Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gossip Girl: The End of the Affair?

Blair has a secret
Louis still has a French lisp
All on NYE

 (And the most boring NYE...seriously they throw parties every week - most have been more exciting than this one)

Sooooo, it's ridiculous that now GOD [this is nothing against GOD] is the reason Blair and Chuck can't be together. Right? Totally over the top?

I need to quit this show. But I don't know how to quit it.

Other thoughts:

  • Why didn't Nate read the police report? The driver said he told the cops. It would've been in there. All the effort to make Nate seem like a hard hitting journalist, and he's still just dumb, but very pretty, Nate.
  • I'm glad Monkey's back.
  • I was sad when Blair was sad that she lost the baby. I was however thinking that the big secret she was covering up was that she didn't in fact lose the baby in the accident, but had a secret abortion a few days later. I know abortion is a tricky plot device, but I think that would've been better than, "I promised GOD I wouldn't be with Chuck if he helped him live."
  • I HATE the "Serena is the new Gossip Girl" storyline. Stupid Bloggers. :)
  • Speaking of Serena - how does she come up with these lies? Sometimes they try and make Serena smart, then the next episode she's an idiot. "Oh Blair is going to a secret apartment with Dan because he and I are now dating - again"? How does that make sense? I would have rather any of the following lies have been told (they also would've been more believable).
    • Dan and Blair are trying out for The Amazing Race
    • Dan's newest book is a Blair biography
    • Blair lost a bet to Dan and is now forced to be a strange family's maid
    • They are hiding Jenny and Eric in that apartment
    • Dan is a pre-op sex reassignment and is using Blair as a model for his future Danielle.
  • My only hope with this Serena lie is that the show will end with her being crushed when she realizes Dan will NEVER love her again.
  • I'm glad they showed Rufus talking to Jenny on the phone even if they referenced Alexa Chung. I do think that Jenny and Alexa Chung would be friends.
  • So they see the real Charlie and that doesn't strike them as odd. They don't talk to her a little more? They just leave? 
  • Louis's hair is awful. The back of his hair is soooo crooked. No way a prince wouldn't have someone to cut it everyday for him. Also, where does he live? 
  • I have been so busy and distracted I didn't have time to take pictures other than these:


That flashback was very Grey's Anatomy.

No comments on the clothes other than Serena's NYE dress was shooooort! Dan's hair looked better but Blair's did not.

What did you think of the episode? Did you roll your eyes when Blair explained her reasons for avoiding Chuck? Are you still holding out for Dair endgame? Who was best and worst dressed this week?

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