Friday, October 21, 2011

Project Runway: Finale Part One

Tim visits each one
with hugs, kisses and feedback-
but was there a point?

So one thing I hate about Project Runway is they have the top four designers, tell them they are all going to the finale, but the finale isn't actually the finale because they have to show three looks then one gets aufed again. It's like calling the entire season the finale - but breaking it down into a bunch of episodes. I won't even get into the fact that the top 9 designers got to show at Fashion Week which kind of downplays all the pleas throughout the season of designers saying, "I've been wanting to show at Fashion Week since I was 3." Someone needs to be serious next time and say, "I know I just need to get through a few weeks to show at Fashion Week but what I am really here for is the money. I also hope the franchise likes me enough so that I can keep getting paid to be on tv." I will say that my favorite part of the finale is when we get to see not only he designers' home/work spaces, but how Tim interacts with the designer at their home.

Heidi meets with the final four designers and tells them they have $9,000 and five weeks to complete a 10 piece line. One person will be eliminated when they designers return to NYC.

Last Designers Sitting.
At this point, the designers head off to their homes to begin working. Three weeks later, Tim takes his tour and stops in to meet with each designer, give his feedback and be adorable. First he heads to White Plains, Maryland to see how Kimberly is doing. Her house is adorable. She explains that her line is inspired by pre-gentrified Brooklyn - the "urban girl, transformed." She has an updated sweat pant (I love sweat pants, but is that fashion forward?) in her line along with an awful sarape shirt. This is what Tim thinks of Kimberly's work so far:

I'm confused.
Next Tim heads to Trinidad to see Anya. Trinidad is gorgeous! Anya first takes Tim to meet her brothers. They talk about how great she is. I roll my eyes. Then she tells a sad story about her brother that passed away at age 18 so I take back my eye roll. When Tim heads back to her studio to see her line, he gets to see nothing. All she has is some fabric and some pictures of her inspiration. He gives her a stern talking to about progress and throws in a line stating that she knows she can't have any help. She did JUST learn to sew after all. Here's what Tim thinks of her lack of progress:

I'm concerned.
Find out what happens when Tim visits the men after the JUMP!

Viktor's visit comes next. His line is called Urban Coast inspired by a sad visit to Guadalajara. Tim is very excited about Viktor's collection except for the final gown. Food for thought. Viktor then takes Tim back to his place to meet David, his cutie pie boyfriend, and they talk. Viktor talks about his immigrant family and how winning PR would be a great way to show the American dream. This is Tim's take on what Viktor has produced:

I'm delighted.
Finally we get to see how Bronze Josh is doing. Tim meets Josh and his sister at lunch. It is crazy how much he and his sister look alike! We then get to hear about BroJo's shocking past: as a track and field star.

It's so shocking.Josh shows Tim his textiles. They are nuts. Tim says its on the verge of looking cheap, gimick-y and homely. Sigh.

I'm sighing.
Tim wants to know: "Where's the sex?" Then compares the line to the Farmer in the Dell. Hmmm.

Next think you know, two more weeks have passed and the designers return to NYC for Fashion Week and their suite at the Hudson Hotel. They get the night to rest and prepare for the next crazy day. Everyone unveils their looks and the other designers try to sneak peeks. From their interviews, everyone basically says that their line is a good representation of themselves. Tim informs them they have to show three looks to the judges which is where the four will be narrowed down to three. He makes his rounds. Viktor and Kimberly get good feedback, while Josh and Anya do not. Josh's is schitzophrenic and Anya's is one note [yes! we alllll agree that she's been one note all season long. But, Tim isn't a judge. The judges love Anya. Another reason I love Tim so freaking much: unbiased and fabulous!]. Anya has a breakdown and I wonder how much of it is because her sex tape came out - cause that would stress anyone out.

The next morning everyone is frantic except for Viktor, who has enough time to get his make up done in the L'oreal make-up studio. He promptly cries, but the eyeliner is still on! Stay put make up by L'oreal. This one moment has encouraged me to look at their eyeliners next time I go shopping.

It's runway time and only Heidi, Nina and Michael will be judging.

Here are everyone's looks:

I think they are gorgeous. I do not like the black leather overlay on the print dress, but like everything else.

Her last dress is a mess of wrinkles and folds. This picture doesn't show it, but the back was pretty bad too. The bathing suit was wool which I don't think is a good bathing suit material (anyone?).


I don't get it. I really, really don't. The black dress is boxy, the striped shirt looks cheap and the pink skirt is ill fitting in the front (and that's cause I like the bubble butt back).

Finally, Josh:

I'm not a fan of Josh's style. I do think his first look is well made. I think his second look, the short dress, is way too tight. When the third look I really like when it steps onto the runway. I do not however like what happens when the model turns around! It is a jumpsuit [this picture doesn't do it's tackiness justice].

On to judging:
-The judges have mixed feelings towards Anya's line. They love her first dress but hate the last gown. Michael hates her styling.
-Michael likes the vibe of Kimberly's line, but Nina dislikes the styling. Heidi hates the pink skirt (as do I).
-Viktor's line gets few critiques (some sunglasses are OTT). Heidi loves the white jacket enough that she asks to try it on. He is reminded that he needs to edit.
-They pretty much like BroJo's line except for that awful last design. They like that he edited and styled well.

 In the waiting room, the line of the night comes out: "I am humbled to hear Nina Garcia say I am a great designer." - BroJo. I don't think he knows what humble means.

As the judges deliberate they pretty much say that the girls chocked but the guys did a great job. It's either Kimberly or Anya going home [but not really since they all showed at Fashion Week]. But then - TWIST! - everyone gets to show in competition mode at Fashion Week. I was so excited when they first announced that Kimberly was in, but then so damn disappointed when they let Anya know she was "in" too. Sick.

So next week is the actual finale. I still hope Viktor wins. His collection looks streets ahead of all the other lines.

 I realized two things during this episode: 1) I do not have a tragic enough story to ever be on or win Project Runway (oh, I don't have design or sewing skills either) and 2) Tim Gunn looks like he gives the best hugs on the planet. Like he puts his whole self into it:

Were you as upset as I was that Anya wasn't no one was sent packing? Do you think the judges kept Anya in because they want her to win this season? Based on the three looks, who do you think will win this season of Project Runway?


  1. I want a hug from Tim!

  2. don't they look like they could ease you of any troubles?