Monday, August 1, 2011

MasterChef: 8 Chefs Compete

Top 8 compete at
New Kids on the Block Party-
Don't stir my sugar!

The remaining teams are taken to a neighborhood where they are met with a hula hooping Graham Bowles [to me it looked like he was using it as a Skip-it]. The two winners from last week, Christine (crazy) and Christian (crazier), are made team captains. The challenge is that the teams need to feed 200 children sliders and a side - without using beef or potatoes. Duh, regular burgers and fries would not make someone a MASTERChef! Christian's team, the Blue team, includes: Adrien, Darren, and Jennifer; while  
Christine's team, the Red team, includes: Ben Starr, Tracy (who?),and Suzy.

The Blue team decides on a pretty plain Turkey Slider with a side of Apple slices and Caramel. As expected, Christian doesn't listen to anyone's suggestions about making the team's turkey burger moist and boasts that his team will win with their healthy options. Christian is of course at odds with his team over mustard but bonds over talking shit about the deep friedness going on across the street. That soon passes as he starts micromanaging Jennifer's cooking and - egads!- stirs her caramel. How dare he! Stirring = crystallization. Crystallization = as bad as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Good thing kids like sugar in any shape or form.

The Red team decides to make a Chicken Nugget Slider and Corn Nuggets that Ben says he's seen at buffets and kids just gobble them up. I've been to a TON of buffets and have no idea what a corn fritter is. I've even been to Paula Deen's buffet and didn't see them there. Ramsey seems disgusted that the chicken nugget will be deep fried and served with a side of more deep fried stuff. I disagree and think a plate of deep fried goodness sounds like a winner. Seriously, the other team has apples, that's fiber, it all evens out. Unfortunately, the deep fried chicken doesn't work out so they decide to grill the already breaded chicken (ugh) which dries it out. Ben offers that everything they serve will be drenched in ranch dressing. A man after my own heart - too bad I don't think I have the body parts he's after.

When the kids arrive they surprisingly spit out the same words the judges used early on to describe the team's food. Amazing! These kids are mini-culinarians, I tell you (eye roll).

The Red team starts to lag behind and immediately all the kids' blood sugar drops and they come to a near riot. "Burgers! Burgers! Burgers!" they shout, but I think one confused kid in the back yelled boogers on accident. Oh, kids. They do the darnedest thing. Gordon Ramsey is kind of adorable with kids. That makes me smile. And it didn't even have to be deep fried.

[SOOOOO not only have they really been pushing the new MasterChef line of cookwear, they now give out a kit to each kid who participated. I hope they didn't include the knives that Graham talked about two weeks ago. Speaking of danger - where are these kid's parents?]

To find out who won and what happened in the Pressure Challenge, read more after the jump!

Red team wins! Sadly that means no crazy Christine in the pressure challenge, but it does mean she's in for at least one more week! Lets cross our fingers for some yelling and glaring.

Christian does not react well to the fact that his team lost:
Back in the kitchen, words are exchanged between Jennifer and Christian about his poor leadership skills and the - egads! - stirring of the caramel sauce. Christian is asked to pick the two chefs on his team who should compete in the pressure test and picks himself and Jennifer. This proves that Chef Ramsey is just stirring the (caramel) pot because the entire Blue team is forced to compete by making a souffle. Souffles are hard, yo. I am worried for Derrick.

Graham makes his rounds and manages to not talk about MasterChef's new line of ramekins. Christian and Jennifer trade barbs and in my opinion souffles should never been cooked while angry. Souffles seem sensitive.

Christian takes his first souffle to the judges. They say nothing. Adrien takes his first souffle to the judges too. Again, nothing is said. I know it's killing all the judges to keep their mouths shut. Jennifer finally gets a response when they ask about the salt levels based on her addition of parmesan cheese. That can't be good. Derrick's second round of souffles still aren't perfect and it's down to the last second before he gets it to the judge's table. Now I want souffle. They all sound like cheesy deliciousness.

Judging is dramatic as it's ever been in the MasterChef kitchen (not really). The bottom two are Adrien and Christian and both are in shock at the situation. ADRIEN is safe! Gasp! Christian, the stay at home dad who my friend Amanda's lovely mom says only stays at home because no one wants to work with him, is...also safe? TWIST!!

Until tomorrow. Oh, and don't forget to make your breakfast in your diamond studded, teflon coated MasterChef cookware!

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  1. Hooray for the second Aladdin reference in a week!

    I had just watched Hell's Kitchen before watching this. So I was glad to see Gordon all sweet with the children. It made me want to hug him.