Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project Runway: Go Big or Go Home

Stilt wearing models
Bertzilla makes his debut
Kim Kardashian!

Hola Designers! This week's episode once again begins with the designers rehashing the sad disappearance of Mormon Josh. Bronze Josh is upset about it and decides to talk shit about Fallene and her hairstyling ways. Anthony Ryan says most recent winner Oliver is on his radar now and I just notice he looks a lot like Aaron Paul.
Heidi comes out to introduce the challenge on stilts. She's like a beautiful German giraffe! All of this challenge's models come out on stilts (these aren't the regular models are they?) and Heidi tells the designers they need to create something imaginative, eye catching, and "larger than life." The designers are put into groups of two by way of the button bag. The teams break down like this:

Bert and Viktor: Bert did not want to be with Bert and is not at all ashamed of saying that out loud; Bert is piiiissssed about it. Anthony Ryan and Laura: They will be adorable and I personally think have a great chance of winning this challenge. Bronze Josh and Julie: He thinks she is lost and did not like her last two designs. They have two very different styles that will be difficult to meld. Cecilia and Danielle: No drama there. Anya and Oliver: everyone ooohs and aaah at this pairing - they could be a front runner. Becky and Kimberly: Kimberly thinks Becky is plain. I hope this pairing is an opportunity for more Kim Quips. Fallene and Bryce: Both have something to prove since along with Mormon Josh, were the bottom designers last week.

Back in the workroom the designers start brainstorming. Already there is tension between Bert and Viktor since they can't agree on if Mae West ever wore skirts or not. What a stupid argument. This is not going to be good (well, it will for the viewers). Tim comes in: they have $500 to spend per team but only one day for the challenge.

The stilt models come in to get measured and one shows that she could birth a baby while wearing stilts:
Laura wants everything that is not circus and immediately they cut to Fallene reminding Bryce to "think circus!" Bryce and Fallene want to go "dark ballerina:"
Dark ballerina.
Bert continues to act condescending towards Viktor - "that's not Victoria, that's Elizabethan." I like it - it's funny. And really, Viktor? Your name is Viktor! You should know what is and is not Victorian [Viktorian].

At Mood the designers do not seem to agree on anything except for Laura and Anthony Ryan who seem to be working together the best out of all the teams.

Find out what happens back in the workroom after the JUMP!

Back in the workroom Viktor and Bert continue to argue. Viktor starts to try and lay blame on Bert, "It's your design!" Bert will argue every point even if he knows there isn't an argument there. Tim reminds them that their outfit shouldn't be a costume. They begin to use Tim as a mediator between their argument. He looks uncomfortable.
"I'm concerned."
It's like marriage counseling 101.

Bronze Josh and Julie decide to design for a romantic matador. There's a lot of poking and punching going on between then and realize she's the dude in the relationship. They work together well enough to joke around. This is the most personality I've seen out of Julie. Tim says their design so far is smashing! Anthony Ryan says it reminds him of Beetlejuice.

Kimberly and Becky decided to play on each of their strengths by making a tailored jacket and pants. Kimberly is weirded out that Becky stares. At nothing. For long periods of time. Kimberly wants a giant pop of gold lame on their outfit, but Becky does not. Their design is a tailored punk-military suit.

Cecilia and Danielle have some tension as Danielle's inner Gretchen comes out. They decide to use chiffon which is hard to work with. Their outfit should billow in the wind - if they get the proportions right. They are kind of a boring pair until Cecilia snaps at Danielle. That drama ends as 2 seconds later she apologizes.

Bryce and Fallene continue on their path toward circus by creating a black tutu. Bryce shoots down a lot of Fallene's ideas. She worries. Bryce judges Fallene since she is self taught. Does he not remember his wee wee pad dress? I know his design school does not want to be associated with that mess. Fallene says she feels like there is a black cloud over her. Tim says to take ownership of the design. I'm pretty sure she was making a joke since there literally was a black cloud over her:
Don't rain on her parade.
Oliver and Anya are pretty quiet since Oliver requires subtitles and Lifetime can't provide then in real time for her. They decide to combine their strengths with a menswear/flowy dress combo. Tim says it is unexpected. Anya's sleeves are also unexpected:

Anthony Ryan and Laura want a dress with fullness that will require a cage/petticoat so that the model doesn't trip on her skirt. That ends up being too difficult so they adjust. Tim says if they can make it work it will be a wow moment. Is that like an Oprah "A-ha" moment?

The next morning the designers still do not know where the runway show will take place. Bryce basically takes over for Fallene because you know, she never went to fashion school. This not a good. After the typical "OH MY GOODNESS there is no more time!" chaos, they designers are taken to Battery Park where press and a crowd awaits. Fallene cries. Again.

Kim Kardashian is the guest judge for today! She does have a line at Sears after all. The runway is out in the open where you can see the beautiful New York skyline behind the stilt wearing models. Good call Project Runway.

Here's the rundown of the first outdoor runway:

Oliver and Anya land in the middle of the pack and are safe. 

The judges' top three teams: Anthony and Laura, Danielle and Cecilia, and Kimberly and Becky.
The judges' bottom three: Joshua and Julie, Bert and Viktor, and Bronze Josh and Julie
My favorite: Anthony Ryan and Laura
My least favorite: Fallene and Bryce

The judges speak with the top three first. They love Anthony Ryan's and Laura's but worry that Anthony Ryan's work always seems similar to looks that already exist. They like Danielle's and Cecilia's look - except the hair! It really is terrible. Nina says it's too quiet of a look; Michael says he admires the fact that they used the notoriously difficult chiffon. Kimberly and Becky's look wowed all the judges with the tailoring.

Now the judges talk to the bottom three. Bert and Viktor get criticized for making a wallpaper/curtain mix. Kim Kardashian makes references to both the Sound of Music and Marie Antoinette in one sentence. It's odd. Even during Bert and Viktor's argument, Viktor mentions the HP computer - that is great strategy to get kept in the competition one more week. Heidi calls Fallene and Bryce's outfit a Black Swan. I find that way too much of a compliment. The only thing Michael likes is the head piece. Josh and Julie's piece gets called circus. The outfit is tacky and not chic according to the judges. They do however agree it is well made.

Laura and Anthony Ryan win! Laura gets the win and immunity because Anthony Ryan said she should get the win. Josh and Julie are also safe. Strangely, Bert and Bryce get sent back as safe leaving Fallene and Viktor as the bottom two. I think they kept Viktor in the bottom two because of his weird shorts suit. Fallene gets sent home. She feels like this:

Next week on Project Runway: The designers have to design for Nina Garcia. Nina Garcia is scary. Bert rolls his eyes. I'm excited.

Do you think the right person went home? Can you come up with a better nickname for Bert than Bertzilla? 


  1. Bryce shouldve gone home. Also what was the point of Kim K being there?

  2. First, on the Kardashian Kollection, I hate that it's in flash and I cannot link you to a particular dress. Second, I NEED the one-shouldered, black & white stripe. However, I do not need it for $99 from Sears. Ooh, wait. I think my mom still gets a Sears discount. Good Lord, I haven't shopped there in YEARS.

    Third, how do you get your pictures? Do you take pictures of your TV? Do you find snapshots online? I need to know for my 90210 blog. Because I'm always wanting pictures of stuff. If it was on my computer, I could take a screen shot. #YayBlogging.

    Tim was really sweet when he was giving Fallene the pep talk at the park. I still want to put him in my pocket and take him everywhere.

  3. yes! that stuff is way too expensive for sears and for anywhere for that matter. I personally want the sequins harem pants that cost $99. they are terrible - but would be great for an aladdin dance party.