Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gossip Girl: Beauty and the Feast

Chuck Bass wants feelings
Serena hijacks Charlie
Blair leans on Humphrey

For some reason my CW went blank for the first 10 minutes of this week's Gossip Girl (Booo tv malfunctions) soooo, this isn't a full recap, just a few thoughts on the episode:

  • Chuck has decided that being in danger is his new high/way to find feelings again. This is too: Susan on Desperate Housewives, Britta on Community and Bella in New Moon. Is this the new trend for fall tv?
  • Why is Dan the one person who cares about Chuck? When did he become an internet psychologist who offers to tickle Chuck? And when did Chuck become lonely enough to sit there and listen to Dan?
  • It must be nice to be rich enough to wear your fancy clothes to get beat up.
  • Are they lip dubbing Elizabeth Hurley's speaking? It's like her lips don't match up with the words coming out of her mouth?
  • I also think it's hilarious that in these royal/UES circles, the first conclusion the Princess comes to about Blair is that she's on drugs, then jumps to bulimia. If my friends go to the bathroom often, I assume it's diarrhea, IBS, or bladder problems. I guess that's a side effect of getting old.
  • How bitchy was Serena during the apartment showing? "I forgot my checkbook, but I saw your's in your purse." "Unless you went to the Maldives you should have plenty of money." I don't know why Charlie didn't just say: "I don't want to live with you and your terrible ponytails, Serena!"
  • Why do these kids make plans that are soooo out of touch with logic and reality? Serena says she was 1) going to call Charlie's mom to talk about their problems, and 2) call the bank and make it so that Charlie cannot be cut off. What? Overstepping boundaries! Then Dan, instead of trying to contact Vanessa, decides that he needs to hack into her bank and find out who is depositing the money. I thought Dan was supposed to be the intellectual one.
  • I really thought it was going to come out that Blair and the Prince had yet to consummate their relationship - because he seems so asexual and because she's been trying to appear ladylike.
  • I felt bad for Dan finding out that Blair slept with Chuck. First a bad hair cut, then that news. Then later Blair goes over to his place and talks about how she's slept with Louis 100s of times! Poor Dan. 
  • How shitty is it that last season the writers got everyone invested in Dair, then pretty much toss it aside and then leave us with this:

  • Also, the Princess and Priest making out = so over the top (like her accent).
Best outfit of the week: Blair's white dress for the feast.

Worst outfit of the week: Charlie's awful pants. What color was that? Each time she came on screen I thought she was pantsless.

The hat is also terrible. It makes me be a little more ok with Maria Bello's annoying hat on Prime Suspect.

So what did you think of the episode? Did I miss anything good in the first 10 minutes? Did you like Blair's first outfit - the yellow top with two different prints on the bottom? I'm still undecided on it.


  1. Parallel Gossip Girl thoughts! I hoped you'd pick the white dress. I thought Blair looked all va-va-voom in that dress. I also thought I see London, I see France every time Charlie walked onscreen.

  2. Where can I find Blair's white dress for the feast? Who was the designer?