Monday, July 25, 2011

Today's TV News

Franco and Jon Hamm
Working on some side projects
Set your DVR!

My favorite TV news of the day so far is that Jon Hamm is joining The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret in IFC [story here]. I am anxiously awaiting Mad Men in 2012 but love love love when Jon Hamm does comedy.

Second exciting thing I read today was that James Franco is returning to General Hospital! Entertainment Weekly posted the news today. This to me is even more exciting because GH is moving away from the mob story lines that took over the series. Apparently they got rid of Bob Guza who was the main person behind the mob obsession. I grew up watching GH and will definitely DVR or Hulu this. Even if I forget I'm sure his best scenes will be on The Soup.

UPDATE: oooh even more good news - John Goodman is going to be on Community this season for a six episode arc. Vulture posted the news this afternoon. I loved John Goodman on Roseanne and I cannot wait to find out what the genius writing staff on Community comes up for his as a character!

Happy TV day!

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