Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breaking Bad: Thirty-Eight Snub

Walter's got a gun
You will not see Gus again
Avoid the silence

This week's show starts out with Walt in a motel room with someone selling guns. He tells him he needs a gun for defense while practicing his draw. I got chills with the shots of Walt pulling the gun while looking in the mirror. Walt ends up buying the gun with the sawed off serial number and you just know that somehow this will all come into play later.

Meanwhile Jesse is playing with his DJ Roomba/new sound system and his old buddies show up. Jesse's turned back to snorting meth and ends up getting both friends to hop back on the train so he'll have company. If drug fueled conversations are all like this, I should start doing drugs - Nazi Zombies! Just kidding. Drugs are bad, kids. TV shows about drugs are usually pretty good though. Despite the entertaining conversation, something is up with Jesse. The quiet bugs him and I'm sure his mind is reeling from the events from the season finale and the season premier. What better to get your mind off things than a drug and women fueled party? So that's what Jesse does. The morning after Jess is up and ready for work, but the tell-tale tennis ball in the background signals there is a lot more weighing on him.

What happened in the lab? Find out after the JUMP!

At the lab, Walt's stress is visible. Mike comes in and lets Walt know he will never see Gus again. Walt won't let that fly and we next see him outside Gus's house. As he walks towards it, gun ready, Heisenberg hat on he gets a call, "Go home, Walter" Mike's voice booms. And he does.

Walt meets Mike at a bar and tries to appeal to Mike. They're in the same boat. They could both end up like Victor. Walt offers to take care of Gus, if Mike helps. Mike follows that offer up with a punch to the face and few kicks to the ribs. Walt may have seriously fucked up.

This episode we got to see two very different reactions: Walt's proactive approach - the best defense is a good offense and Jesse's total avoidance. Aaron Paul's final scene of the episode brought tears to my eyes. He did an amazing job as someone who cannot be alone with his thoughts.

Oh and for the supporting cast: Hank and Marie are still struggling with the effects of his paralysis recovery. I never thought I would have any sympathy towards Marie, but I do. Skylar continues to work towards the purchasing the car wash by basically stalking it then getting shot down - hard.

UPDATE: I left out sooo much about last night's episode (still thinking about it). 1) who makes a pizza without cutting it? 2) I just realized Jesse's ex girlfriend is Epyc from Friday Night Lights and I still hate her because she sucked on FNL and because she got to make out with Aaron Paul. 3) I spent a lot of time wondering if they would bring Walt's cancer back - I don't know if it's because of Mike coughing up blood or just because I was wondering what could set Walt back even further. 4) I missed car wash guy's eyebrows - they are winners.


  1. I think Jesse was snorting meth, it had the blue tint to it. Maybe Jesse should have not cut the meth with the razor and passed the savings on to his friends.

  2. You know i wasn't sure what it was. Do people snort meth? that's terrible.

  3. I refuse to believe people snort meth. That hurts my head thinking about it.