Thursday, July 28, 2011

TV trivia
I thought our team would excel
Zero points this round

It’s been two days since I’ve sat down and watched tv (it feels blasphemous!) but I’ve been sick and doing something called being social which I am still not 100% comfortable with. A group of girlfriends and I usually go play trivia once a week and then suddenly the bar we would go to stopped hosting it. Now we’re trying different places around town to see if any of the other trivia nights are as fun.

Last night two of us ventured out to a new place. Knowing that it was just us two verses teams with as many as 8 people we figured there would be no shot in hell of winning. We did however get very excited about the round announced as the the TV round! Us two combined watch a ton of tv. How on earth could this be difficult?! Then we got the questions:

What was the name of the Munster’s blonde cousin?
What tv show had the first toilet flush on national television?
On Full House, what were the names of Jesse and Rebecca’s twins?
What did NOMAM stand for on Married with Children?
Which Doctor was on ER the longest?
What long running show did Shelley Long [and a slew of others I can’t remember] guest star on before they were stars?
What was the name of Homer’s half brother?
What position did Dobber on Coach coach?
We did not come up with a single right answer. We discussed some of the right answers but always came back to the wrong one.

We ended up sucking on that round. I was so disappointed in my lack of TV knowledge that there could only be one solution to help me feel better: watch more tv.


  1. To be fair, even if all 5 of us had gone to trivia, we still probably would have gotten zero points...I think that we shoudl host trivia and have awesome categories like "Shows of the CW" or better, "shows of UPN, which eventually turned into the CW".

  2. Nomadic Order of Men Against M_____??? I feel like a failure.

  3. it was: National Organization of Men against Amazonian Masterhood.

    yeah, we didn't know that.