Monday, November 7, 2011

The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose

There are still zombies.
And the children in peril.
Fastest. Test. Ever.

Halfway through the first season of The Walking Dead, I began to lose interest. The people [Andrea and Carol] aren't that likable . I've continued to watch and do like this season's stories much more than the whole find a guy in a hatch who is pushing numbers into a computer before it explodes. I liked that story line once before - but when this was the guy in the hatch:

I've been halfway interested in this season. None of the shocking endings have really shocked me. I saw that the son was going to end up being in danger. I saw that Shane totally killed Otis. This week though, I really enjoyed the episode Cherokee Red. It was a very Glenn-centric episode and he's probably my favorite character other than shirtless Rick (and only when he's shirtless):

Find out what happened to Glenn everyone- after the JUMP!

First, they found a "walker" in the well:

He looks like a rapper here.

Sorry Glenn, but this dude has instantly become my new favorite character! If only they could come up with a way to have the two of you guys have a scene together. Oh wait! They do:

They send Glenn down the hole to try and get Well Zombie out. I wished that Glenn fell down there and they became friends and then had a spin off. The Welling Dead? That didn't happen. After a scare, Glenn got out:

Sadly, they killed my new favorite character, Well Zombie, 10 seconds later. RIP buddy. I didn't get a chance to know you.

Glenn had to escape because  he was going to have another moment of excitement in the episode. He and Maggie who he's been making eyes out since last week have to go into town. They head to the pharmacy and he heads to the feminine product area to get a secret pregnancy test for Lorie. When Maggie comes around and asks him what he's doing, he grabs the closest item to him and says that he's getting some essentials. Turns out it's a box of condoms. Surprise! She actually likes this and straight up says, "I'll have sex with you" on the pharmacy floor (or maybe it was up against a shelf - I don't know so since they didn't show Glenn's sexy times).
I was about as shocked as Glenn was. Way to go, Glenn!

Also the following happened: Farmer wants everyone out as soon as Carl is recovered, Daryl showed some heart, Shane started talking in slow motion, and Lorie took the fastest pregnancy test ever which told her she was in fact pregnant. Shane, you ARE the father! Ok that part didn't happen.....yet.

Thoughts on the episode? Do you like the new group of survivors? Are you sad they killed off Well Zombie?

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  1. This recap was fang-tastic! Why is your picture of shirtless Rick so weird looking? He has a man face on a boy's body. I would like to hit mute every time Rick talks. Or Shane. Or Lori. Or Andrea. I hate these characters. It reminds me of American Horror Story because I hate those characters too. I was thinking they should mash the two and instead of our WD crew finding the farm house, they find the AHS house. And they all want to have sex with Dylan McDermott.