Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

My eyes can't be clear
Dillon football will be missed
Texas Forever

This weekend was a tough one for me. Harry Potter ended. After catching an 8pm showing I came home, curled up in my pajamas and thinking that there were no more tears left, settled in to watch the very last episode of Friday Night Lights. To my surprise [not really] I was able to cry some more. It saddens me how many people refused to watch this show because they "weren't really into football." This show constantly reminded me that I could have feelings. It reminded me that television marriages could work (real life ones too). It reminded me of high school football games and issues that at the time seemed so daunting and life altering. It was truly a feel good show full of honesty and love - amazing writing and amazing acting.

Now,  for my picks for best and worst moments

Best series moments: "Everybody leaves me!" - Matt, Mud Bowl, anytime Matt had to talk to Coach Taylor about something not involving football, Tami dropping off Eric to get his car after he got drunk (and all their little moments), the finale.

Worst, er, let's call it series low points: "Let's go to Mexico to get shark fin juice!", Landry as a murderer, the abortion subplot, Epyc (or however they spelled it), winning too many games in the last three seconds and Tim Riggin's extra greasy hair in the last few episodes.

I really cannot emphasize enough to give this show a chance - it's on dvd and on netflix. Season 4 and 5 are also streaming on hulu.

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