Ugh. This cannot be good. They drive him out to the middle of nowhere. "YOU ARE DONE," Gus instructs, "Fired. Stay away from Pinkman." Walt, who is too smart for his own good, immediately realizes that Gus can't kill him! Jesse won't cook if Mr. White ends up dead. Gus is also going to "deal with" Hank. In additions, IF Walt interferes, Gus will kill the following people: Skylar, Walt Jr and Holly.
Mama, don't let them kill me. I'm too cute.
Also, I don't know if it was CGI-ed OR if the director was just extremely lucky with the passing clouds, but this scene is amazing. The shadows from the clouds scan the scene perfectly. ABQ is really beautiful.

My next vacation spot. Gus included.
Walt storms into Saul's office asking for the help he offered last week to get him and his family out of town and protected. Saul gives Walt the number. He then asks for one more favor: let the DEA know that Gus has a hit out on Hank. He needs an hour to get home. Hank runs home and discovers that the $617,000 is missing (I really thought they had more money than that - but I guess they bought the car wash, the cars for Junior, and a $300 bottle of champagne). Skylar comes in, explains she gave the money to Ted. She realizes she eff-ed it up. Walt becomes delirious. Pulsing music plays in the background. The phone starts ringing. It's Marie. The DEA called that the cartel is coming after Hank again. Walt is still in hysterics, lying under the house. Gus will get you, my pretty, and your whole family too. Imagine the intensity of all of this happening with some pulsing loud music in the background and you have a super intense BB ending:

Other thoughts: Jesse Pinkman looked really hot in his henley shirt. Then even hotter when playing with his girlfriend's kid.
Did anyone else think that if only Ted had bought a rug liner he'd still be alive? Does anyone really think that frozen yogurt, while delicious, tastes anything like ice cream? Where can this show go from here? There are 2 more episodes this season and 16 remaining which may or may not be broken into two seasons. What do you think is going to happen?

I also forgot two things:
This is the first time we've seen Jesse happy all season.


  1. This episode had me on the edge of my seat! And then literally dancing in my seat during the techno BB Nightclub music while Walt cackled. My work computer doesn't let me sign in. :(

  2. ha ha... you just killed it for me! i didnt know there was 16 episodes left... now i know that walt will not die and he wont even go to jail for a while... anyways really awesome ma... except for the whole Jessie being hot thing... im hotter than he is... that is MY