Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Breaking Bad: Madrigal & Hazard Pay

I'm really behind on Breaking Bad recaps because I went out of town and now the Olympics are on so I'm very sleep deprived.

  • I'm loving the direction this season is going.
  • I still love thinking about the flash forward to Walt's 52nd birthday.
  • I'm excited for his 51st birthday party and hope he gets this:

  • I am so happy I now know why Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul dressed like cockroaches at their wrap party.
  • I'm uber excited for Lance Landry to show up. If you didn't watch Friday Night Lights - go watch now.
  • Last year AMC tied in Hank's singing the Rocky theme song with their upcoming Rocky marathon and this week they planned a Mobster Week right when Walt was watching Scarface (SPOILER ALERT: "doesn't everyone die in this movie?"....foreshadowing)
  • Was anyone else extra creeped out by next week's preview of blood dripping down Walt's head as he shaved it?
Sorry this isn't that long, my one reader, Ray. But what did you like?! Leave it in the comments!

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  1. Haha nice. Thanks. It's great to see the pace picking up on the show. Mike and Walt is never going to work. All I know is this, both can be Jesse James at this point. Mike has been wreckless by just going to those jailhouses and Hank is as sharp as a knife thus far. Walking does work. Anyway, I like to see where the screw up will happen with this new idea of cooking. Also, the Shut Up queen maybe all stressed but she is going to break just as bad as Walt! Scarface, really? Walt always struck me as a DeNiro fan. Jesse dumping the gf was a little sad since she really liked him. Those tortillas on the belt looked good, I would have stocked up. Good season thus far!