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Project Runway: This is for the Birds

Bird inspired gowns
To advertise eyeshadow
The bird did Bert in

I think I had blocked out the auf and winner from last week's challenge because when I saw the, "Last week on Project Runway," intro and was reminded who won and who lost, I was instantly put into a bad mood.

This week there are only six designers remaining - three women and three men. For some reason, Viktor thinks the one person who can beat him is Bronze Josh. I seriously DO NOT GET fashion - because I think 75% of BroJo's stuff is tickity-tack-tacky.
Say whaaaat?
Heidi tells the remaining designers that this week they need to spread their wings:

I would assume this would be a challenge for Victoria Secret's Angel Wing thing they always do (plus, Heidi models for them), but everyone jumps to the conclusion that it's going to be about skydiving. Seriously? I'm glad this isn't Jeopardy.
Bert just nods because he can't hear.
On clearance at Hot Topic.
Tim meets the designers in the workroom and introduces them to some birds that will serve as the inspiration for their runway looks. The birds are pretty freaking awesome  - especially the raven and the owl. Kimberly is like, "Oh, hell no!" Anya is in pain from her giant earrings. Viktor wears an ugly necklace. The winner of this challenge will their designs in an adver-torial (advertising editorial for L'oreal) in Marie Claire magazine and get $20,000! Tim announces that the designers will be put into pairs. He then assigns a bird to each team - sadly no one gets the owl - but then TWIST! their partner is really the person they are competing head to head again. So all the happy lovely moments they had talking about how much they loved their partner is disregarded for hatred (not really, just a side eye or two).

Bert struggles because he says the parrot's natural colors are too dime store. Mother Nature, get on that. Kimberly is a little worried because during their avant garde challenge, she used a bird as her inspiration. Bronze Josh buys some tacky feathers:

Big Bird's cousins.
OMG - Anya has a smaller version of her ginormous earrings!

Either size, I think they are ugly.

Tim comes in to announce another TWIST! to the challenge. They will all need to design a second look that their model will wear on the runway. For $20,000, I'd say they should have to make two looks. They are all worried, but Bert is probably most worried since he hates his bird. Anya decides to do structured look which probably won't work well since her sewing skills are lacking [she really should've gone home for those split pants!].

Find out how everyone deals with the TWIST! after the JUMP!

The most exciting moment in the workroom is that there is a cockroach running around. Kimberly flips out and Anya saves her by killing it with a pair of Piperlime shoes. Not only did the cockroach scare Kim, but she's having a really bad day - she's behind, she's frustrated, gets a hot glue gun hole in her dress, and she sewed through her finger. She has a mini breakdown during which we get to hear about her past. She lost her mom at 17, and later her step-father and brother. During Tim's walk through, he notices how down she is. She really needs a hug - and he give her one. It's nice. I love Tim. Kim ends up having to scrap one dress 3 hours before the end of the day.

BroJo scraps his first gown (it reminded me of a mess of birthday streamers) and asks Anya if she has any fabric. She gives him a little attitude which it turn leads to BroJo dissing her in his interview. Anya is more cutthroat than I think people realize. I think that she gets a pass (she's currently in first in second for fan favorite on because her accent makes her sound fancy.

Tim comes in late at the end of the game, to announce another TWIST! Only one look will walk the runway. Way to stress everyone out, Project Runway. And way to waste fabric. There are fabric-less people around the world. C'mon.

Today's special runway guest is Francisco Costa- the women's creative director for the Calvin Klein Collection. I really like it when they get fashion people and not actresses as the guest judge.

So, time for the runway!

Fortune the Cockatoo

Viktor sent down his first dress that had the organza feathers. It flows beautifully. Kimberly sends down her 3 hour dress which is similar to Viktor's in that it's one shouldered, white, and flowy. Kimberly's has a giant slit that goes up to the model's hip bone and I'm pretty sure she tried to style her model like Angelina Jolie.

Sweetie the Amazon Parrot

Bert's dress is too short but he came up with a creative way to use the colors he hated. The dress itself has a snakeskin top and grey skirt that opens up to the lime green and teal that represent the parrot. BroJo sends out his orange dress which is draped beautifully, but is relatively plain. It has a corsage on it's one shoulder that reminds me a little of a mother of the bride at a wedding.

Phoenix The Raven

Anya chose to send out her structured gown (that she had to sew her model into). It is very reminiscent of a raven, but it has this weird pootch where I don't think a woman would want one. Laura sent down her skinny pants with black blazer. I think the pants are too tight and the shiny material doesn't help but enhance that.

Which means the losers are: Laura, whose pants were too tight; Bert, who made a pageant gown; and Viktor, who took the challenge too literal.

The overall winner is Anya - and Heidi stresses that she's the clear winner. It's ridiculous how much the judges love her. Josh did not like she won, and I agree with him.

The designer sent home this week is Bert. Poor poor Bert. He was extremely gracious in his auf, and I am glad it got to the point that everyone embraced him and came around to liking him. I really hope that this experience helps him get back to designing more.

My top looks: Viktor's and Kimberly's
My least favorite looks: Laura's and Bert's.

Line of the night: Michael Kors saying, "Well, I happen to be very much an orange kinda guy." Yes. We've seen your skin.

I'm surprised that they didn't call Kimberly out on creating an dress so similar in design to Viktor's. I do wish that one team had gotten the owl (I love owls) and I really might go out and buy the Owl pallet from L'oreal.  I think this is the first time I have ever wanted Bronze Josh to win - just because I didn't want Anya's dress to win. Had anyone else made that dress Michael so would've said: what woman want pleating and volume around her crotch?!

Do you think the right person won? Do you agree with the judges that it was Bert's time to go? Do you think Anya has more of those earrings in different sizes?

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