Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Glee's Weekly PSA

Glee – or the 21st century’s version of the movie of the week – infuriates me. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I get that the point was to show that abuse can happen to anyone. I hate that they used Coach Shannon Beiste as the example.  I’m not sure why exactly it bugs me so much….so I’m just going to rant.

If your “friends” that care for your well-being insult you at every turn, doesn’t that foreshadow exactly what will happen? You’ll end up back where you were -  in the house with your abuser.

"I have a tent you can wear."


I’m upset that Emma wasn’t included in the intervention (although they’d probably have her pull out a dumb inappropriate brochure) or that Will – who’s been a great friend to Shannon since she arrived – wasn’t told by Sue.  

My predictions on how this story will play out:
  1. They’ll forget about it, or gloss over it. They’ve done that with Quinn’s speedy recovery, the lack of mention of Karofsky’s recovery, and the whole Beth/Puck/sleeping with a teacher storyline.
  2. It will come to a head during the finale, somehow in a montage with Emma and Will’s wedding and/or graduation.

The saving grace of this story line was the acting of Dot Marie Jones. She expressed such sorrow in her face, that it was hard not to be touched by her expressing her fears of being alone [My suggestion – she and Peggy from Mad Men move in together and have Laverne and Shirley type adventures].  I was pissed that they had such a serious moment with Coach Roz and Sue and then the writers threw in the tent line. How is that ok? In a show that likes to preach anti-bullying and self-confidence, why is it that characters who act in the way Glee wants to preach against never get put in their place? Didn’t Sue use to physically push kids around?

In addition, I can’t imagine how hard it would to be made fun of weekly (as your job) for your physical appearance.  Three chicken meals? The name Beiste? The idea that boys picture you in your lingerie in order to suppress arousal? I know that in part the show does this to try to – duh – teach lessons, but how difficult must it be to get that script: “This episode will revolve around you being seen as unattractive and undesirable so that we can teach the kids, and adults, another lesson.” F you.

Other thoughts on the episode:
  • Loved Cell Block Tango and Shake It Out – even though no one can do Florence and the Machine’s haunting version justice, this was pretty good
  •  Blaine didn’t have a solo!
  • Glee seems to be a good medium for NeNe Leakes. She’s great on the show.
  • I guess since Quinn couldn’t dance on and around a stool, they decided to have her MIA this episode.
  •  Kurt killed it with the Boy From Oz routine. He’s adorable.
  •  Whoopi was great as the NYADA rep. I’m assuming Lindsay Lohan’s acting will be the opposite of this
  • Finn was helping Puck learn study geography when his girlfriend fiancé was dealing with the aftermath of her botched audition. What a terrible fiancé.
  • I understood why Shannon wanted to tell the girls the truth, but why don’t these teachers and coaches have any boundaries?
  • As far as we know, Sue is still pregnant.
  • Michael Mancini has aged very well. Bald spot and all.
  •  Tina got to sing! 

What did you think about the episode? Are you as pissed as I am that they aren’t letting Shannon have a happy ending?

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