Monday, April 9, 2012

Gossip Girl: It Girl, Interrupted

There will be Bass Blood - 
Chuck wears a sweatsuit onesie.
Farewell Prince Louis.

Welcome, welcome to this year's Hunger Games! What? It's not the Hunger Games? It's the Upper East Side you say? But why are people killing one another's It Girl status? In NYC that's the same as actual murder. And Serena is a Career Tribute. And Career Tributes can be a bitch. Here's a few of my thoughts: 
  • Chuck in the red sweatsuit! Best. Dressed. Of. The. Season. The. End.
  • Did anyone else notice Dan randomly yet adorably winking when Diana walked in the room when he was talking to Nate? I did. I also rewound it 5 times. 
  • Chuck paid the dowry. Very sweet. Very dangerous for Dair.
  • Blair's watercolor dress is gorgeous. Her tights not so much.
  • Serena is an idiot. If she really wanted the real Charlie Rhodes to get noticed she should've put her in an outfit that showed more skin that Serena's own summer wear.
  • I actually like Serena as Gossip Girl. Makes her more interesting.
  • Dan - don't call your current love and tell her about the amazing thing her ex-love did. Bad news. But, your hair looks a little better.
  • The GG voice over, "word is're gonna see a lot more of her" re: Lola. In other words she's gonna dress like a ho.
  • Serena: "You will surpass me as New York's IT girl in no time." Lola: "Oh no, Serena - no one can surpass you...especially not me." Uhhh, Blair did. A long time ago. Wasn't that a storyline? No? Maybe you're just not the viewer's IT girl anymore. I laughed when it turned out that Lola was "acting" that whole time.
  • Nate was doing so good then had to remind me how dumb he was.
  • I am soooo proud of Blair for calling Chuck out on his shit. Even if he was being genuine, I like that she assumed the worst of him. HE SOLD HER. Never forget.
  • Ha! Stupid Serena got played. Then Nate got caught on a really bad technicality. But I forgive him cause he's pretty.
  • We can't have Serena being the face of the Lola. Oh Gossip Girl Writers - you all are awesome.
  • Serena is a bitch: "these things come and go...i wouldn't get used to it." Girl, you created your own worst enemy. 
  • Elizabeth Hurley is really pretty. 
  • Wait - is Lily in JEANS?! And NO Rufus? Who is gonna make her waffles?
  • Dair. Awww, Dan is sweet. 
  • Serena = pathetic. 
In addition, I like that they've just gotten rid of the Prince. Who is gonna lisp "Blaaaihhr" anymore? So, what did you think? Is Serena headed for a sad existence? Is she already there? Is Chuck gonna come between Dan and Blair soon or will they have a little bit of happy time? And finally, where is Lily gonna get her waffles?

...and my favorite scene from There Will be Blood (minus "i've abandoned my child!" but plus a laugh):

Oscar-ed. Remember when Serena was on the phone with Daniel Day Lewis's people at the beginning of the season? Oh how the It Girl has fallen.


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  1. NY Mag recently pointed out that dowry is money paid BEFORE a marriage, while paying money to get out of one would be under pre-nup terms.

    I like English.

    Oh and Nate has now slept with two best friends (Serena/Blair), his best friend's mother (Diana) and half sisters (Serena/Charlie...why are people still calling her Lola if we know her name is Charlie?) All he needs is to sleep with Lily and he will have slept with all of Serena's female relations bc he probably slept with Cece while she was alive.

    Also, why does Nate need Diana as an investor? He's a fuckin' Archibald. I thought the whole point of this show was that these people are richer than ... why can't I finish this analogy?

    Last thing. The whole "Cece leaves it all to Ivy!" was interesting for a minute...right up until they told us it made no difference really, because these people don't need that money anyway because they're richer than _____. Then WHY did you introduce this as a plot point??? WASTE.