Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Things I Want to Happen on this Season's Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is back on July 15th - less than a month away!- and I haven't been this excited for the return of a tv show since waiting for season 4 of Lost to start.

I am prepping myself for the return by watching old episodes and chatting incessantly about it with people I know who watch (or are currently watching).

Here are 10 things I want to happen on Breaking Bad this season:

10) Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend goes away. I still hate her from Friday Night Lights and don't buy that Jesse would be so invested in her.

9) Walt Jr. find out his dad is a drug king pin and says, "Cool."

8) More Walter White in his whitey tighties.

7) A call back to season 1, where they are starting their meth making from scratch. That has to happen right?  The end of season 4 can't truly be the end of the the meth making business.

6) Lots and lots of Saul and his crazy suits, awesome comb-over and great one liners.

5) Joel Kinnaman replaces the actor who plays Skinny Pete. This would purely just be to make my dreams come true.

4) Random things with the family: Skylar goes back to brown hair, Hank continues to heal, Marie steals more things and Holly starts walking and talking.

3) An awesome scene of Mike walking across the border, injured, but alive and somehow making it back to the ABQ. Mike helps Jesse realize that Gus didn't poison Brock after all.

2) We find out Walt was lying about being in remission and that his cancer is back and progressing quicker than before.

1) Tyrus survived the blast and returns with a scarred face and an eye patch. His face isn't too bad cause we can still see his trademarked "Bitch, please" face. He's full of glances and out for revenge. 

Goodness I loved Tyrus, but know that he's probably dead and buried. What do you want to happen this season on Breaking Bad?


  1. I want Skylar to make a real big mistake and then Walt has to get rid of her because she's a liability. But if Bitch Please was back and that was the only thing on this list that BB gave us, I would be totally happy.

  2. I just found out that Landry from Friday Night Lights is gonna be on season 5 of breaking bad so that tops anything that I couldve imagined to be on this list. If you and Ray never watched FNL, you should. It would probably help with your books about small town texas. So it's really not tv watching, but research.