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Cougar Town Tour: Watch Cougar Town!

Cougar Town world tour
Hits the Drafthouse in Austin -
I laugh my ass off.

Bill Lawrence decided he didn't need the network's support (cause it wasn't there; [See: Chuck]) to help get the word out about Cougar Town. Instead of waiting  around, he launched his own tour of the show. Genius. Upcoming episodes would be screened for fans in cities across the US; they'd provide t-shirts and drinks and guarantee that at least one writer and one cast member would be in attendance. Word went out via Bill Lawrence's Twitter and the Cougar Town Facebook page about the events and how to get on the list.

T-Shirts for everyone!
I was lucky enough to get on the list for the Austin event that took place January 28th at the amazing Alamo Drafthouse. Me, two friends who watch Cougar Town, and my friend who did not watch but I knew would enjoy it ventured out to see what these parties were all about.

Turns out it was awesome.

Executive producer Kevin Beigel, writer Blake McCormick, Ian Gomez and Dan Byrd were all in attendance  with Ain't It Cool News's Harry Knowles introducing them (more on this later). They previewed three of the upcoming season 3 episodes: episodes 1, 4 and 5, which were all hilarious - but with heart. Jules and Grayson's relationship is progressing with no mention of the baby dilemma from season 2,  Laurie is still wearing bright colored lipstick and having adventures in dating, Travis has moved into a new place with 8 roommates (we only meet one and let me tell you, he is NO Kevin), Bobby may have found a new romantic love interest and - in my favorite turn of events, Ellie and Andy are dealing with Stan's really really terrible twos (ones?). Sharking, foam helmets, a green screen and a song from The Little Mermaid are some of the other things people have to look forward to when Cougar Town returns on February 14th. 

In the Q&A after the screening they seemed excited about being there - genuinely excited. They were appreciative to have an audience that laughed and drank along with the show and in return the crowd was appreciative for the early screening. After the show they invited everyone to a nearby bar to drink and mingle. They all were kind enough to pose for pictures with fans, take tequila shots, drink beers and answer more annoying questions from the fanboys and girls like me. 
As a fan already, my assessment of this event shouldn't count. I'm one of the fans that watches, was disappointed when ABC decided to put on the ridiculous Work It on their schedule instead of Cougar Town, and I will be sitting at home on Valentine's Day watching [this is not only cause I don't have a date] the premiere so of course I loved it. As I watched the episode at the Drafthouse, I paid close attention to my friend's reaction. She did a slight catch up the day of the event - she needed to know what Penny Can was - but I was unsure of what she'd think. She laughed her ass off. I asked after if she enjoyed it and she said she did. She's now a fan and I am convinced she'll spread the word on how the show with the silly name is in fact silly - in a good way. 

Let me back track a second and talk about a conversation me and my friends had in the lobby. We were talking about being a panelist or in a focus group on new tv shows where we could have the opportunity to give our opinion to someone who'd actually read it. We laughed and talked about how we could become famous [I think all of us in that conversation dream of a life where we paid to talk/write about food and tv] from the genius things we would write on those comment cards. Once we were in the theater and Harry Knowles steps up to introduce his friend Kevin Beigel. He begins by talking about Kevin used to work with Ain't It Cool News and wrote a review/recommendation for the movie There's Something About Mary. It was read by all sorts of higher ups and immediately he was offered jobs with both the studio and the Farrelly Brothers. My friend and I turned to each other and said: Our dreams CAN come true!

Watch Cougar Town on ABC and your dreams can come true too. Seriously. And thanks to the Cul-de-Sac crew and writers for a great night.

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  1. I really do think that someday you will be paid to watch tv, only I think that like all things that pay, you will suddenly hate tv. Money royns everything.