Monday, January 2, 2012

Joel Kinnaman

Diamond in the rough
He's grody on The Killing
But not in real life

I go sucked into watching The Killing this year. I actually enjoyed it more than I think a lot of people did and would recommend it but would suggest that if possible watch it in a marathon. I rarely suggest watching intense dramas in marathon sessions - I usually like the week of waiting between episodes to just sit and think about what happened - but The Killing is kind of slow and I don't think there was any week that went by that I'd catch myself thinking "Who did kill Rosie Larson?" on a Wednesday afternoon. 

To me, the best part of The Killing is Joel Kinnaman. He plays a cop whose first day is the same day Rosie Larson is discovered. He shows up in a sweatshirt,  looking and talking like an extra from Breaking Bad:

As the season progressed, his character grew. I googled him, as I do with everything, and found out this guy is HOT - and Swedish. Here he is talking about education. In Swedish (I think). It's horribly attractive:

I was reminded of him this weekend when I went to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He's in it and I had forgotten. When he showed up on screen the first time I gasped. He only shows up one other time and gets to say like three words, but he and Daniel Craig in his black briefs are the hot guy high points of the film. Oh year Rooney Mara is really good in it too.

[P.S. I used "diamond in the rough" cause I was thinking of Aladdin. Jafar's been on my mind a lot lately.]

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