Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gossip Girl: The Fasting and the Furious

Chuck seeks therapy
Diana blackmails Charlie
Dan gets a friend back

First off, this had to be the funniest episode of Gossip Girl in awhile. Was it intentional funny? I'm not sure, but I sure did enjoy it despite the presence of the royal family and all the terrible hair.

In a few words, Serena tried to get the movie rights to Dan's book and pulled some shady stuff, got called out on it and then blamed the fact that she was jealous that Blair seemed to be Dan's new intended. She said he was the love of her life. I'd probably be more appreciative of her slutty ways if after each man she slept with she looked longingly at the picture of her and Dan she still keeps on her bed side table. They end up making up and Dan says her company can have the movie rights. Blair almost signed away her first born child to the royal family. Louis's sister refrained from making out with a priest but still maintained her annoying scheming ways. Chuck hit on another ugly lady - this time a therapist - only to come back after her rejection and tell her he needs her for actual therapy.

Oh, yeah. He hits on her cause she dresses like that. Nate and Charlie helped Diana launch her website. Charlie got some intel on the VDW and Bass family [I love how they kept texting that!] and one page that tied Diana to Bart's past - but for now it's a seeeeecreeeeet. Louis found the paternity test and called  [I think this was supposed to be a TWIST] the same therapist Chuck was trying to bone.

Read my other thoughts - mostly in pictures - after the JUMP!

There were sure a lot of pants in this episode. I liked Blair's camel colored pants. If my waist was that tiny while pregnant I'd wear those pants around everywhere right too. I did not however think that the back was flattering. Those pockets made her butt look like a sleeping man.

Later, at the Fast Break, Blair decided to dress up like Judy Jetson. Side note - No Gossip Girl next week? On Halloween? Sad.

Blair's hair was slightly better this week, but Serena's was a mess.
What was up with the way Alessandra said "Serena"? Did anyone else notice? Also, Alessandra wore pants too. Only her outfit was terrible:

Serena was so stressed about fixing her work problems she decided to just wear a diaper to work. It saves all that bathroom break time:

Dan wants to look respectful and is going on a book tour and not one person has recommended a new hair cut and style. And shouldn't we have gotten to see Dan's interview?

Chuck keeps saying he's serious - in a purple suit. Why so serious?

Charlie giving - and the adults taking - advice? Really? Lily gave in so easily, as did Rufus. He must have a new pair of tight pants he wants to take out for a night on the town. I will give them credit for making these faces:

Lines of the night (there were sooooooooo many):

  • "...the bun in the oven is a big hit!" - Blair. Focaccia would've have been as well. 
  • "He-eey Victor said you were here....I brought something for you and Monkey!" - Dan to Chuck. The way he said this line made me have a spit take. I rewound 5 times.

  • "I care about my career." - Nate. No, really, Nate said it.
  • "...but she's celebrating Yom Kippur with her and Louis' family....I doubt it makes for riveting journalism." - Nate. His delivery just made me laugh.
  • "I'm trying to bed an older woman and she's being resistant it's driving me crazy which is ironic since she's a shrink. You speak old lady, what's my play?" - Chuck to Nate
  • "If only you could be me for a day and I could be you, we'd both get what we want....but since we're not in a Jason Bateman movie we have to think of another plan." - Chuck. I kinda wish Jason Bateman would show up. He'd tell these kids they are crazy.

So, what do you think Louis wants to talk to the shrink about? Are they really gonna go through a whole storyline of them writing, casting and making the movie? I'm excited about that. What do you think is going to happen? The previews for the next episode look heinous - Blair in a mini yellow hat yelling at potential bridesmaids? It will be awful, and I will probably enjoy every second of it.

Oh and here's an extra shot from the episode. They fixated on this for awhile:

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  1. Wow. Blake Lively will sue your a$$ if she ever catches wind of the pic you posted of her on this. I am also excited for Blair's theatrics about her minions.