Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parks and Rec: Tammy 1

Tammy 1's been cast
Patricia Clarkson is in
Watch out, Tammy 2

On Parks and Rec's season finale Donna came over to announce that Tammy was in Ron's office. Not Tammy 2, Tammy 1. The fear on Nick Offerman's/Ron Swanson's face and how quickly Tammy 2/Megan Mullally was out of there show that this lady be loco:

Oh man, I forgot Ron lost his eyebrows!

Patricia Clarkson has been cast and I really like this news. 1) - she's a great actress with huge range and I think she will bring on the crazy and 2) she's an Oscar nominee which can only help bring more press/higher ratings to a great show.

News like this not only makes me giddy for the reasons listed above but also because it means fall season and series premiers are quickly approaching. New tv = a happy me. 

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