Monday, December 3, 2012

Gossip Girl: Almost Over

Dan: "So maybe the trick is to become Bart Bass."
Rufus: "Yeah but neither of us could never do that..."


Other hilarious things about the episode:

  • Blair asking Chuck if he ordered a Thanksgiving spread. Dirty!
  • Dorota's canned yams.
  • Lily being so proud of Serena for going grocery shopping.
  • Blair's Thanksgiving pant suit is divine (as is her lipstick color)...but I think she should've worn the Pocahontas outfit to dinner. 
  • "Don't worry - I'm not pregnant, I just miss you." Gross.
  • Poor Nate is an idiot. Making out with Sage in like 5 minutes within seeing her. 
  • "You must be in seventh heaven!" Hilarious. 
  • I love that Blair tells Serena she doesn't want Dan to throw her (Serena) under the bus. Did they already forget about Sabrina in his first book?!
  • Bart Bass is part robot.
  • I wish Blair had binge on pie. That was great.
  • HA! Nate punching Dan.
  • Ugh - who names their final chapter "The Final Chapter"?
Two more episodes! Arg!


  1. Serena is the worst. Was she really going to get back together with Steven after telling him she loved Dan? WORST.

  2. @lilsies - yes because her vagina always needs to be occupied.