Monday, May 7, 2012

Gossip Girl: The Fugatives

I'm feeling sick so this will be brief:

  • Dan's post shower hair is amazing.
  • I'd buy that Jack and Bart were real life brothers.
  • No way Blair would be THAT ok with Serena being Gossip Girl.
  • Chuck's henchman/PI won't help him so he assembles his group of friends. They are NOT the avengers. 
  • Why does Serena's sweater arms have holes in it. Again, I don't understand fashion.
  • Diana's green dress is a gorgeous color. However, they are really into her cleavage on this show and it's starting to gross me out.
  • I hate the involvement of Diana in anything. 
  • Even with the reveal of Bart being alive, we still don't know who Chuck's real parents are.
  • Roam in Rome. 
  • "Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch Ivy happen." Stop bringing Ivy back....unless she starts sleeping with Rufus. I'd be ok with that.
  • The interviewer was right to ask for the gelato - if you promise me gelato, you better bring it. 
  • I love how these people get new clothes so quickly - Serena changing into her Blair garb, and Lola and Ivy finding whore outfits. I do like Serena's Blair dress.
  • This episode of GG is their Scooby Doo episode.
  • Prude complaint upcoming: Blair wants the next person she says "I love you" to be the last, but she's ok sleeping with anyone.
  • Has Bart thought about how he wants to break the news to Lily? I suggest popping out of a giant box and yelling, "Surprise!!"
  • Dan is such a grown up. As much as I like Dair, he's almost too mature for this group. And too unkempt.
  • Blair is gonna create a spreadsheet of restaurants to eat at in Rome. I knew I loved her for some reason.
  • My head is a foggy mess, but did GG just say that Serena gave Blair's diary to her? 
  • The preview for next week has Serena getting undressed with Dan's help in a bar? She's such a whore.
The end. Maybe my lovely friends can leave everything I missed in the comments. With the help of some NyQuil, I'm off to bed!

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