Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gossip Girl: Con-Heir

I fast forwarded
all but Dair, and the Jack Bass:
Hepatitis TWIST!

Man I missed Gossip Girl. I deleted the episode from my DVR so no pictures. I'm very behind on life (still) so this will be short and focus on the few things that stuck in my head:

  • I missed Nate's eyebrows. I think his powerbrows are what have helped him created a "reputable" news source.
  • Dan and Nate have a "be more like Don Draper" pact. LOVE THIS. Now all I want to do is play the game of "Who on GG would be each character on Mad Men?" Suggestions welcome in the comment section (like people actually leave comments). First suggestion: Don = Fake Ivy? Stolen identities! Too bad she sucks so much. Ugh. Ignore that.
  • Dan is not following the pact that well - if he were, his hair would be better.
  • Blair showing up in sexy lingerie to Dan's place at the beginning of the episode was one of the funniest things I've seen on GG. Unfortunately, her bad hair ruined it. Later in the episode, her hair made a comeback - two low buns somehow managed to look amazing. 
  • Rufus made WAFFLES again!
  • There's some storyline about Ivy-William-Charlie-Will (as in CeeCee's last will and testament) that I don't care about.
  • Cocktail parties cost upwards of $36,000?! My personal cocktail parties usually cost the same as 2 bottles of cheap grocery store wine.
  • Lily's coat at the party was HUGE. But I liked it.
  • Serena is still an idiot.
  • Jack Bass came to town. How great is he? Chuck wanted to repay him for saving his life (at least that's what Chuck thought) when Lily called him about Chuck being in the hospital needing blood. Now here's where quite possibly my FAVORITE Gossip Girl plot device starts. Chuck starts to suspect Jack is not being truthful so he goes to the hospital and speaks with a nurse (?). She falls for the whole "hey look - brad pitt!" line, dashes off to grope him, and Chuck gets to view Jack's medical records. This is when Chuck finds out that Jack. Has. Hepatitis. C. 

  • As we've all suspected, Diana has got to be Chuck's real mom [this has yet to be officially confirmed]. The accents and pouting lips gave it away. Not as exciting of a twist as HEPATITIS.
  • The Dair story was super cute and cheesy. They'd been trying to consummate their relationship for awhile but kept getting steered off course. They FINALLY get to do it (which involved Blair's portable champagne glasses?) and it's terrible. They both lie, leave then get wasted. They then drunkenly and very hotly get it on in an elevator. As my friend texted, "aren't there cameras in elevators?" Yes. But I'll let this one pass. Besides, I'm still dealing with the fact that Jack has HEPATITIS.
  • Dair have great chemistry. I guess I might still care about "Chair" but Chuck has just become such a sad character. Ed Westwick has said in interviews that he's disappointed with the way his character has  changes and I suggest killing him off. The last and final season can be everyone dealing with his death and wearing too short skirts and sequins.
  • Dan wore lots of plaid this week. I guess he always does (Brooklyn, yo!) but it was more noticeable next to Blair's lovely clothing.
So, what did you think of this week's episode? Are you now a Dair shipper? Has any other show made hepatitis c a major plot point before? 

[Side note - Hepatitis C is not funny, nor did I think the storyline was funny. It was just so absurd for GG.]

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  1. Hep C is hilarious. Wat you talkin' bout, yo?

    I can't contribute to the Mad Men characters game. Yo no watcho Hombres Enojados.

    I've said this to you before but I want it on record for the blog: Diana as Chuck's mom will be a disgusting reveal. She's slept with NATE! Gross with a side of ewww!