Sunday, April 15, 2012

Justified: Season 1

Thanks to a co-worker, I just watched all of season 1 of Justified. It's a good show. I'd heard a lot about it, just never got around to watching. He's a hot US Marshall that wears a hat, and because of his quick to act trigger finger, ends up in his backwoods hometown full of meth addicts, reformed racists, criminals, current racists, and thousands of guns (seriously, everyone in this town owns about 4).

The best part of this show is Timothy Olyphant's face. That man is hot. He looks best without that hat (and really really good after getting his ass kicked) because he has amazing hair. Kudos to men with good, manly, hair. Cheers to you Raylan Givens. I'll be watching season 2 soon.

Do you watch? Do you love it? Are you glad Timothy Olyphant has aged so well?

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