Sunday, August 14, 2011

White Collar: Season 4

Famous art forger
helps white collar division
of the FBI.

Can I just tell you all how much I love White Collar? I really started watching it because of how handsome Matt Bomer is. I hated him on Chuck as Bryce Larkin because he was Chuck's competition and I harbor feelings of love for Chuck Bartowski. As much as I didn't like his part of the love triangle, there's no way anyone could deny that he is a good looking man:

Once I started watching White Collar I loved him even more. How lucky of a guy is he that his character gets to dress in amazing suits and hats that make him somehow hotter than he already is?

More of my thoughts on season 4 after the JUMP!

Season 3 of White Collar ended with Neal and Mozzie pulling off an amazing heist of treasures aboard a German U-boat. Peter suspected that it was Peter who took it, but couldn't be sure. Season 4 followed their normal (white collar) crime fighting ways with the looming back story of Peter finding this specific art thief. Neal was fighting an internal argument between what's right and what's wrong - for him, at this point in time, and for his friends. On one side, he has his loyal, loveable yet money hungry friend Mozzie who has always been there for him. On the other side is Peter, the representation of all that is right, who has taken Neal in and helped him create a large base of friends, a respectable job (well kind of a a job - he'd be in jail otherwise), and as close to a emotional home as Neal has ever had. We also got to see Neal in a relationship with Sara (the beautiful, and very very thin Hilary Burton who I loved on this show - such a better role than her One Tree Hill character) even though that doesn't look like it will carry on into the next season.

The season 4 finale was great. It was like a mini caper movie within an episode where all events that took place throughout the season tied together into a neat little package. Until, the ending cliffhanger when [super spoiler alert] Elizabeth gets kidnapped. This, in my opinion, has been the strongest season of the show so far. I really look forward to winter when the show returns. The relationship between Neal and Peter is bound to  be further strained - if even reparable. And Mozzie has to come back right? He and Mrs. Suit have become friends so her kidnapping will affect him...I just am curious to see how much.

What did you think of this season of White Collar? What was your favorite episode? Mine were the finale and the episode where Peter dated the black widow (oh, and any one where Neal was shirtless).

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