Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Glee Post: Pot O' Gold

Rory comes to town
The Troubletones get Brittany
Bert enters the race

So, I watch Glee. I enjoy Glee. I do get very easily frustrated with Glee. I guess as with high school students, character personality can quickly shift gears, issues can be taken the point of melodrama and adult figures can seem ridiculous. That seems to be the way the writers of Glee are trying to write the show. To me, season 3 has so far been a downer. Mercedes is all of a sudden extra diva-ish, Mr. Shue is extra ridiculous, they don't seem to know what to do with Sue, and they introduced that new terrible singer girl who is awful [I like that actress, the character is a mess].

I did however really enjoy last night's episode mostly due to the story line involving The Glee Project co-winner Damian McGinty' character Rory and Brittany. He was a foreign exchange student living with her and she thought he was a real leprechaun. He tried to grant her wishes including her fat cat pooping candy bars and a box of marshmallow only Lucky Charms.

Seriously adorable:
Santana and Brittany have defected to join Shelby's new girl group The Troubletones and did a really fun rendition of Candyman. I was a little surprised at them singing a song about panties dropping, but I guess Blaine just did sing a song that includes talk of a menage a trois with Mr. Shue cheering along.

I was too in shock about the contents of this song.

Menage a trois?! Yeah!
Sue's storyline is ridiculous. I'm going to run for senator on the platform of removing the arts. What? Not only is it ridiculous - not to mention Principal Figgins' support of cutting the school musical - but it's been pretty boring. I hope that bringing Bert in as her competition and her shift of focus to the effects of financial distribution on special education makes this story line a little more interesting. I did LOVE when Sue said there was better ways to spend the money than sending the glee club to nationals with no set play list ready. For reals. At least the writers acknowledge their faults and plot holes.

Last but not least this Shelby/Quinn/Puck thing is awful. Quinn really thinks getting CPS to take away the baby from Shelby will instantly put the baby back in her arms? Does she even what a baby? Shelby doesn't seem to remember her kid's name as there was a whole long scene of her saying "Oh baby - stop crying." "The baby won't stop crying." "This is a bad time because the baby is trying to go to bed." The baby has a name! Mind you I don't remember it right now [it's Beth], but you would think it's mother would. Shelby and Puck with his terrible crooked mohawk kissing = awkward. Mary-Kay-LeTourneau-WHAT?!

Why isn't his mohawk centered?!
What did you think of the episode? Do you enjoy the addition of Rory Flannigan? Do you miss the days when Tina was goth and didn't wear dresses that looked like this:

Hi Mrs. Brady!

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    Tre, I was thinking the same thing about Tina, "Didn't she used to be goth?". What the hell happened? The song the Blaine sang was about a 3way? Damn I'm so old I have no idea what is going on with popular music today.