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Project Runway: The Final Challenge

Five designers left
Get inspired by an island
Not the one from LOST.

Five designers remain on this season's Project Runway:
  • Josh - the drama king whose eyebrows are always perfectly manicured, but his clothes are sometimes over the top
  • Anya - the sewing "prodigy" who the judges love despite the fact that her outfits always seem to look the same
  • Laura - the pretty pretty princess who has stayed primarily in the middle of the pack
  • Viktor - (my personal favorite) the guy with the amazing tailoring skills but also the first person to talk crap about his fellow designers
  • Kimberly - the winner of one challege, who like Laura, has stayed in the middle of the pack
Amazingly, at the beginning of this episode, Josh and Viktor are talking about how they are sad Bert left and Josh uses the opportunity to diss Anya's lack of sewing skills. Heidi tells the designers they will be transported by ferry (I seriously thought she meant fairy) to meet Tim Gunn and get out of the city. I guess Josh was really not sure what the challenge would be as he dressed for almost every occasion:

Boots, swim trunks and a necklace. Check, check and check.

On Governor's Island, the designers are tasked with designing three outfits based on the inspirations found on the island. Kimberly picks a sculpture called New Beginnings, Josh selects a chapel, Laura likes the circular patterns she finds around the island, Viktor decides to go metropolitan and Anya is most inspired by the sculptures' lines.

Once their hour of exploring and sketching are done, the inspired designers head to Mood. Nothing exciting happens there. Once back in the workroom, Tim comes in with the dreaded button bag.

Everyone dreads Tim's sack.
This time, it's actually so they can get help from the designers who have been previously eliminated. This means I GET TO SEE OLIVIER! Yay! He's dressed in shades of tan, beige and brown. I love it.

I missed you.
Find out what happens in the workroom and on the runway after the JUMP!

Kimberly picks Becky, Laura picks Anthony Ryan, Viktor selects Olivier, Anya gets Bert and that leaves Bronze Josh with Bryce.

"Please don't touch me."

There are slight disagreements between designers and their assistants, but nothing too dramatic. Bronze Josh is pissed more at Anya and her win the last challenge (it was $20,000) and decides that he needs to bad mouth her to Bryce. Anya decided to wear 12,000 bracelets to keep her wrists warm.

Tim does his workroom pass and tells Laura she has too much of one dominating fabric; Kimberly that her fabrics are too hard and Statue of Liberty-esque; Viktor that his is very sophisticated; BroJo that his is intriguing; and Anya that she needs to do more of a range (no shit).

Kim is behind when the models come in to get fitted. A lot of side eyes are thrown from one designer's area to the others'. Laura shows some emotion when she has a mini-cry in front of the camera. She really wants to make it to the top three [as do I - I really liked what I saw online that she showed at Fashion Week]. On the day of the last regular runway show, everyone (especially Kim and Anya) struggle to get everything finished. Luckily, as always, they get everything done in time.

Tonight's guest judge is actress Zoe Saldana. She's fashionable. And real skinny.

Time for the runway:

  • Bronze Josh: His first look, the white mini dress with netted top is a little big around the chest area. It is also a little too International Male for my taste. His second look is awful and makes his model look fat. His final gown is draped beautifully but to me looks more Statue of Liberty than anything Kim made.

  • Kim: Her first look - a coat - is a nice change of pace and really shows her range. Her second look, the skirt she nixed the pants for, has a weird poof on the side. Her third look is a cocktail dress that has interesting folds around. I really like it.

These are out of order :(
  • Laura: Her first look is a cream blazer and skirt with the circle pattern on the jacket. Her second look is a plain dress that is nice, just not exciting. Her third dress, the gown with lattice, is nice, but ill fitting. I couldn't understand why all the lattice wasn't glued sewn down to appear flat on the dress.

  • Anya: Her first look is a boring black gown that looks like something I made with a sheet when younger (but I'm sure the judges will love). Her second look is an all red ensemble of a red top and red pants. Her final look, a white gown is has the cowl neck as her first look, is poorly constructed and has a too high slit.

  • Viktor: His first look, skinny jeans with a jacket and t-shirt is well made and I can see exactly how he used his inspiration. His second look, a button shirt with pencil skirt is nice and neat - something I can totally imagine a New Yorker wearing. His last dress, a voluminous black strapless mini dress, is only ok in my opinion, but I can totally see a Kardashian rocking it (something about the poof on the rear).

Of course Nina loves Anya's line. Heidi loves the black dress. Michael calls it sophisticated. It is amazing how far up her ass they are. They love Viktor's skills, but Heidi isn't sold on his ideas. Michael however says that his line is commercial and wearable - but lack the "runway punch." The designers are all asked about why they should go to Fashion Week and get to pick who they think should go with him. Surprisingly, BroJo says that Anya should be one of the two that go along with him [this has to purely be strategic]. Anya selects Viktor and Josh as her two but does it in a way that she's basically insulting both of them.Viktor and Anya get the most votes as who deserves to go to Fashion Week.

The judges' top designers: Anya. That's pretty much it. If she doesn't win this season it will be the biggest shock on tv this season. Blech. [OK, they liked Viktor too.]
My favorite looks of the night: Kim's silver mini, Viktor's second secretary look (mostly because I want to be thin enough to wear something like that).

The judges' least favorite designers: The rest of the bunch.
My least favorite looks: Anya's white gown and Bronze Josh's second look. I also hate the blazer that BroJo wore to the runway - reminds me of Designing Women, but I really liked Designing Women.

So, the designers who will be officially showing at Fashion Week are [don't click on their name unless you want to see their Fashion Week line]:

Poor Laura is out. You can check out her Fashion Week designs here. When I read about actual Fashion Week, her line seemed to have the best reaction so I do hope that she gets to keep living her designing dream.

What did you think of the show and all the lines? Do you think anyone but Anya has a shot at winning? 

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