Monday, December 12, 2011

Dexter: Talk to the Hand

Wormwood is foiled
Dexter once again escapes
Deb has a nightmare.

I don't normally do a Dexter recap - and this isn't a complete one, but I had a few thoughts on last night's Dexter and really this whole season.

One thing that's always bugged me about Dexter (minus the first season- but I may not have been paying enough attention) is that he's so stupid sometimes. I can't watch Weeds anymore because Nancy Botwin continues to do stupid things and Dexter is getting to that point. He does things that are as blatant as Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of bread crumbs behind. This season alone he's: let Travis see his face, hung out with Travis multiple times, and rented a motel room for Travis. In the last two episodes he's: called 911 without disguising his voice, searched for Doomsday Adam on his work computer then failed to close the browser window when thwarting Wormood then lied about how he knew she was a threat ["Why you lie?!"], sent Travis a video of himself on his cell phone. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

DDK/Travis/The Ghost of Dr. Ross Gellar is so lame. Collin Hanks was poorly cast (he's a good actor, just doesn't fit the role). The writing for the killer is neat - body parts sewn on mannequins, a Carrie-esque blood bath, the angel wings and locus  - but something has still managed to fall flat about DDK.  This week he killed two more innocent people (but let the cat and Bautisa live) and managed to keep his paint set with him. I think he has a Batman utility belt.  I find it especially interesting that he managed to have enough paint to cover that giant wall and happened to have the right colors to make it dark and scary. I liked that he originally painted a random dude's face and then went back and changed it to Dexter. Much more time must have passed than I realized.

Deb's also going nuts. She's possibly in love with her [not biological] brother. It's gross. Even for a dream. Today I had thai and they asked if I wanted chop sticks and I passed for fear I'd dream I made out with my non existing brother tonight. She need someone to shake her. I will pretend that her therapist Incepted her and made that dream happen. Kudos to Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter for being divorced and still doing a great job with this storyline.

The previews for next week's season finale look great. Travis gets poor baby Harrison. Jamie will probably might die which could lead to more hate between Bautisa and Quinn (had Quinn been not wasted Travis may not have gotten away). I am hoping that the final shot of this season will be Dexter receiving the now written on hand from Louis (Lewis?). If Louis is the big bad next season, Dexter is surely going to get found out. They've said that there will only be two more seasons of Dexter and that the end game is in play now - so it's got to tie back to all the Ice Truck Killer mentions this season. I'll be very excited for that since season 1 has by far been my favorite season. I'd love it if Dexter came full circle. Maybe it will end with Dexter's body found, drained of blood, in a motel swimming pool?

What do you think is going to happen on the finale? What's Louis's game? Is Jamie in for? How sad are the lives of Miami PD - they've seriously had to deal with so many deaths over the last few years?

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