Monday, April 30, 2012

Gossip Girl: Raiders of the Lost Art

Double crossing, secret day planner, codes and twists(!) are abound in this week's Gossip Girl. My thoughts:
  • I'm very surprised Dorota hasn't yet discovered Serena is Gossip Girl. Why isn't she nosey?
  • The intel Nate stole was....a day planner? Boo. I thought it was the lost ark.
  • Nate changed his mind so quickly to believing that Serena is Gossip Girl...I'm annoyed - then he offers Lola pancakes. I'm in love again. AND HE MADE THEM FOR HER! Double swoon [swoon swoon]
  • OGB- Original Gangsta Blair. 
  • Alessandra is still one of  my least favorite characters. Blech. She was only semi interesting when she slept with Chuck. I guess that's why they always out her in brown.
  • Blair decides to help Chuck decipher a code. I like this episode so far. Intrigue. Ooooh.
  • I love how on GG the characters always seem to explain everything for us watchers - I think mostly for Nate's sake (but he's so pretty).
  • So far there is a secret day planner written in code, a key, Serena's double crossing and Jack's tan.
  • Blair has to get into character and says words in a British accent that do not include: crumpet, the queen, or 'a spot of tea'.
  • Blair owns a cypher slide. AMAZING.
  •  Dan gets offered a summer in Rome. At a villa. Writing and being creative. Only he's hesitant to leave Blair. That is sweet. Stupid, but sweet.
  • I liked Serena's dress until I saw her standing up in it. Why are the ruffles bunched around her crotch like that....oh that's right, she likes to draw attention to it. AND not only is she a terrible bad guy, she's a terrible thief.
  • "Gym, gym, bangs trimmed, gym."
  • Did anyone else hear the grumble/road that came from Dan as he pondered if Blair loved him? WHAT WAS THAT?
  • Even Dorota gets to get into the scheme! Yay!
  • Diana was in's not Thailand...but I bet they do sex changes there. (Seriously crossing my fingers at this point.)
  • I love how Blair keeps putting down Nate. She used to love him. 
  • I LOVE Serena's scarf.
  • I don't understand - and probably never will - understand how there are so many parties in these people's lives that include people in lingerie.
  • Who on earth would assume that India is the madam and then say yes that they are their girls. Whores, that's who. Ok and whore-lites.
  • All of a sudden this episode became a mash up of Sliver and Eyes Wide Shut.
  • Blair opens a door and says: No, no, it can't be! If it's Bart then well, Diana isn't actually Bart. This makes me sad.
  • Jack looks good. He's dealing with his HEPATITIS! pretty well.
  • Chuck asks Jack: Are you my father? I think of this:
  • Serena is the worst. I could not be happier that Lola and Nate threw her crap in her face. "Neither is tricking me!" Lamest come back ever.
  • Dan decides to go to Rome. to stay in NY instead of going to Rome. Idiot. But I do love Dair.
  • Dan tells Blair he loves her. She does not say it back. Awwww. Lonely boy.
  • AND BART IS ALIVE! My genius friends are geniuses. I got a text that said: "Boo-yah. Jack McKay style! Aaron Spelling taught me well!" Yes he did. Too bad Diana wasn't Bart. I would've like that so much better.

  • And...we still don't know why there is a brothel and who Chuck's parent's really are.
  • Finally -This week's Hart of Dixie DID NOT start with, "Harvey Wilkes is your father." It only took 20 weeks for them to think we'd remember.
So what do you think? Is Dair gonna end? Is Serena gonna get her groove back? Can you wait (I can't) til Rufus realizes his marriage is invalid and has to win Lily back with a bouquet of waffles?

AND I got another text later from my fellow GG addict Lil: "If Bart faked his death so Chuck could make something of himself I am goimg to throw a shoe at the tv." I think we'll get a picture of that shoe embedded in the TV soon...cause you know that's the excuse he'll have.


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just about flipped out watching this episode. I seriously love this show!!!!!!!!!

    -"Gym, gym, bangs trimmed, gym" should have been "gym, gym, power brows trimmed, gym." Oh well.
    -I love Dorota. She seems lovely.
    -Whore-lites. Good one! lol.
    -Jack does look good. But his acting is horrible. And I miss Dexter.
    -Lonely Boy's face was AWESOME when Blair didn't say she loved him back.
    -Bart Bass has been Jack McKay'd!!!! I think that makes Blair, Kelly Taylor. It's not okay to be this excited about a TV show. How did you not mention this AT ALL this morning when you saw me? Major points for you keeping it secret!
    -Hart of Dixie...hilarious. I will probably watch that tonight. Good to know that last week wasn't the finale.

    Seriously, I love Gossip Girl. (And I have no life.)

  2. Also, I'm going to have to go back and see the episode where Bart "died" to scrutinize the hell out of it. Just to be sure. Yay Netflix!

  3. I think they just called Lily and told her Bart died. I don't think they showed it. AND it took a LOT for me to not tell you about Bart [and more specifically my disgust that Diana wasn't post-op Bart].

  4. If Blair is Kelly Taylor, she is going to need to stay away from fires...and lesbians...and cults.

  5. I enjoyed the "storyline that no longer works in 2012" part of the show. The woman offering Dan that fellowship(?) in Rome tells him, "I need your answer tonight because I'm leaving for Italy in the morning." Yes, I need your answer tonight because when I'm no longer in NY, I'll be impossible to reach by phone, email, Skype, or facebook so you have to make your decision now! Not to mention why Dan would think going to Rome would mean leaving Blair behind. Hasn't she been to Europe every summer since the show started?

    Alessandra's blouse was a diaster.