Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gossip Girl: Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

Dan's book is released
Serena and Blair are hurt
But Nate is saddest.

 There were so many things in this episode that made me say, "Yeah, right" starting with Dan's book being 1) printed so quickly and 2) being a pre-sale and post sale best seller.
  • Nate still looks really really good. Having sex with and old(er) lady does him good. I actually like how he's relishing in his new found edginess.
  • Diana AND Serena both in yellow tight dresses? There must've been a sale at the yellow dress store.
Serena's seemed real tight around the butt/crotch area. I wonder why.
  • Didn't IVY just miss a call last week from Carol? Wasn't the name shown to us? So we could know whose call she was ignoring?
  • I love that Blair's boobs have gotten bigger, but not her belly.
  • I actually thought exactly what Serena said about how every murder mystery begins this way [after everyone is summoned by a mysterious text from Dan].
  • Lily really enjoyed that Nate was gay in the book. I wonder what kind of dreams she has about him.
  • Everyone reads really fast. Oh wait, they just read the parts about them. Now it makes sense.
  • Chuck Bass = Charlie Trout! Love it.
  • Nate isn't important enough to get a full fleshed out part. I think that's how the writers of Gossip Girl feel.
  • Serena's reaction to Dan's book is ridiculous. I guess she finally did some work and thinks she'll never get a job again? I wish those were my problems. 
  • Awwww, Lily and Chuck's friendship and their moment was really nice.
  • Rufus's "angry" moment with Dan was soooooo melodramatic. I wasn't quite sure if he was angry from the book or uncomfortable because of the tightness of his pants.
Seriously! Look at his crotch!
  • Lonely Boy = Actually lonely boy. Poor Dan.
  • I cannot wait for the movie of Inside to be cast! Can this be as good as the Seinfeld pals casting themselves?
  • I love that Nate was so upset that he stayed home and that he threw out the line about Serena and Blair being important enough to have an entire character. It was super cute.
  • Serena has a giant ass? When did this happen? This explains the tightness of the yellow dress:

  • Daniel Day Lewis is gonna sue about this episode, right?
Line of the night: "Your novel seems to be very well punctuated...and I like the font." Blair to Dan. True love.

Best dressed of the night goes to Chuck. I didn't love any particular dresses/outfits on anyone, so he wins for his pops of color and nicely fitted suits. Worst dressed has to be Blair's blue dress with awful, awful hem:

She looks like a hooker.
My other concern is what is up with the hairstylists on this show. The men (minus Dan) look really good. The women on the other hand have had awful hair.



  1. I realized after that Serena/Sabrina must have skipped the Jenny Packham party to get her ass implants.

  2. My money's on a surprise twist at the end of the season that Georgina has finally gotten her revenge and fixed it so they all have hard water...hence the shitty hair.

  3. Blair's hair looks like she got out of a pool and just didn't touch it until it dried...aka BAD.