Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gossip Girl: I Am Number Nine

The movie gets scrapped
Nate makes Diana jealous
Chuck says he's sorry

Another week with the rich on the Upper East Side. Here's what happened: Nate found out Diana is dating someone else and gets jealous, but makes Diana jealous enough that she finally brings their relationship out in the open. Serena convinces Dan to not be the screenwriter on his own book even though that was his one caveat, ends up having the project axed and her and Dan exchange words. She then decides to blog. Blair had bridesmaids try-outs [TV show coming soon to TLC; title: Bridesmaids Boot Camp] with the hardest challenge being getting a kiss from.....Nate?! Chuck continues his therapy then realized Louis is up to no good and exposes him. Chuck FINALLY apologizes for so many things to Blair and walks away like a man - then does the most ridiculous thing ever and leaves her engagement ring at the doorstep of Harry Winston. No, it really happened:
Remind me where to start hanging out.
Other thoughts on the episode after the JUMP!

  • Blair has the fanciest orange juice glasses. And the OJ matches her shirt.

  • Dr. Unattractive-and-Most-Boring-Character-since-Louis's longing stare at Chuck while he described his dreams was ridiculous. Don't most psychiatrists at least put on a look of concern when listening?


  • Chuck's stand up in rage when Dr. Barnes hits a nerve was the perfect mix of melodrama, OTT, and CW. This entire scene is sooooooo close to being a Lifetime movie scene except that even Lifetime wouldn't have miscast the therapist this horribly.

  • Serena's boss's shirt made her look like a hunchback. She then decides the book needs to be Glee-d up. How is this lady supposed to be successful? How did Dan believe this was true?
  • A real outsider as the hero in Dan's book? First suggestion thrown out: An orphan.
  • How does Louis not have his own umbrella holder?

Diddy has one.

  • AHHHH Vulture screen shot! They do do an amazing GG recap. Nice shout out. Plus 10.
  • Seriously Serena's hair is awful. Her work hair is bad. Her party hair is worse. She looks like she just ran 4 miles.

Serena Bad Hair Collage.

  • I want a picture of Nate like the one Blair unveiled. Adorable.

We'll talk about that hat later.

  • Charlie's squeaky voice is awful, awful, awful. Once you notice it - it just gets worse.
  • I want to go to a party where they have a giant mug shot of Frank Sinatra on the wall. Now that's a handsome man. 

  • How did Diana know that the last task on Blair's challenge was kissing Nate?
  • Serena is gonna write a blog? Write? Her?
  • What happened to Dair?!!!!!!!!!

Best dressed: Blair's red semi maternity dress for two reasons: 1) I'm glad they finally tried to make her dress like a pregnant woman and 2) because her make up was flawless. Leighton Meester looked amazing - the hair style, lipstick color and her eyeliner. Seriously flawless. The dress was kinda weird with it's little sequins holly berries randomly placed on the front. The other dress I liked was Serena's party dress minus the hair and plus a couple inches added to the hemline. I also like her boss's blue pants.

Worst dressed: Blair's yellow shirt with tan skirt and ugly tiny hat [and i LOVE a tiny hat]. Individually (except for maybe the hat) the pieces could work but together this is just plain awful. But Her hair did look exceptionally better this episode.

Sad because her makeup here was gorgeous too.

Louis's jacket was so ill fitting and cheap looking, he gets to be on the worst dressed list too.

So, what did you think of the episode. Did you feel a little for Chuck at the end when he apologized THEN take it back when he stupidly put the ring on the ground near Harry Winston? Are you sad they've tossed Dair aside? Are you disappointed they aren't going through with the movie which could've included some amazing casting within the show?

Here's a picture to leave you with. This week, Louis got angry:
I like him better when I imagine Bill Hader playing this part.


  1. Wait. Bill Hader playing Louis might be the best idea since Dair. I read spoilers that Dair is coming back. That makes me happy. I hope they end the series with Dair. My vote for best dressed goes to Serena with her party dress. But I agree, her hair gets worse each episode. Maybe their budget only allows one actor to get the hair stylist? And they have to raffle off the sylist? Obviously, Leighton won this episode.

  2. Louis is royalty and he doesn't know you don't button both buttons on your jacket? That's another reason for his jacket looks awful. Blair's hat was awesome and I look for it to be referenced in a future episode.