Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week of 11/20

Thanksgiving week off
Catching up on what I missed
I sure missed TV.

I took a week off for Thanksgiving, family timw, college football, eating and daily naps. Now I'm trying to catch up on all I missed.Here are some quick observations:

-The Walking Dead: I really didn't need to see that crotch grab. I also am now a little confused on what CDC guy whispered into Rick's ear at the end of last season. I thought it was that Lori was pregnant but he seemed too surprised this week. He didn't however seem at all surprised about her and Shane's sexy times. So maybe he did know, I just didn't like the rushed speed it played out. Let's spend 7 episodes looking for Sophia, but only spend 2 minutes on a underlying plot line that's been building for one and a half seasons. I still like Glenn but the old man is getting more annoying with each episode.
-Dexter: Gellar is totally an imaginary friend. Right?  Lame. Saw that coming pretty early on. Travis is annoying.
-How I Met Your Mother: I thought the episode was a little lame, but the ending revelation that Robin is pregnant made me gasp. I would assume it's Barney's baby and not Kevin's but when I think about the lack of  any 1 of the many forms of birth control available condoms I get a little grossed out. Barney is a man whore.
- Gossip Girl: Do women really walk around in mini skirts and opaque pastel tights? Did anyone else notice Nate talks on the phone with his hand covering the receiver? I hate Nate's storyline, but he's so nice to look at that I am grateful for it. Serena's shower dress was awful  - it looked like there was a door frame right at her crotch. Still no Dair. Booooooo.
- The Good Wife: Diane + Eli = Gold. I don't like the whole Cary/New Girl/Kalinda storyline. I don't buy Kalinda as someone everyone wants. I find her a little more annoying and still hate her hairstyle. I also don't buy Cary as someone stupid enough to get involved in this weak triangle. He's too career driven. This tangent IMO is disappointing.
-Saturday Night Live: How great were the Muppet cameos and the Andre the Giant sketch?

What was your favorite show this past week?

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