Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breaking Bad: Open House

Cameras in the lab
Marie continues to sink
Clean cars, clean money

This week's Breaking Bad begins with Walt coming to the lab and discovering some new security cameras. Here's what Walt thinks about that:

Skyler shows up at Walt's place to talk about buying the car wash. Walt refuses to answer. "I've left you like 23 messages!" she yells.  "And?"  he responds. Perfect.

Not this kind of complicated.
She notices his black eye from last week's beat down at the bar from Mike. She mentions danger - he says he never used that word. It's just complicated.

He comes up with a partially true story to tell Skyler: he was in an argument with a co-worker (kinda true), they were in a bar (true), discussing business strategy (kinda true), it got heated (true), and he hit Walt (true), and Walt didn't retaliate because he is a much older man (true, Mike is older; bold faced FALSE about the reason he didn't retaliate - he was laid out on the floor). Walt almost seems proud that he was in a bar fight. She suggests using frozen peas to help the swelling on his eye and all I can think of is the scene from Bridesmaids.

On the other side of town (probably), Marie is back to her lying ways. Today's alter-ego, Tori Costner, is in the mood to buy a new house and drink free wine. During a quick conversation with the realtor in a bolo tie she states she's recently divorced and the mother of a 4 year old boy. The biggest part of the lie IMO is that she would home school her child. Poor, poor Marie, thinking her fake child wouldn't already be awkward enough. 

Hank's at home watching porn that has nothing to do with minerals. His excitement quickly dissipates because Marie brought him Fritos instead of Cheetos. Only Britney Spears would be equally disappointed. At least she brought him Shiner. Hank should give Fritos a try - they are delicious.

After the break we're back to the lab and a shot of Walt in his whitey tighties. I never thought we'd see that again, but am pleasantly surprised. Jesse is still trying to keep busy and invites Walter to go go-carting with him. Jesse takes a rain check, but Walt notices that Jesse still isn't back to being himself. Both question each other, both avoid answering, and each goes their separate way. 

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Walt and Skyler meet with Saul where he throws out his idea of abandoning the car wash and getting a nail salon instead. Skyler is determined to buy Mr. Eyebrow's car wash and Saul offers giving Eyebrows an "attitude adjustment." Skyler lets it slip that Eyebrows insulted Walt which Walt does not take well. I find it interesting how much she has softened towards Walt. 

Marie, this time as Charlotte, a childless hand model, continues to look at houses. She steals a mini collectible state spoon. This realtor notices and is pissed. Speaking of angry, Jesse goes go-carting alone, screaming out his guilt/frustration. He returns home to some crazy fucked up shit going down in his place. Sex, blood, graffiti, and moshing are just some of the things we get to see. He sinks into the couch and my heart sinks for him. The next day, when the riff raff is still around, we learn his house is being watched.

Marie once again visits an open house. The realtor from the last house shows up and confronts her. A physical confrontation erupts and Marie's purse gets torn. Items she's taken are strewn on the gravel and next thing we know Hank gets a phone call. She's been arrested. Hank calls his old boss to help her get out, but when offered the chance to go home, she finally breaks down. Get this lady a therapist STAT. 

Hank continues to be an asshole, even when his boss shows up. Now either because he figured out Marie's reaction was due to Hank's frustration at home or because Hank really is that great of a drug cop, boss man brings a case over for Hank's help - the murder of Gale Boetticher. 

Skyler gets Saul to hire someone to claim the car wash waste water is filled with chemicals so he'll have to replace the filtration system, Eyebrows calls to see if her offer still stands. Skyer tries to negotiate - a little too hard for Walter's taste - but it ends up working. The car wash is their's and the two celebrate with champagne. Skyer is paranoid about the money situation - they are broke on paper but Walt is out spending money on a $300 bottle of champagne! He needs to stop doing that (but nothing about his nice apartment? how do people think he's paying for that?) Her sense is either going to drive Walter crazy or save his ass.

I like the way the relationship between Walt and Skyler is developing. She still calls him her husband and he still wears his wedding ring. I hope that Hank, the Bone Collector, starts to soften towards Marie because of this case. I always considered him a buffoon in the workplace but somehow he always managed to do good detective work. I am shocked I enjoyed this episode as much as I did with the focus on Marie. It wasn't as dark as the first two of the season. My favorite few minutes were when the Fever Ray song started playing, the realtor noticed the spoon was missing and we got to see what was going on at Jesse's place. Here's the song:

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Skyler and Walt are headed for a reunion? Do you think Hank is going to figure out that Jesse killed Gale?


  1. I loved reading this! Regarding Skyler & Walt,I don't know how I feel about them reuniting. I hate Skyler.....almost as much as I hate Dexter's Rita. I also know that things cannot ultimately end well for happy ending here.

    I totally thought of Hank as the Bone Collector too!

    Yay for your BrBa blog!

  2. Jesse will steal this season. He is going down a path that's ok with him. Marie bothers me, it's like, you've been on the show for 4 season, lets see some development already. Good episode.

  3. HAHAHA what's funny and contrary to almost everyone online's thoughts, I liked Skyler in this episode. She's mean and now she has an outlet for it. Pobrecita Marie. Hank's being a dick. I CANNOT wait for Hank to call over Walt and be like: hey help me decipher this folder with all these chemistry terms in it.