Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MasterChef: The Top 9 Compete

The top nine compete
Scallops cooked with banana?
Don’t serve us raw pork!

Monday’s MasterChef was delayed so the POTUS could talk about the US’s financial crisis. So Tuesday night’s episode was the one teased as the one where Christian has no friends left and Suzy gets raked over the coals for her challenge dish. I was ready.

The first challenge is a mystery box challenge. Ben Starr is not excited by it. Included in the box are a variety of vegetable, giant scallops, pancetta and bananas. Everyone avoids the bananas except for Ben Starr who pep talks himself out loud to going with his crazy idea of actually incorporating them into his dish. Christian continues to mouth off about how great he is and a gust of wind hits the judges as the other eight contestants synchronously roll their eyes.

The judges only taste the top three dishes for this challenge and they are: Christian, Adrien and surprisingly, Ben Starr. Adrien ends up winning to Christian’s dismay. The advantage to winning this challenge meant that Adrien was able to assign cuts of meat to each chef for the episode’s big cooking challenge. He kept the pork chop for himself and assigned the hardest one – port cheek – to Christian. I don’t think he did it so much because Christian is a major competitor but more so cause he’s an asshole.

Read more about the crazy antics after the JUMP!

The 60 minutes are up in a flash. Ben Starr realizes his chili dish cooked in the pressure cooker has crunchy beans so he starts manually removing the beans as best he can before it comes time to cooking. Must! Find! All! Beans! The judges end up liking his dish and the beans he didn’t have time to take out are cooked properly. Christine made some baby back baby back ribs with a side of brussel sprouts (yum!) and potato salad that the judges loved. Derrick’s St. Louis ribs are good but don’t look quite fall off the bone. Jennifer who has been improving weekly brings up a plate of carrots and what looks like a really bland hamburger (I know it’s pork) patty and the judges rip her apart. However, it was not nearly as bad as what Suzy got. Ramsey called the sauce on her pork belly dish the worst thing he’d ever tasted. “Revolting!” “Disgusting!” he yelled at Suzy and her ego shriveled up like George Costanza’s junk in a cold swimming pool.  Alejandra’s pork loin – apparently the easiest of all the cuts to cook – was raw. Since the judges didn’t want to die of diarrhea, they decided they couldn’t even try her dish and just nibbled on the sides she prepared. Adrien’s pork chop was a little overcooked but ok overall. Christian pork cheek was delicious and he ran back spouting off how great he was despite the challenge Adrien gave him. At this point everyone hates him. You may notice I only talked about 8 chef’s dishes that’s because once again they don’t care about Tracey. She barely showed up on this episode – they didn’t even show her dish  (or maybe I missed that? Did I? Anyone? Bueller?). I’m convinced she is either going to win it all or is just super duper boring that even the judges, camera crew and producers have forgotten about her.

Christian and Christine end up being the challenge winners and will be the team leaders on the next episode. I hope Christine acts all crazy again and someone punches Christian in the face.

The bottom three are Jennifer, Suzy and Alejandra with Alejandra being the one who ends up having to leave. She seemed like a nice lady but unfortunately nice doesn’t win you anything in MasterChef. 

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  1. They didn't show her! Because one of the cuts of pork was thick-cut bacon, and I was really excited about it. But noooooooooooo.