Thursday, August 11, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Finale

After a season
of incredible dancing
A champion is named

I have always loved So You Think You Can Dance. I've never followed a full season (including try outs etc) and usually catch the second half, when it's narrowed down to the top 20 or so. I began watching this season and immediately added it to my DVR list (you can watch this show in like half the time if you FF through the judging) after seeing this dance:

I thought it was gorgeous and Melanie and Marko won me over. I've been rooting for them all season.

The other two dancers in the finale had some amazing dances through the season too. Here's Sasha's hip hop routine with Twitch:
That dance is what finally made me like her and see what the judges raved about.

Tadd was just plain fun. A complete showman. I don't know the history of the show, but has a beat boy ever made it this far? Here he is dancing leaps and bounds better than Jordan (nah, it's not that bad, I just wanted to say leaps and bounds):

Find out who won after the jump! 
Melanie wins! Tadd came in fourth place, Marko in third and Sasha in second. I am very happy she won. She really is an amazing dancer - as were all the top four dancers. Here's one of her amazing solos:

Other notable moments from the finale: Jess, the love child of me and Ray Romano, got to do a tap routine that called for his camera mugging, Sasha got to do her wall dance again which was beautiful, we got to see a montage of the Nigel/Mary love, we got to see Melanie's crazy giant long jump again (seriously amazing), and we got to see some amazing dancers. This is probably the only show that makes me wish I knew how to dance. Congrats to all the dancers and behind the scenes people for creating another successful season of So You Think You Can Dance!


  1. I LOVE Melanie and I'm so glad she won. And thy she may be in the next dirty dancing. And that my BF Pasha was in the finale. Lifetime dibs.

  2. Pasha was cute! Lifetime dibs on him for sure for you. Also, I used your Ray Romano line because I loved it so much and think if me and Ray had a child he would be wonderful.

  3. Please let the record reflect that BW has lifetime dibs on Mr. SparklePants.