Sunday, August 14, 2011

Next Food Network Star: Reunion

The chefs reunite
to talk about their time
vying for food star

The reunion on Next Food Network chef  was way more interesting than i thought it would be. I thought it would be a Bravo type reunion- lite, but it was very entertaining.

They start with recapping Vic's time on the show and how he made it to the finale. I still dislike him. They show his most memorable dishes: chocolate dipped asparagus and the La Changa. He reiterates that he is Mama's Boy now and not Vic Vegas although his forearm tattoos tell me different.

Susie's recap shows how she stated out avoiding cooking Mexican food but did like yelling out things like "Caliente!"[Her yelling is not near as annoying as George Lopez's.] It took her some time and strong urging from the chefs to focus on what she grew up with and telling her personal story in her dishes. She really blossomed after that decision was made.

Jeff talks about his wife. I get sad that he has a wife. He talks about how his son, Lorenzo will get to grow up seeing his dad go after his dreams. It's adorable. His montage talks about how he struggled between being too silly (Balls on the Roll) and being a great cook. Within his clips we see just how much Suzy loves him.

And then the awkwardness shows up. They ask Mary Beth if she would watch Jeff's show and she basically says "uhhhhhhh......" followed by a long silence. No one knew that there was that tension there - and we finally get to see a clip where Jeff tried to comfort her after she got eliminated and she tells him no. It's strange - I never saw any of that come through within the episodes. The editors were kind to Mary Beth cause today she seems like a bitch.

Find out what is said about Penny, after the JUMP!

Ugh Penny. They show her "best" clips from the show. Everyone laughs after and tries to be nice when Bob asks about her - I think more so because they are afraid she will stab them. She also calls everyone amazing which is strange considering how much she treated everyone like crap. This ties into the partnership that she had to have with Mary Beth. We get to see the best of the the two of them which is really both of them talking bad about the other then clips of them hugging. Everyone acts like it is not awkward when it really is. The Mediterranean Mama says the way she was on the show is not the way she is at home, but it is the way she is in business. Makes you not want to be within 50 ft of her doing business.

After the break we get to see some moments that were edited out during the run of the show - everybody hates Chris, Chris hated Jyll, Mary Beth got on Whitney's last nerve at times, Vic looked confused a lot (as I am by his arms), and no one liked Penny (surprise!).

Chris and Jyll have to talk about how they didn't like each other. I forgot how much I disliked both of them. 

They we get to talk about Jeff. Swoon. He's hilarious and did impressions of everyone on the show, including Alisha -who I had already forgotten about- and Penny. His impression of Penny is amazing, "Bobby took a bite and declared me the most beautiful woman in the world." He's right, "people need joy in their live's - you know - we're in a recession." Jeff is then put on the spot to do his impression of Bob, and Justin D breaks out his Bobby Flay impression. Everyone is in tears because it's funny, not because Penny stabbed anyone. Vic and Jeff end up having a bro moment. Then Justin B talks about his love for Jeff too. I'm surprised Judge Suzy doesn't take this time to get up and hug him.

We get to see how many gross things people cooked during the show. They make fun of Susie who practiced for camera challenges in front of mirrors a lot. I think it's shows that her work paid off -she really made it far based on her personality. 

Then they make fun of Vic's Victionary - the Vic dictionary. Oh lord. Some people may like this about him - but I just don't like. Bob seems concerned and asks Vic when he came up with the Victionary:

I'm concerned. 
 I sense the next Food Network Show will be a version of My Fair Lady starring Bob and Vic.

Justin B and Chris are polar opposites but they both have pointy hair. 

They had their differences in the kitchen and Chris says the kitchen is everyone's domain. I have the feeling Chris is not the master of this domain.

Finally, we talk about how difficult it is to judge and be judged. It's all very philosophical. Bobby says, "Those who do, do; those who don't, go home." Ummm ok. Well, the counter at the top of my tv screen says the finale starts in 1 minutes! I'm off to cheer for Jeff!

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